King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 11

Sorry for the delay. I feel like this episode completes the entire introduction to adulthood arc, which makes me wonder what happens next.

Episode 11 recaps

Mi Sun and Tak Gu are showing Yu Kyung to her new room when Ma Jun comes out of his room. Tak Gu introduces him as Seo Tae Jo, to Yu Kyung’s puzzlement, and then introduces Yu Kyung to Tae Jo/Ma Jun. He tells Tae Jo/Ma Jun to treat her well. Tae Jo/Ma Jun refuses.

He asks why he should be nice to her. He is not close with Tak Gu, so there is no need to pretend. Tak Gu tells him it’s just an introduction, but Ma Jun refuses. At the back, Mi Sun looks confused at the sudden change in Tae Jo.

Tak Gu gets upset and tries to fight Ma Jun, but Mi Sun stops them. She reminds Tak Gu that any thrown fists will mean that person is thrown out of the house. Tak Gu doesn’t respond. Yu Kyung pleads with Tak Gu as well: don’t make things difficult for Mi Sun. Finally Tak Gu lets go.

Ma Jun leaves, and Mi Sun tells Yu Kyung to rest. She has something to discuss with Tak Gu. Without giving him a chance to slip, Mi Sun pulls Tak Gu by the ear into the other room. That ear-pulling thing is familiar…it should remind you of Tak Gu’s mother, Kim Mi Sun.

Inside the room, Mi Sun reminds Tak Gu that he is supposed to obey her because of their agreement. Tak Gu explains that he was pissed and needed to stand up for himself.

Mi Sun tells him fine, live like a thug forever. However, if Tak Gu breaks the agreement, she breaks it as well, which means Yu Kyung gets kicked out. Tak Gu apologizes immediately; mistakes happen. He tells Mi Sun to let it slide this time.

To test her power over him, Mi Sun tells Tak Gu to sit. He sits. She tells him to stand, and he stands. Finally she tells him to kneel. Reluctantly, Tak Gu kneels.

Mi Sun tells him that fists are only to be used as a last resort for a true man. If he uses his fists too often, it might become a bad habit. This reminded me of Grandma, but it reminds Tak Gu of his mother. He stares at Mi Sun for a while in shock.

Yu Kyung finds Ma Jun in the kitchen later that evening. She points out that Tak Gu doesn’t know his true identity, and asks him what his ulterior motives for hiding his identity were. He says he currently has none.

He then demands to know why she followed him to the bakery. Yu Kyung tells him that he’s still the same, a coward. Angered by her remark, Ma Jun grabs her roughly. Unflinching, Yu Kyung tells him that she’s decided that Ma Jun can be of no threat, which is pretty much taunting him.

Ma Jun tells her to stop messing around with him and asks whether this was some deliberate plan to attract his attention. Yu Kyung corrects him: she came for Tak Gu, not Ma Jun.

Back at the police station, Ja Rim has confessed and betrayed Yu Kyung’s hiding place. The cops move out to get here.

In the meantime, everyone in the Gu family is trying to find Ja Rim. Il Jung and Manager Han meet with faceless men in rooms, handing over suitcases of probably bribes. At home, In Sook is making calls to everyone she knows for favors.

After the last “meeting”, Il Jung calls it a day and heads home. He finds In Sook clutching onto the phone. He tells her to let go and to relax. She asks if he has news. He does: he has located Ja Rim. It’s the first bit of progress they have made.

In Sook recounts how she saw the cops arrest Ja Rim and take her away. She breaks down when telling the story. Il Jung is aware of her sincere grief, and is emphatic. Instinctively he moves his hand to comfort her, but stops. After a little hesitation, he lets his hand rest on her shoulder and tells that that everything will be okay.

In Sook is surprised by Il Jung’s concern (me too), and accepts it. She holds on to his hand, and weeps. Manager Han registers the scene with some concern.

In the middle of the night, Tak Gu leaves his room. The next thing we know, someone is throwing everything in the kitchen onto the floor. Spatula, bowls, trays, the dough from the fermenter. Who is it?

The attacker accidentally cuts his pinkie on something sharp, and whips out a handkerchief to blot the blood.

Grandpa Baker is not yet asleep, and hears noises. He goes to investigate. Heading out of the gate, he doesn’t see lights in the bakery.

The next morning, Head Baker is in a rage. Who did this? No one answers. He tries a different question: who was the last one in the bakery? Tae Jo/Ma Jun steps up. He was the last one because he was in charge of cleaning. But who else was in the bakery last night? Tae Jo offers that Tak Gu was missing from his room last night around 10pm.

Head Baker questions Tak Gu: where was he last night? Tak Gu says it wasn’t him, but does not divulge where he was the previous night. Windmill man offers an alibi — he called Tak Gu out because he had something to discuss last night. Head Baker tells him not to cover for Tak Gu. He asks Tak Gu if the Windmill guy was telling the truth. All Tak Gu would say is that it was not him.

Mi Sun notices the bandaid on Tae Jo’s pinkie, and stares at him with suspicion.

They call a meeting with Grandpa, who declares that the bakery will have to close for a day. Mi Sun’s mom is concerned about the store’s revenues. Axe Eyes say that they can make a batch of bread in time for the afternoon. Grandpa says no. If the bread isn’t fermented sufficiently, it will not be as good, and we can’t serve that to customers can we?

He tells Head Baker to put up a polite sign apologizing for the sudden closure.

Everyone presumably goes back to the kitchen to clean. Tak Gu is cleaning the small backroom, and Windmill man comes in to help. Tak Gu tells him to leave it.  Windmill man tells Tak Gu that he needs to learn to accept help. Tak Gu retorts that he doesn’t need to cover for Tak Gu by lying.

Windmill man takes a different approach. He tells Tak Gu not to forget that he’s the sunbae (senior), so he has a responsibility to take care of those below him. He orders Tak Gu to gather the spilled grains and sun them.

Tak Gu takes the grains out to sun, and hears an unfamiliar music. He goes to check on the source, and finds that it’s Yu Kyung. He sits down with her and listens to the end of the song. He asks who sings it, and mangles the name, Edith Piaf. It’s a song by Edith Piaf, and it’s her favorite song. Tak Gu asks her what it means, and she translates the lyrics for him.

“I don’t regret anything.
The good and the bad that has been done to me, it doesn’t matter to me.
It is paid, wiped away, forgotten.
I am not concerned with the past.
I’m going to start from the beginning…”

Tak Gu says it’s a good song. At this point, he notices that Yu Kyung’s fingers are brushing against his hand on the table, and she inserts her hand into his. Accepting the encouragement, he holds her hand. They smile at each other across from the table. Ma Jun, who is spying on them, fumes.

Their moment is interrupted by the arrival of the cops. The men enter the bakery, and it takes the lovebirds a while to register their presence. Tak Gu finally stands up to greet the officers and tell them that the bakery is closed. The cops say that they are here for Shin Yu Kyung, and they check that the girl with Tak Gu is her.

Handcuffed, Yu Kyung is taken to the cops’ car. Tak Gu tries to stop them, asking them what she did wrong. He grabs Yu Kyung from the cops, but they push back at him. One cop gets orders to take Yu Kyung, and the other cop tries to stop Tak Gu by throwing him. Undeterred, Tak Gu grabs the guy from behind and is just landing a blow on him when someone calls his name out.

Mi Sun and the other bakers have heard that the cops were in their shop, and came down to check on things. Mi Sun tells Tak Gu to remember not to use his fists. Tak Gu hesitates, confused. Finally he swings and knocks the cop out. Unsurprisingly, they lock him up.

Ma Jun looks pleased at the turn of events, and Grandpa notices it. Well, about time someone noticed all that smirking going around.

Ja Rim is finally released, and Manager Han is there to pick her up. Because the timing is usually impecable in a drama, the cops escorting Yu Kyung enter at this very moment. Yu Kyung calls out to Ja Rim, who widens her eyes in shock. She doesn’t respond, and hangs her head.

Yu Kyung calls out again and again, but Ja Rim walks on with Manager Han.

Ja Rim is brought home by Manager Han to a delighted and relieved In Sook. Her lips looking dark and parched, Ja Rim collapses into her mother’s arms. Oh the drama.

They take Ja Rim to her bed, and the doctor puts her on an IV. He tells In Sook that Ja Rim is dehydrated and sensitive from the lack of sleep. In Sook asks Ja Rim why she joined such a club. The pro-democracy stuff is for poor kids. The doctor tells In Sook not to agitate Ja Rim.

The doctor turns around, and we see his face. He had a 5 minute role earlier in the show, but it’s not hard to remember him. He is the doctor who was Kim Mi Sun’s boss and he had helped deliver Tak Gu. Manager Han feels uneasy looking at the doctor.

Manager Han follows the doctor out and asks him for a moment. He notices that he is not the usual doctor but he looks familiar. The doctor explains that he has been assigned to the company, and he’s been with the hospital for 5 years. Manager Han asks for a name, and he says that he can be called Dr. Yun. Doctor Yun’s eyes glitter dangerously, aided by the weird lenses in his glasses.

Manager Han tells In Sook that he’s returning to the company. She tells him to ask Il Jung to come back early. She wants to have a party for two to celebrate Ja Rim’s safe return. Manager Han looks betrayed, but In Sook does not notice.

Back at the bakery, Ma Jun is putting the fresh dough into the fermenter. Grandpa walks into the kitchen, and asks what he’s doing. Grandpa then turns to the dough on the table and ask what it is. Ma Jun says it’s the spoiled dough from earlier that day. He wanted to use it for practice. Sounds very familiar.

Grandpa takes a seat and tells Ma Jun to go ahead while he watches. Ma Jun hesitates for a second, and Grandpa tells him again. Ma Jun cuts and shapes the dough and completes his task.

Grandpa remarks that Ma Jun has very nimble and quick hands, so he is indeed skilled. However, he needs to remember that bread is used to feed people. Ma Jun says yes, but Grandpa continues to ask why Ma Jun holds a knife in his heart. Ma Jun says that he doesn’t understand. Grandpa demands to know whether the dough is alive or dead. Ma Jun does not answer. Grandpa gets upset and shouts the question again.

Ma Jun does not reply, and Grandpa tells him that he is not fit to be a baker. To others, the dough is just flour and water, but to bakers, it’s a living thing. So how could Tae Jo/Ma Jun as a baker kill all those living things last night? Ma Jun denies it.

Grandpa has evidence, and throws the bloodstained handkerchief on the table. He had found it outside the gate the night before when he went out to check on the noise. The only person who uses luxury handkerchiefs in the house is Ma Jun.

Ma Jun does not deny now, but he asks so what if he did those things last night. Grandpa realizes that Ma Jun is at the bakery to earn his recognition. That recognition is 3 tests, and Grandpa will now only allow Ma Jun to take the test after 2 years.

Ma Jun protests: Grandpa promised the tests within the year. Well, it’s punishment. He can leave if he wants. Ma Jun bitterly recalls his father asking him whether he was confident that he could earn Baker Pal Bong’s recognition. He can’t believe that he will have to spend 2 years in the tiny place.

Il Jung calls In Sook up to check on Ja Rim. She takes the opportunity to ask him about dinner, but he turns her down. It’s a meeting as usual. In Sook is disappointed, and tells Mrs Gong to cancel the French meal.

Mrs Gong takes the opportunity to bring up that Grandma’s memorial is the next week, and maybe In Sook would like to be in charge of the food for once. In Sook refuses — she was never treated like a daughter-in-law when Grandma was alive, so there is no need for her to be a daughter-in-law now.

In Sook heads to her room to rest, and notices the pile of mail. She is struck by one particular envelope, and tears it open. She is shocked by the contents, and immediately calls for Mrs Gong. She asks the housekeeper if her mail has been tampered with and comes up with a negative. After Mrs Gong leaves, we finally see what was in the envelope: the piece of paper inside states “murderer”.

Manager Han is getting ready to leave the office, and notices that Il Jung’s phone is ringing, but he is not picking up. He picks the phone up. Without confirming that it’s Il Jung, the caller identifies himself as the Windmill man and says that Tak Gu is in trouble. Manager Han is very interested in the information.

Manager Han goes to see Windmill man. Windmill man is surprised to see Manager Han instead, and is understandably guarded. He walks away, but Manager Han reveals that he had checked him up. Trying to be friendly, he talks about Windmill man’s sister and how he knows about his tragic past. He just wanted to get on good terms with the Windmill man.

In the meantime, Yu Kyung is being questioned by the police. They review her file, and notices that she is from a foster home but managed to make good through hard work and brains. Why did she do it? She says that she wanted to show that someone like her can change the world.

The cop tells her that what she is doing is futile. She can’t change the world but she can change herself. She needs to have power behind her. He cites Ja Rim, how easily she got out of prison. Yu Kyung is better off making good friends. It’s a terrible blow to Yu Kyung.

Tak Gu gets released from jail. Mi Sun is there to pick him up — the bail was posted by Grandpa. It was a hefty sum and with all the effort that Grandpa has spent on Tak Gu, Head Baker asks Grandpa whether Tak Gu is really worth that much? Grandpa says he doesn’t know, but it’ll be interesting to find out. As usual, Ma Jun overhears it, and doesn’t like Grandpa’s interest in Tak Gu.

When they arrive back at the bakery, Mi Sun presents Tak Gu with a lump of tofu, the ritalistic get-out-of-jail food. Tak Gu tells her that it’s the last time he will ever use his fists. He confesses that he went out to pick up his belongings from a coffee house the night before. He takes out the only picture of him and his mother and shows it to Mi Sun.

He tells her that that is his mother. He wanted Mi Sun to know that Mi Sun is a special name to him because his mother is called Kim Mi Sun. His mother also told him the same thing, to only use fists as a last resort. He’s forgotten that all these years, but he will live properly now. He swears that on his mother’s name.

All that said, Tak Gu eats the tofu. Mi Sun tells him not to worry about Yu Kyung. He says that if Yu Kyung were to be freed, he could really do anything. Not knowing what to say, Mi Sun tells him to eat the tofu slowly and offers him a drink, just like his mother did many years ago. The moment reminds Tak Gu of his mother when she was lecturing him, and it brings tears to his eyes.

Ma Jun interrupts the moment to call Tak Gu out. He tells Tak Gu that he could free Yu Kyung but he won’t help Tak Gu for free. The catch is that Tak Gu needs to devote the next two years of his life to studying baking, and eventually compete with him. He cannot see Yu Kyung during these two years.

Tak Gu thinks that Ma Jun is ridiculous, and walks away. Ma Jun reminds him that he said that he was willing to do anything for Yu Kyung. Mi Sun overhears the entire conversation, but she doesn’t let on.

The conversation weighs on Tak Gu. He thinks about it the next day. He recalls all the horror stories that the other bakers told him and seriously consideres Ma Jun’s proposition. Unable to make up his mind, he goes to find Yu Kyung.

Tak Gu has a vague idea of where Yu Kyung is being held, but can’t see her. He gets an idea — he will play her favorite song so that she knows that he’s there. Yup, he will blast the radio from a taxi. From her cell, Yu Kyung hears her favorite French song playing aloud, and gains a little faith.

The visit to the police station helps Tak Gu make up his mind. He decides that he will take up Ma Jun’s offer. Smarter this time, he tells Ma Jun he will only honor his end of the deal after seeing Yu Kyung leave prison safely. Ma Jun agrees, and phones Manager Han to arrange things.

Yu Kyung is surprised by the sudden release, and seeing Ma Jun. He leads her out of the police station where she sees Tak Gu. Elated, she runs to Tak Gu and hugs him. Tak Gu looks happy to see her, but before he can say anything, Ma Jun breaks the moment. He reminds Tak Gu of their promise.

Tak Gu tells Yu Kyung that he can’t see her for a while. He needs to devote himself to baking for the next two years. They were separated for 12 years, so they can survive another two years apart, right?

Yu Kyung demands to know what kind of promise he has made Ma Jun. Tak Gu doesn’t reply. He tells her that she’s his reason for living. He turns and walks away.

Surprised by the turn of events, Yu Kyung calls out to Tak Gu. Tak Gu tries to ignore her, but it’s too much. He turns back and runs towards her and draws her into a kiss. Ma Jun looks furiously on.

I have always enjoyed Seo In Sook’s acting, and this episode was no different. It never occured to me that she could love her daughters, but seeing her get all worked up over Ja Rim “saved” her in my eyes. Yes, she’s evil to Tak Gu and Mi Sun, but she’s only a protective mother.

I don’t know about this little Mi Sun to replace mother Mi Sun thing. I mean, they could be similar. Why bother with the name thing? It just makes it feel wrong. I mean, Tak Gu doesn’t have an Oedipus complex so why give him one?

I’m surprised by how quickly things moved between Yu Kyung and Tak Gu. Two episodes later, it’s over? Yu Kyung is smart, and has already figured out what happened. I’d like to see her and Mi Sun deal with Ma Jun.

On the other story arc, I was not expecting the doctor to make a comeback. I like how things are inter-weaved with the past. I don’t know if Tak Gu or the doctor is behind the “murderer” message. It could even be Mi Sun herself, since the doctor probably doesn’t know of her “death”.

That said, I don’t know what to make of the doctor’s return. Sure he loved Mi Sun, but it’s been many years, and she left him. It could be a coincidence that presents the doctor with a chance to seek out a past that he was not looking for.  Or maybe he actually found the missing Mi Sun.

11 episodes and still going strong.

PS. If anyone is interested, the name of the French song by Edith Piaf is “Non, Je ne regrette rien”. IMO, if you go around saying I regret nothing, it’s because you’re secretly regretting something. What do you think?

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7 Responses to King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 11

  1. anna says:

    i like kim tak gu

  2. cyrene says:

    what is the song being played when tak gu is kissing yu kyung? i think i’ve heard it somewhere…

  3. lyra says:


    i know tis post is somehow LATE since the show is already over in Korea.
    However, here in the Philippines, local TV ‘s airing it now. and yeah, we still here at episode 10-11 (here in our country, the show airs 30mins of each episode daily. )

    from the start of the episode last january i scouted for sites who made a recap/review of this drama. (dramabeans didnt). and i landed here–shamelessly reposting your scaps to our facebook page (since tis is our number one social networking site , keke).

    for some reason, i love your comments here and now i cant help but delurk. haha . when i read your opinion, i almost nod most of the times. and the depth of your analysis for each of the episode (even the techy stuff, like cinematography which i initially check the most in a drama btw).

    initially YSY holds the popularity title here as well as the acting recognition. am curious to see him in acting out the Tak gu character (having this impression, lemme see. LOL) but being sometimes a second lead shipper, my interest goes to matthew as well. ive read bits of spoilers what the ending look like. however, matthew’s character essentially contributed on how will TAk Gu become the Baker King.that’s what am digging too.

    to cap my lengthy post, i did not marathon this drama like everyone else. im just following the daily broadcast in my big tube. i read one recap advance from your blog, but that’s it.(im also administering a fanpage of BK).

    Thanks for religiously recapping this drama.
    more posts to come^^ ~

  4. sunshine says:

    thanks for the recap!

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