King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu episode 13

This is the episode where the hat makes an appearance. After the rush of episode 12, it’s not surprising that episode 13 didn’t quite keep up.

episode 13 recap

Il Jung asks Mrs Gong whether she had placed Grandma’s picture on the memorial table. She says yes, and asks if she did something wrong. Il Jung says that it’s fine, and turns away. Mrs Gong’s innocent face changes.

Tak Gu gets rushed to the hospital, on Windmill man’s back accompanied by Head Baker and Mi Sun. I’m surprised that Windmill man is okay. They hand Tak Gu over to the doctor, and nervously wait outside.

Back in the bakery, the others clean up. Grandpa investigates the ovens, and notices that the gas tubing (it’s not metal, shocking) was slightly cut. It was not an accident.

The doctor emerges from the room, and tells the three that Tak Gu is okay except for his eyes. For now, he can’t see. He can’t tell whether it’ll be a permanent problem. They will need to head to a bigger hospital in Seoul for further diagnosis and treatment.

The three enter the room where Tak Gu is waiting. Tak Gu was expecting the doctor, and asks how long he needs to keep the bandages around his eyes. Tak Gu talks on for a while, not receiving a response from the sullen trio. Finally Tak Gu realizes that it’s not the doctor, but Mi Sun. He tells her not to worry.

Mi Sun tells Tak Gu that they will need to head to a bigger hospital in Seoul the next day to ascertain the actual damages. Tak Gu says that there is no need for that. He wants to leave, and asks why they are not removing the bandage around his eyes. He says he’s fine, and tries to show them by tearing off his bandages.

Tak Gu tears off his IV and then the bandages, despite a lot of protests by Mi Sun and Head Baker. Tak Gu can barely open his eyes, and screams in pain, or agony. I’m not sure whether it’s physical pain or mental. He asks why he can’t see.

Head Baker calls for the doctor, who rushes in, restrains Tak Gu and re-bandages him up. The moment is overwhelming for everyone. Windmill man looks especially affected.

Someone calls Manager Han. We can’t hear the other party, but Manager Han promises payment and thanks him for the job. It’s probably related to the gas explosion.

Manager Han recalls what In Sook said about risking his life to stop Tak Gu. He muses that he’s given up everything for Ma Jun and In Sook. He definitely had something to do with the gas explosion.

At home, In Sook has finally made her version of peace with Grandma. She marches into Grandma’s room and speaks to her picture, declaring that she will not be cowed by the happenings of earlier that day. She has come so far, and she will continue to do whatever it takes to make Ma Jun the successor.

Ma Jun watches his mother, seething with a lot of anger.

Yu Kyung gets a visit from her landlady. She hasn’t paid the month’s rent, making it the 3rd month that she has not paid rent. Under pressure from her landlady, Yu Kyung promises payment by the end of the week. Satisfied, the landlady opens the door to leave, revealing Ma Jun, who was probably there the entire time overhearing everything.

Ma Jun doesn’t mention anything. Instead, he asks if she wants to go grab a drink.

Because he is Ma Jun, they end up in some bar/jazz club where everyone knows him. They order a couple of beers. Ma Jun wants to talk about his mother’s visit to the hospital. Yu Kyung asks if everything is handled with money in their family. Surprisingly, this leads to Yu Kyung asking Ma Jun how he will take care of her. Exactly what will he do and what does she need to do in return? She has a strange way of venting her anger.

Ma Jun coolly replies that it depends on what she does for him, whether it’s kissing him or sleeping with him. Yu Kyung mocks him: is it that easy to be his woman? If that is the case, sure they can spend the night together and all that. Just don’t expect her to look only at him, and to think only of him.

The sudden change in attitude displeases Ma Jun. He thought she was more interesting than this. He leaves, and Yu Kyung heaves a sigh of relief. It’s pre-mature. Ma Jun changes his mind and grabs Yu Kyung into a kiss. She struggles to free herself, and punishes Ma Jun with the obligatory slap. Why is she struggling when this is supposed to be easy for her?

He calls her bluff, and tells her that she needs to try harder and put on a more convincing act the next time she tries to break up. Yu Kyung leaves.

She passes a hat shop, and watches the seller hand a child a new hat. She seems to really have a thing for hats.

Head Baker and Grandpa convene. Grandpa tells Head Baker that it was not an accident. They have no idea what the motive is, but realize that it is better to start by finding out who the culprit is. For now, the best they can do is to focus on helping Tak Gu heal. Although it was a secret discussion, someone is always on hand to listen in. Axe Eyes spreads the news.

Mi Sun is trying to persuade Tak Gu to go to the hospital over a meal. Tak Gu ignores her comments about the hospital and tries to leave, bumping into everything on the way. She persists, and Tak Gu explains that it might be a waste of money, and that he doesn’t have the money for treatment.

Head Baker overhears this, and tells him that money is not an issue. Tak Gu explains that he’s been able to heal himself in the past, when he broke his legs, had stomach pains, so this should be no different. Head Baker dismisses his arguments, but Tak Gu asks what will happen if there is no cure. At least now, he can hope. Until he can believe that he will be fine, Tak Gu can’t bring himself to see the doctor.

Ma Jun has found out about what happened, and he’s heard Tak Gu refuse treatment. His method is to taunt Tak Gu — is he going to give up on the competition without trying? Even this fails to motivate Tak Gu.

Manager Han is still trying to locate the person behind the “murderer” letter. His subordinate tells him that the postmark is insufficient clue. Are there suspects? Manager Han considers the fact that the letter was addressed to “Little Madam”.

Pressed for time, Manager Han quickly decides that Kim Mi Sun is a suspect, and they should start by checking whether she’s dead or alive.

Kim Mi Sun is on the move, entering a building.

Il Jung is concluding a meeting with an investor, and things end well. They head out and Manager Han ushers them to their second meeting in the same building. They get into the elevator, and as the doors close, Kim Mi Sun walks by. Il Jung sees her, and rushes out of the elevator, but she’s gone.

Il Jung stands, traumatized, and lets out a weird loud choking wailing sound. Manager Han asks if he’s okay. Desperately, Il Jung asks if anyone saw it. Even sharp-eyed Manager Han missed whatever it was that Il Jung saw.

Realizing he is in a public situation, and no one knows who he’s talking about, Il Jung composes himself quickly. It’s fine. And they head on to the next meeting.

Il Jung’s investor, President Na, has a second meeting as well, reporting on the successful deal with Geo Seung. They will be able to get shares like they wanted. The man he is reporting to is Dr. Yun and Kim Mi Sun is sitting nearby, within hearing distance.

Dr. Yun asks how long it will take to actually receive the shares. It’ll be at least a year, probably 2-3 years. President Na takes off, and Kim Mi Sun tells Dr. Yun that it’s taking too long. She’s not sure that her eyes will hold out.

It turns out that In Sook was unhappy about Yu Kyung. While checking in with Ja Rim about her health, In Sook asks about Yu Kyung as well. Thinking it’s about the student activism incident, Ja Rim says it’s over. In Sook says that it’s not only Ja Rim. Ma Jun is involved as well.

Ja Rim doesn’t get the connection immediately, but when she finally does, she dismisses it. Ma Jun is not Yu Kyung’s type. In Sook has met Yu Kyung and has determined that the girl is serious business. She tells Ja Rim that there is no type when it comes to rich guys. Given Ja Rim’s track record, I guess she will give her mother Yu Kyung’s address.

In the middle of the night, Tak Gu wakes up and feels his way around to find his bag. He opens it to check that his picture is still in there, takes his bag and leaves. Although Tak Gu is quiet, Ma Jun ends up waking up. Actually, everyone seems to have woken up.

They look silently on as Tak Gu makes his way down the stairs, stumbling, and then follow him down. By now, Head Baker is awake too. Instead of heading straight out of the door, they follow Tak Gu into the kitchen.

He feels his way around, and locates his tray of unbaked dough. Placing the tray on the table, he locates the flour. He sprinkles the flour on the workbench, and gets to shaping his dough. The rest of the bakers have followed him into the kitchen and are looking on.

Done with shaping his dough, Tak Gu takes a moment before getting his bag, collecting his feelings. He bows to the dough, but also to all the absent bakers, and say that it’s time to leave now that it’s done.

Head Baker steps in: nothing’s done. The dough looks a mess. Did Tak Gu sneak into the bakery to play around? Tak Gu has not recovered fully from his moment, and is stung by the harsh words. He apologizes, tears trickling. Head Baker orders Windmill man to fire up the ovens. To make bread, the dough needs to be baked.

Mi Sun gets orders to place the dough back in the fermenter, and Axe Eyes takes the cue to relieve Tak Gu of his bag, saying that it’s heavy.

When the bread is ready, the bakers gather round. Since it is Tak Gu’s first bread, they must all sample and critique it. Everyone takes a bite, and harshly criticize the bread. It’s too sticky, overmixed, not flavorful, the shape is weird. Although slightly disappointed, Tak Gu takes it all in. Finally, the Head Baker declares that there is still a long way to go for Tak Gu to be able to compete in 2 years.

There is a palpable pause, and everyone is taken aback. Axe Eyes and Mi Sun clarify: Head Baker is allowing Tak Gu to compete in 2 years? Yes, Head Baker means just that. He will allow Tak Gu to compete in 2 years. However, he’s going to need his eyes to properly learn bread making, so he’d better go to that hospital in Seoul. They’ll work things out together if the treatment doesn’t go well.

Yu Kyung happens to pick that very night to visit Tak Gu. She lingers, unable to actually see him, and would have left but the light in the bakery turns on. She sees everyone head to the kitchen and follows along. She makes her way up, in time to see the bakers surrounding Tak Gu and telling him that he gets to compete in 2 years.

She decides to leave, but Mi Sun notices her and catches up. She offers to inform bring Tak Gu over secretly. Yu Kyung declines.

Mi Sun explains that things are not well with Tak Gu, so he would really appreciate a visit from her. Yu Kyung says Tak Gu will be fine, because it would be too unfair if it wasn’t. Sounds like excellent drama logic there.

She hands Mi Sun the bag she brought with her, telling her to give it to Tak Gu when his eyes are healed. She’ll be in touch again when Tak Gu is out of the hospital.

Because there is no actual limit to how cruel you’re allowed to be in drama-land, Yu Kyung finds her furniture outside in the rain when she gets back. The landlady is still moving her stuff out, and Yu Kyung confronts her. The landlady apologizes, insincerely of course, but someone else offered her money for her room so she took it.

That same person also left Yu Kyung something so that she will understand. Yu Kyung looks at the envelope in her hand. It carries the Geo Seung header. With nowhere to go, Yu Kyung sits out in the rain all night.

Tak Gu heads to the hospital with Head Baker and Mi Sun. It turns out that he hasn’t completely lost his eyesight; it’s just blurred. After the consultation, they leave him in the waiting area as they deal with some administrative issues. Since he can’t see, Tak Gu doesn’t see Kim Mi Sun heading towards him with Dr. Yun in arm. The doctor leaves her in the waiting area, while he goes deal with the check in procedure.

And finally the mother and son meet, both unable to see each other, but it looks like they sense each other’s presence.. Well, Mi Sun can sort of see, but she doesn’t know what grown up Tak Gu looks like. And just like that, the moment passes, and Dr. Yun comes back to collect Kim Mi Sun.

The day for Tak Gu to remove his bandages finally arrives. It takes a while for his eyes to adjust, but he can see clearly now. Yeah, I expected the blindness drama to last for more than one episode.

Now that he can see, Mi Sun hands Tak Gu the bag that Yu Kyung brought. Inside is a white hat, with his name embroidered “King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu”. She encloses a note, saying that the hat will bring him good luck.

Ja Rim goes to the bakery to visit Ma Jun. She’s there to ask him about him dating Yu Kyung. There are no secrets in the family when In Sook learns about something. Ja Rim reveals that In Sook wanted Yu Kyung’s address. Ma Jun hopes that she didn’t give it over, but Ja Rim says that there was no helping it. Ma Jun is frustrated, and runs off.

He finds Yu Kyung’s room empty, and asks the landlady where Yu Kyung moved to. She doesn’t know.

Ma Jun tries looking for her at the university, but she has applied for a leave of absence. No one knows how to contact her. Deadends.

Ma Jun goes home to confront his mother. He protests that she is just a normal student, but In Sook disagrees. The fact that he is challenging his mother for the first time means that Yu Kyung is more important to him than the other girls so far.

Ma Jun tells his mother that he has his own thoughts and plans, so she should leave him alone. In Sook informs him that being successor to the company means his life is no longer his own.

In case anyone is interested in where exactly Yu Kyung is, she is alive and well, and seems to have some business at the Geo Seung building.

This episode could almost have been a filler episode, what’s with Tak Gu losing and regaining his eyesight in one episode. I don’t think the event changed anything in the whole plot; it was more to illustrate Manager Han’s power, and to dramatically re-introduce Kim Mi Sun to Tak Gu. The only exciting part was when Il Jung saw Kim Mi Sun. The “Tak Gu and Mi Sun sitting across from each other” scene was just too cliche. And they didn’t even bother with a cliffhanger.

So I expected Kim Mi Sun to be unwell due to the fall, but I have no idea how she could have damaged her eyes. I’m interested in how she got in touch with Dr. Yun again, and what exactly her plans are. I didn’t think that she would go the In Sook route and try to buy shares in the company. Clearly, she’s not doing things aggressively enough, having to wait 2-3 years for what would have taken In Sook a month.

I wonder if the story will really stretch out to 2 more years, which is the current end date for the baking exam. Kim Mi Sun has already said that she can’t wait that long. I, for one, don’t really want 2 years’ worth of filler episodes.

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3 Responses to King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu episode 13

  1. theblackpatita says:

    here i am again LOL. ~~

    okay, this episode is now showing here in the PHL and maybe the dubbing versus the actual voice of YSY killed the impact on me to be moved by this episode (i mean the dramatic monologue of his fears versus his dreams).

    so i went to recap the episode 13 online. and there you go! the wail, croaked voice of YSY did make the difference. LOL.

    but towards the end of this recap (like i read this twice) , then technically i watched this episode twice already –i have one lingering question popping out:

    WHEN DID EULA learned the accident? if by the flow of the story. it was right there and then when she went upstairs to see the pal bong people munching over tak gu’s baked bread. and eula’s bland reaction disturbed me about the installed premise of eula-tak gu pairing.

    if ill compare mi sun’s reaction about tak gu’s burnt eyes, if she could piggy back tak gu-maybe she would. and the concerned she have shown is a concern of that of a girlfriend.or a mother (haha)

    but why Eula only lamented on the fact of seeing Tak Gu because of that promise made between the boys? she just reacted plain about the accident. it;s not that im expecting over reaction here, but if the writer wanted to establish a romantic-love square angle here, well im missing it.

    • dramamia says:

      I think the flow of the story you described, about when Yu Kyung learned about the accident, is correct. I think the reason for her lack of a response is her personality. It’s like what Ma Jun keeps complaining about — she has a lot of pride and she never forgets it. She keeps everything in. Her life’s been hard, and I think she’s jaded. Mi Sun, on the other hand, is an open book. She shows everything.

      Now if the show spent a little more time showing us the inner dialogue, we may discover a different side to Yu Kyung and Mi Sun, but the show doesn’t really care.

  2. theblackpatita says:

    erratum: should be yu kyung. (eula was used in Philippine version.haha am so preoccupied ) ^^

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