King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu, Episode 5

I’ll cut to the chase since it was pretty obvious from the end of last episode what was probably going to happen. Yes, Grandma died. How they killed her was slightly unexpected for me. I guess I didn’t have much faith in the goodness of In Sook and Manager Han.

Episode 5 recaps

Grandma goes on a tirade and turns to leave. In Sook stops her and tries to explain…actually she denies everything. Ma Jun is Il Jung’s son. (You should see the look on Manager Han’s face.) Grandma doesn’t buy it. So In Sook turns things around and blames it on Grandma. Grandma wanted a son, no matter what, so In Sook had to do it. You can probably guess — Grandma doesn’t buy that either. She exits the workhouse, and In Sook makes a last desperate attempt to apologize. She grabs onto Grandma begging her for forgiveness, to not tell Il Jung.

At this point, Manager Han’s had enough. He pries In Sook away from Grandma, but in the process Grandma loses her balance. I don’t think he pushed her; he actually reached for her. She was taken by surprise and was wobbling on her feet before she fell, her head striking the ground directly.

The two of them look at Grandma in horror. In Sook immediately tries to go help Grandma up but Manager Han pulls her back and tells her to do nothing. In Sook’s priority is to head back to the house and pretend that she was never there and that he was never there. Manager Han will clean up, and things will resolve themselves in the morning. He’ll bear all responsibility because he needs to protect In Sook and Ma Jun.

After he escorts a shivering In Sook back to her room, Manager Han goes back to clean up the wet footprints. He notices that the door to Grandma’s room is open, and her lights were left on. He turns the lights off and closes the door, and goes back to the workhouse to clean up. As he leaves the workhouse, the camera picks up on a glittering piece of jewelry lying next to Grandma that Manager Han missed. It is still a dark and rainy night.

Il Jung is sitting in his room. He is disturbed/awoken by a knocking on his door. He calls out, but there is no reply, so he walks to the door to see who is outside. But there is nobody. However, he notices that Grandma’s door is open, and her lights were on.

Il Jung goes to Grandma’s room to see if everything is alright, only to find it empty. Worried, he looks frantically for her. He finally finds her lying in front of the workhouse in the rain.

Mi Sun and Tak Gu arrive at the hospital, and hurry up to the second floor where the rest of the family is assembled. No one looks particularly friendly. Mi Sun leaves Tak Gu since she has no place there. In Sook self consciously hides the bruise on her wrist.

The doctor arrives, breaking the awkwardness of the moment, and the news is bad as expected. Grandma sustained some internal injuries (to the head maybe?), and was left out in the rain for too long for her elderly body to cope. He advises Il Jung to prepare for the worst.

Il Jung and the kids enter Grandma’s room. Il Jung is clearly devastated, and keeps calling for her, “Mother can you hear me? I’m Il Jung.” He asks her to please open her eyes to see him for the last time. Somehow, she manages to ruse herself for a minute, sending Il Jung some hope before dashing it.

She opens her eyes, and looks briefly at the girls, Ma Jun, and settles her eyes on Tak Gu with a gasp. Feebly, she reaches her hand out to him and calls for him. “My child…my child.” And she closes her eyes. Il Jung is overwhelmed; he looked confused that his mother passed him over, and now he’s lost her.

Outside the room, Manager Han and In Sook look either terrified or sad. They can hear everything and were frantic with worry when Grandma opened her eyes. Upon hearing the loud weeping from Il Jung, they breathed a sigh of relief. In Sook picks herself up and heads downstairs where Mi Sun is. She tells Mi Sun that the heavens are on her (In Sook’s) side.

They hold the funeral at home. Il Jung is dressed in traditional mourning clothes, and he is accompanied by In Sook and the kids dressed in black. Ma Jun doesn’t look like he’s feeling well, and he goes outside, where he overhears a conversation.

woman 1: Why did she go out on such a rainy night?
woman 2: Who knows? She wasn’t senile or anything.
woman 1: But how did they discover her?
woman 2: That’s another strange thing. They said that there was a knock on the president’s door late that night. When he went out, there was no one.
woman 2: Oh my goodness…she must have wanted to let the president know as she passed away.

This causes Ma Jun to recall what he saw that night.

Ma Jun was hiding behind the bushes, and he overheard his mother and Manager Han’s conversation as they left Grandma to die. When it was safe, he ran over to Grandma to check the situation. He notices the bracelet that In Sook had dropped on the ground and picks it up. At that point, Grandma is still alive, making sounds. This spooks Ma Jun a little, who initially thought to run away but stopped.

He goes back to ask Grandma if she could stand up. She can’t reply but Ma Jun decides that he will save her if she promises to forgive his mother, even though he understands that his mother was in the wrong. He doesn’t wait for the unconscious Grandma to reply, and tries to lift her but to no avail. Giving up, he goes back to the house.

Initially, he doesn’t know how to inform anybody, but he quickly decides to open Grandma’s door and turn on the lights. Then he goes over to Il Jung’s door, and knocks loudly. When he heard Il Jung’s voice, Ma Jun rushes upstairs, and waits to see what happens.

It is frustrating — Il Jung takes a while to check out the interior of the house. Then he calls for the housekeeper, Mrs Gong. Ja Kyung is woken up by the commotion, and stumbles upon the wet Ma Jun, who was fiddling with the bracelet. Ja Kyung asks Ma Jun what is going on, but he runs back to his room.

Il Jung notices Ja Kyung and asks whether Grandma was upstairs. Ja Kyung doesn’t betray Ma Jun’s presence and says “no.” Il Jung tells her to check the rooms upstairs, while he continues his search.

Back to the funeral — Ja Kyung finds Ma Jun, and asks him what he saw that night. Ma Jun refuses to say anything. Instead, he tries to change the subject — you didn’t like Grandma, so aren’t you glad that she’s passed away. She demands again to know what happened the night Grandma died, because she knows he saw something. Something that made him scared. Ma Jun walks away.

Tak Gu finds Ma Jun throwing up and asks him if he’s okay. As usual, Ma Jun tells him to go away. Tak Gu tells Ma Jun that he thought that Ma Jun and Grandma didn’t get along, but Ma Jun seemed really devastated. He tells Ma Jun not to cry, because Grandma wouldn’t want that.

Ma Jun asks Tak Gu what does he know. Who does he think he is. Tak Gu says that he’s the hyung (older brother). Tak Gu’s responsibility is to take care of his younger brother. Even if the gap is only 3 months, they share the same father and thus the same blood. Unfortunately this only gets Ma Jun more upset. They are not the same…except this time, we know he’s not looking down on Tak Gu as usual. His true identity is weighing on him. Ja Kyung witnesses the entire scene.

Walking back to the house, Ja Kyung sees Mi Sun, who tries to start a conversation and explain that she came to pay her final respects. Ja Kyung ignores Mi Sun’s friendly attempts, and tells her to go away. No one left is on her side anymore. Moreover, Mi Sun and Tak Gu are walking symbols of the family’s shame. Il Jung happens to come out for fresh air, and witnesses the scene. He invites Mi Sun in.

Under oppressive stares, Mi Sun pays her final respect to Grandma. Overwhelmed by emotions, Mi Sun breaks into tears to the women’s disgust. Ja Kyung and Ja Rim walk off. We are interrupted by the arrival of Tak Gu, who has Ma Jun on his back. This alarms In Sook, who demands to know what Tak Gu did to Ma Jun.

Tak Gu explains that Ma Jun feels feverish, and was throwing up. It doesn’t calm In Sook down, so Il Jung has to tell In Sook to be quiet and respectful since they are at the funeral. Il Jung orders Manager Han to take care of the situation. For Mi Sun, it is a painful glimpse into the reality of her son’s life. Realizing this, Tak Gu smiles for her.

Tak Gu and Mi Sun have a brief chat before he sends her off. She tells him to bear with things, that everything will work out for the good guys in the end (does anyone else think it’s kinda cruel of her to dump him there, and tell him to bear with it?). He tentatively asks Mi Sun if he can go back to Cheongsan with her, but he answers his own question — it’s a no isn’t it? Mi Sun tells Tak Gu that if he wants to live with her again, he’ll have to grow up and become someone important. Only then can he bring her to his home.

Back in Ma Jun’s room, his fever has subsided and he is sleeping, or at least that’s what Manager Han thinks. The grown ups discuss the situation and In Sook says that maybe they should run away. Her guilt is driving her crazy…but if things didn’t happen that way, Tak Gu and Mi Sun will drive her crazy anyway. Maybe it’s better if they just left.

Manager Han says no, because In Sook won’t be able to live in peace anyway. He reminds her that she needs to be strong for Ma Jun’s sake, and promises to fix the situation.

Keeping Manager Han’s words in mind, In Sook try to tie her own loose ends — namely the missing bracelet. She walks around the garden, looking for her bracelet. Ja Kyung chances upon In Sook in the garden, and she pretty much jumped out of her skin. This arouses Ja Kyung suspicions.

In Sook tries to play it cool and ask Ja Kyung what she is up to. Ja Kyung just wanted some air…so did In Sook. But body language…Freudian slip…In Sook keeps rubbing her wrist. And if anyone has been noticing, her wrist was scratched from the struggle. Ja Kyung is the smart, impartial one in this story, so she’s put two and two together.

On his end, Manager Han is getting around to his solution to In Sook’s problems. As expected, his solution is going to involve Yu Kyung’s drunk dad. Released from police custody, the drunk dad is met by Manager Han. Carrying a package, Yu Kyung sees the men talk and follows them as they go somewhere quiet to talk.

Manager Han throws down a pack of money. Drunk dad is not dumb — he knows that he’s expected to do something in return. Manager Han tells him that he needs to get rid of a woman, and Drunk dad says outright that he’s not killing a person for so little money.  Manager Han explains he was hoping for a different method, and talks about how fine Mi Sun looks…

Drunk dad steps on a pack of tofu wrapped in newspapers on his way out. Yu Kyung was there.

Yu Kyung rushes home and frantically searches for her box of savings. Grabbing everything, she runs to the post office to send a telegram. The man behind the counter tells her that she doesn’t have enough money for a telegram to Seoul. She tells him that it’s really urgent, so he offers a solution — keep it shorter than 7 words. Mother in crisis, Ulmokjae.

Tak Gu receives the telegram and goes straight to Il Jung. Il Jung is a little wary — who is this Shin Yu Kyung who sent the telegram? A friend? He remembers that the violent man shares her last name. Is she related to him?

Tak Gu defends Yu Kyung. She is different from her father.

Il Jung will look into the matter, so Tak Gu should stay put and not leave for Cheongsan. Tak Gu protests, to no avail. Il Jung has a second matter he wants to inform Tak Gu (no, not discuss, inform). After the mourning period, he will officially take Tak Gu into the household. When that happens, Tak Gu will change his name and be known as Gu Hyung Jun, and he will have to forget his mother. Tak Gu does not want that, but what do the adults care?

Outside, Ma Jun has witnessed and overheard everything, and his face is unreadable to me.

Il Jung does make good on his promise, and gets his factory manager to check on Mi Sun. But Mi Sun is fine. The telegram must be a prank.

As the manager leaves his home for the factory, we see the drunk dad lurking outside. Something will happen. But when?

Some time in the evening, carrying his backpack, Tak Gu tries to escape from the house. He is stuck because he doesn’t know how to avoid the guards. Ma Jun to the rescue!

Did I say Ma Jun? Yes. Ma Jun has his eyes and ears on everything these days, and he’s found Tak Gu. But this Ma Jun is not a tatter tale. This Ma Jun also has a backpack, and offers to show Tak Gu a way out without being detected.

Once outside, Tak Gu thanks Ma Jun for his help and asks whether he’s really coming along to Cheongsan. Ma Jun says yes, and Tak Gu tells him that he can’t because his parents will get worried. Ma Jun doesn’t want stay at home anymore. He doesn’t have a dad or mom anymore; his dad and mom died when Grandma died. Since he can’t do anything about Ma Jun, Tak Gu agrees to take him along under the promise that they will return together.

Not willing to just agree, Ma Jun asks why Tak Gu cares. He can monopolize Il Jung if Ma Jun is gone. Tak Gu asks Ma Jun is he knows what it means to be a man. Being a man means not worrying your parents. Tak Gu tries again to confirm that Ma Jun will return together. You should hear Tak Gu right now, sounding all grown up and responsible.

The housekeeper, Mrs Gong, discovers Tak Gu’s runaway letter and hands it to Il Jung. But that is not the only problem — Ma Jun seems to have gone along too.

oh, hold on…In Sook has one more problem — someone broke into her safe and the cash and jewelry are missing. It’s got to be Tak Gu! The housekeeper says that Tak Gu is not in the house. Needlessly, she also says that Ma Jun is also gone. In Sook goes crazy and Il Jung tells her to shut it. All that disgrace over two cents. The kids will be fine. I don’t think that will calm In Sook down. Il Jung will dispatch his men to find the kids.

Meantime back in Mi Sun’s house, she is still safe. She’s tired from sewing in the dim light. Taking a break, she reaches for a silk pouch that contained 2 jade rings and a booklet and a stamp. We go back in her memories.

Grandma visited Mi Sun sometime ago. Since Mi Sun did not accept any money the first time, Grandma will give Mi Sun her precious rings, which are incidentally her Good Fortune rings. It is her way of apologizing for everything. And everything means more than just the affair and Tak Gu.

If not for the death of her parents, Mi Sun should have married Il Jung. Mi Sun looks surprised. After her parents died, Grandma took Mi Sun in, and helped her obtain a nurse aide’s licence. Grandma was the one who insisted on having In Sook as a daughter-in-law, much to her present regret.

There are some sounds outside, and Mi Sun puts the precious rings away, into her pocket. All the better in case she needs to flee.

The sounds are from the kitchen, and Mi Sun thinks it’s a cat. She checks the kitchen for the cat, but the lights go out, and drunk dad has her. But won’t her screams bring her neighbors? Well, not if she’s gagged and blindfolded, as we see her being carried away from her home.

The boys safely reach the destination of the telegram. It’s dark, but I think it’s the bridge where Yu Kyung and Tak Gu often meet. They wait a while, but there is no sign of anything. Ma Jun asks if they are in the right place, and Tak Gu says they should keep waiting. Yu Kyung comes running, and she’s in a panic. She saw Mi Sun being kidnapped by the drunk dad. “my father…my father….”

The kids run through the wilderness, and across some stream. In the mean time, drunk dad has ungagged Mi Sun, and she is begging to be released. Just as things get heated, a man comes along and knocks the drunk dad out. Mi Sun asks who it is, but there is no reply. We see a tatoo on the man’s arm, and he’s taking out a switchblade…

…back at the house, Il Jung is staring at his phone. Manager Han is at his desk and his phone rings. In Sook was in bed, but she wakes suddenly like she had a nightmare…

I’ve learned that the endings shouldn’t be taken literally. Guy with switchblade? I like how we think he’s saved Mi Sun, but he’s all silent and suspicious and he gets out a switchblade. Things could still change. He could be trying to release her, or he’s part 2 of Manager Han’s grand plans.

While I saw Grandma’s death coming, I could not have predicted Ma Jun’s response. I was surprised and pleased about everything — his acknowledgement that his mother was wrong, how he still tried to protect his mother, how he tried to save his grandmother, how he suffered alone, and his budding friendship and bonding with Tak Gu. I couldn’t imagine such depth in the 12-year-old character, especially one that has been shallow thus far. The child actor did a good job portraying everything.

I don’t think Ma Jun is going to break, so it’s probably up to Ja Kyung to make something of Ma Jun’s observations for now. And seeing how everything is coming along, there will probably be one more unpredictable twist on top of the million things that are happening. And this is only episode 5?

Also, am I the only person who was expecting In Sook to be the instigator of Grandma’s death, not Manager Han? I felt that she has been the mastermind the entire time, and this may mark a turning point for Manager Han in their relationship.

Completely aside, since I am taking screenshots, I’ve also noticed that there is a very limited range of camera angles. I wonder how other dramas compare.

Episode Rating: 28.5%

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