King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 14

Stuck home coz of the blizzard, I have a little extra time with the holiday weekend, so here’s an extra recap for this week.

episode 14 recap

As usual, we have to revisit a scene where they left something out. The scene in question is where Head Baker and Grandpa convene to talk about the explosion being more than an accident. Grandpa tells Head Baker to carry on with things as usual. He has a plan of his own to catch the culprit.

Disturbed, Head Baker strolls around, looking in on each member of his baking team, wondering who it was. Axe Eyes and Curly (I’ve decided that his curly hair is distinct enough) are being annoying as usual. Windmill Man is not in his room. Where is he?

He’s gone to the hospital where his sister is receiving treatment. She’s hooked up to a dialysis machine. He heads to the counter to deal with the monthly bills, which is how we find out that his sister is called Choi Mi Sun. I know, how many Mi Sun’s can you get in a show?

He’s a little short of the full amount, but he tells the cashier that he’ll be back next month with more money. The cashier tells him that the bill has already been paid by the gentleman over there. Windmill man turns around and sure enough, Manager Han is there.

Windmill man is not happy. He has already rejected Manager Han (hmm…so who is responsible for the gas thing?). Manager Han says to take it as a greeting gift. He reminds Windmill man that if he worked for Manager Han, his sister could get treatment in the US or Japan. He just needs to do it once.

Back to the strolling Head Baker. He walks out of the house, and notices that the lights in the bakery are turned on. He heads over, and sees Tak Gu hard at work and wearing his hat. He asks Tak Gu what that hat is, and Tak Gu shows him the “King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu” embroidered in it. He says it’s become one of his goals in life.

Head Baker tells Tak Gu that making bread is not easy, and there is no such thing as a best baker. There is only the most famous baker. Tak Gu explains that as long as he puts in his best efforts and performs to his best abilities, he will be the best. Head Baker decides that he will teach Tak Gu to bake. He tells Tak Gu that baking is all about the dough. Together, they make different batches of dough, and he teaches Tak Gu about the smell and texture of doughs.

Mi Sun sees Tak Gu hard at work with the dough. However, she has a different take on the entire baking thing. To her, it’s all about the appearance. If the bread tastes good but looks unpresentable, no one will eat it. She sets him to work rolling an egg with his fingers. Tak Gu tries once, and breaks the egg. Undeterred, he picks up another egg and tries again.

He constantly practices, at dinner, while eating fruit and relaxing with the bakers over tv, while studying. Ma Jun notices this. Head baker notices this too. And like that, time passes. Major events in the world happen, which means a lot of time passed. I have no idea where we are now. But Tak Gu has gotten better at this baking thing.

Tak Gu and Ma Jun are filling red bean into bread, and Ma Jun quickly completes the task ahead of Tak Gu. The next time, Tak Gu rushes and finishes first, but the red bean paste is spilling out of the dough. The competition is still alive! Tak Gu is also steadily saving money, on his way to being a proper grown-up. He still thinks of his mother, but he is happy.

So what is going on with Kim Mi Sun? It seems that one of her retina is no longer functioning, and the other one is going bad as well. They can only continue with her treatment until they get a replacement cornea. (In other words, there is hope.)

We finally see where Kim Mi Sun is staying at. It’s an old style Korean house that looks like it was used in Cinderella’s Sister. She is sewing a hanbok. Dr. Yun informs her that Manager Han has been sending men around Cheongsan looking for her. She is defiant — let them search. It’s not so easy to find a person. She should know. She’s been searching for Tak Gu for years with no luck.

Dr. Yun changes the topic and tries to get her to stop sewing since it strains her eyes. Sadly, she remembers that it is the season where she used to go to the river with Tak Gu to have water fights, bathe, and chill watermelons. She tears up at the memory of her scrubbing her son’s back.

Dr. Yun tries to change the topic again. He informs her that the business with some company’s president is going well.

Head Baker is happy to report to Grandpa that Tak Gu is making good progress. Grandpa decides that it’s time for the certificate exam. Head baker doesn’t think that Tak Gu is that ready though…

The thing is, Tak Gu still has not used an oven. He’s afraid of it. When someone opens the oven when he walks by, he crouches down in fear. Head Baker tries to get Tak Gu to face the problem. He asks Tak Gu to open the oven. Tak Gu grips the handle of the oven, but can’t open it.

Thus even if Tak Gu overcame his fear immediately, it’ll still take him time to learn to bake.

Later that night, Tak Gu tries on his own again, but the memories of the blast haunts him. He fails to open the oven.

Ma Jun is still wondering about the Bong Bread that Il Jung once tried. On the surface, it looked like just ordinary bread. However upon breaking the bread, you can smell that something is different. It’s not just red bean bread. It’s got a new unique flavor, the flavor of Grandpa’s favorite food. Ma Jun decides to ask Mi Sun about it.

He catches her doing radio exercises outside. Upon seeing him, Mi Sun gets self conscious, turns off the radio and explains that she was bored. Ma Jun says they can go get a drink if she’s bored. Mi Sun declines since her nose is sensitive. She avoids stimulants.

How about stimulating kisses? Ma Jun does his usual trick of leaning too closely, like he’s going to kiss her, and Mi Sun covers her mouth.

Ma Jun remembers that Mi Sun has superior taste too, so she should remember the taste of the Bong Bread. What did it taste like? Mi Sun has tasted it as a kid, so her memories are vague. Ma Jun asks what Grandpa’s favorite food is, and she tells him to ask Grandpa directly.

At the Gu residence, In Sook is still plotting. The latest plan is to gather enough support among board members to let Ma Jun join the company. Manager Han reports that they are still short of the required amount of support, but they should meet their target in the next month. In Sook asks if there has been progress with regards to the letter. Manager Han says no.’s been two years.

In Sook gets upset. She gets really worried every year near the memorial day. How can Manager Han allow her to worry like that? Manager Han asks if In Sook can’t say nice things to him. He tries so hard everyday for her and Ma Jun, so why can’t she understand?

Instead of apologizing, In Sook says that if the letter is discovered, they are both in trouble. Manager Han says that he is not the same man he used to be, so she should stop underestimating him.

The mail for the day arrives, and Mrs Gong sorts them into his and her piles. She leaves In Sook her mail, and places Il Jung’s mail in his room. We see that a letter meant for Little Madam has been misplaced into Il Jung’s pile. Oh the coincidences.

Grandpa announces that the exam will be held in a week. Anyone who wants to can participate. This draws some protest from Axe Eyes — what if this compromises on the quality of the exam? There will be stages, so disqualified people will be kicked out.

Ma Jun is clearly delighted to hear that the exam will be held soon. However besides the certificate, he wants one more thing from Grandpa: the recipe for the Bong Bread. Head Baker starts to decline, but Grandpa stops him. It is awkward all around.

Tak Gu asks Mi Sun what the Bong Bread is. Mi Sun tells him that the bakery used to be very famous, and the Bong Bread was the most famous bread. Suddenly, Grandpa stopped making it for reasons unknown. There have been many speculations.

Mi Sun reminds him that he has a lot of work to do. He can’t even use the oven. Tak Gu changes the topic and asks her why she cares about him so much. Could it be that she likes him? However, Tak Gu already has someone.

Mi Sun protests that it’s nothing like that. She has someone too — Seo Tae Jo/ Ma Jun. Tak Gu looks at her in disbelief, and laughs. Mi Sun says it’s true. He has touched her lips, and leans closely towards her, and helps her with stuff.

Tak Gu tells her to become a better judge of character, and warns her that Seo Tae Jo is not the kind of guy she should go for. He’s not reliable. She needs to find someone who can’t live without her. She is, afterall, the third most important woman in his life.

Mi Sun runs off into the house to get chilled water to cool herself down. She fumes as she thinks back at what Tak Gu said. The third most important woman? Her mother comes into the kitchen, and asks her what she’s talking about. Mi Sun asks her mother how she ranks in terms of her dad’s important women. Mi Sun’s mom says she’s number one of course. They’ve known each other since they were 13.

Mom complains about the exam creating a bad atmosphere in the house. We see that Curly is thinking of taking the test. Axe Eyes thinks it’s ridiculous. So what even if he gets a certificate? What will he do? Open a bakery? Curly says who knows. They look strangely at him.

Head Baker approaches Ma Jun to tell him that his request for the Bong Bread recipe will be ignored. He can’t say why. Ma Jun has decided that unless Grandpa says no, there is still a chance.

Indeed, Grandpa does seem to be undecided for now.

Il Jung arrives home, and tells Mrs Gong that he’ll be gone on a business trip the next day. In Sook arrives a second later, and Mrs Gong informs her about the business trip. In Sook looks for Il Jung in his room, where he is just going through the mail. She complains that he is never home and too frequently on business trip.

Il Jung explains it’s because of the new system that has been installed all over. He hands her the misplaced letter to change the discussion. Seeing the envelope, In Sook immediately looks unsettled. Il Jung says it was probably misplaced.

In Sook gets very annoyed at Mrs Gong for the mistake. Il Jung says it is not an unlikely mistake, and casually asks why she’s so angry while observing her intently. In Sook insists that there have been other mistakes.

Il Jung comments that someone is still calling her Little Madam after so many years. Composing herself, In Sook says it’s been so many years, and she still can’t shake off Grandma’s shadow. She leaves to prepare dinner.

In Sook goes to look for Mrs Gong, and threatens to fire her if any other mistake happens.

Back in the safety of her own room, In Sook tears open the letter. This time, it says “Luck in no longer on your side”.

That night, Tak Gu tries to open the oven door again. He looks to his hat for encouragement. He cheers himself on, but can’t bring himself to do it. He lets go of the handle, but a hand grabs his arm to stop it. It’s the Windmill man.

Tak Gu tells him to let go, but Windmill man tells Tak Gu that dough needs to be baked before it is bread. He can’t live with the guilt of ruining his life for much longer. Tak Gu tells him that he hates him, but Windmill man brings up the explosion: why did Tak Gu save him?

Tak Gu somehow lets Windmilll Man put his hand back on the oven door. Windmill man promises to never let him get hurt again.

Slowly, Tak Gu opens the oven door. Once it’s open, Tak Gu relaxes. Windmill man sticks his hand into the oven to Tak Gu’s alarm. Windmill man says the heat won’t hurt him, and tells Tak Gu to do the same. He needs to feel that great warmth that bakes bread. Tak Gu feels the warm air in the oven and enjoys it for a while. Windmill man tells him that he needs to start baking.

Tak Gu inserts his first tray into the oven, and Windmill man tells him that he did well. Tak Gu is overwhelmed by the experience and (I think) the release of his hatred.

New employees are being added to the department that Manager Han oversees. There is a man, and a woman. We know that woman — she is Shin Yu Kyung. Manager Han doesn’t seem to notice this. Yu Kyung has apparently been working in the company for a year, and has done very well. Being moved to the secretariat department is probably a promotion.

The new employees are briefly introduced to Il Jung as he is getting out of the office. This is Yu Kyung’s first glimpse of Tak Gu’s dad.

Now that he can use the oven, Tak Gu is making use of every opportunity to practice. And he needs a lot of practice. As usual, Mi Sun is there to make fun of him.

Ma Jun checks in with Tak Gu on whether he’s ready for the test the next day. Tak Gu pretends that he is, but realizing that it is pretty hopeless, he goes to Grandpa to see if they can postpone the test. It’s a no. Head baker says Tak Gu should pull out if he can’t do it.

Grandpa is a little more encouraging and tells Tak Gu that he can do it. He just doesn’t realize his own potential yet.

Yu Kyung gets to go to the Gu’s residence with the senior secretary to deliver documents. Yu Kyung looks uncertain about what to do but goes along. As she steps into the house, she is overwhelmed by how large and all it is, and can’t help staring.

In Sook is informed of the arrival of the secretaries, and puts away the blackmail letter that she can’t help obsessing over. She receives the documents, and notices Yu Kyung, and gets very upset. She tells them to get out.

Immediately she calls Manager Han. How could he let that girl be a secretary? It’s the girl who got Ja Rim into trouble, and tried to trick Ma Jun. Manager Han happens to be in the car with Il Jung, and tells In Sook that he’ll talk to her again. In Sook demands her dismissal.

Manager Han tries to explain to Il Jung that In Sook is upset with the new secretary. Il Jung tells Manager Han that he’s never discussed In Sook’s problems before and has always taken care of them. There is no need to suddenly act differently.

Il Jung decides to turn the car around and head to Incheon. Manager Han is surprised by the request, but he can’t stop Il Jung from visiting his teacher’s house.

It’s dark when they arrive. Il Jung tells Manager Han to wait outside while he heads in. The bakery is empty except for Mi Sun’s mom who is cleaning up. She greets Il Jung, and tells him that because the exam is being held tomorrow, Grandpa has gone out for a walk to think. However, she will go get Head Baker.

Attracted by the smell of bread, Il Jung goes up to the kitchen. Tak Gu is there, still learning to bake. He is scooping out flour in the backroom to prepare a new batch of dough. As a result, Il Jung doesn’t see anyone in the kitchen and starts to leave.

Tak Gu smells the bread burning, and rushes to take things out of the oven without gloves. He drops the tray in pain, and it’s a big mess as the bowl of flour descends upon him. Il Jung sees the mess, and asks Tak Gu if he’s okay. Tak Gu sees Il Jung and freezes.

Outside, Ma Jun sees the car, and Manager Han and gets upset. Why is he back? Manager Han explains that it was Il Jung who wanted to come, and he’s in the bakery right now.

Head Baker is back with his wife, and they can’t find Il Jung. Ma Jun enters the bakery at this moment, and they ask him if he saw a man in a suit. Ma Jun says no. Head Baker surmises that Il Jung is probably upstairs in the kitchen.

Il Jung checks that Tak Gu is okay, but Tak Gu doesn’t reply Il Jung. Tears welling up, he turns around to hide his face.


So we skip another 2 years. I guess the writer agrees with me about not creating filler episodes.

It looks like both Ma Jun and Tak Gu did not see Yu Kyung for two years, for different reasons. I can’t believe that Ma Jun actually stayed 2 years at the bakery.

So if Windmill man did not cut the gas pipe, who did? Curly? That might explain why he is suddenly rich enough to open his own bakery. Grandpa promised an investigation of his own, but I don’t see any results.

With regards to the blackmail letter, I don’t think Kim Mi Sun is the person who sent it. It’s a form of emotional warfare, but it looks like she has no interest in being discovered prematurely by Manager Han before her revenge plans are set. The frequency of the letters seem a little erratic. That said, the housekeeper is still a suspect.

I have no idea what Yu Kyung was thinking when she started working with Geo Seung. She’s going to get fired and then what?

I’m looking forward to the revenge plans unfolding, and the reunification of Il Jung with Tak Gu, and eventually Kim Mi Sun. 15 more episodes is plenty of time for a good showdown, maybe too much. We’ll see. I don’t know why but I don’t think the father and son are going to be reunited yet.

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2 Responses to King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 14

  1. YeeKrFan says:

    I can understand why YK worked with GeoSeung since she want to prove to IS she is no social climber and can make it through her own merit…..getting fire is least of her worry & I believe she has faith in her abilities and justice….sadly she had no idea how grand & hideous is IS plan for MJ and no one can stand in her way….especially not a woman like YK!

  2. punitha rajan says:

    Great recaps…im enjoying!!!
    But really want to understand why Il jung and Kim mi sun are justified to have an affair and have a child.why does it not make him a bad man for marrying for money then cheating and ignoring his daughters from birth and still showering his love on kim tak gu.the wife is called greedy and jealous bcos she wants a son but the husband is mother in law are justified for the same.Every one loves kim mi sun even after her having an affair with a married man and ruining a family.i dont get not supporting the wife for all her misdeeds but mother in law ,Il jung and kim mi sun were also wrong.

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