King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 16

Bromance is in the air!

episode 16 recaps

Tak Gu drags Curly into the Geo Seung Building and tells the receptionist that he’s here to see Manager Han. Manager Han can’t believe that Tak Gu is there to see him, and tells the receptionist to bring them to an empty conference room. On his way down, Manager Han runs into Il Jung who was just going to ask him along to a meeting. He tells Il Jung that he has an important matter to handle, but will join him later. Il Jung says that he’ll take Ja Kyung along instead.

Ja Kyung notices Tak Gu and Curly walking by her, accompanied by security, followed by Windmill man and looks curiously at them. She meets up with Il Jung and Manager Han at the evelator lobby. Her approach makes the men look her way, and Il Jung catches sight of Tak Gu and Windmill Man. He registers their presence with shock, but dismisses it when Ja Kyung asks if he’s okay.

Manager Han alone enters the conference room where the three men are waiting for him. He asks Tak Gu what his business is, and Tak Gu throws the bank book down, and asks him what they should do — go to the police or go to Il Jung to reveal that his missing son is alive and well? The revelation surprises Curly. Manager Han laughs at him: Il Jung doesn’t care about Tak Gu.

Tak Gu doesn’t believe Manager Han. If he’s not important anymore, why did Manager Han get someone to cause the gas leak two years ago, and disrupt the competition this time? Manager Han denies knowing Curly, and tells them that if they pursue things, he’ll sue them for defamation. Tak Gu is furious, but is held back by Windmill man, who tells him that it’s time to go. Although he has handled the issue for now, Manager Han is uneasy about the turn of events.

Ma Jun and Yu Kyung head to a cafe, so they miss seeing Tak Gu and friends. Ma Jun asks her why she is working in his father’s office. She doesn’t give a direct answer. He asks her why she disappeared two years ago; Ma Jun searched everywhere for her. Yu Kyung is surprised that Ma Jun was looking for her, which causes him to deny looking for her.

Yu Kyung asks how Tak Gu is doing. This angers Ma Jun who tells her that Tak Gu had tried hard for two years, but ultimately amounted to nothing. He’s a lowlife who resorted to despicable means to win at the competition, spiking the flour of the other contestants. Yu Kyung doesn’t believe Ma Jun. Tak Gu is the type who will stop what he’s doing what he doesn’t like instead of sabotaging things. She knows, because she just knows. No one really changes.

Exasperated, Ma Jun gets up and leaves. However halfway out, he changes his mind and turns back. He grabs Yu Kyung and tells her to never leave him or hide from him ever again. Why not? Just because.

In Sook is still at the meeting with President Na. She doesn’t like the way he is doing things, and threatens to expose his underhanded business dealings. President Na proposes to settle things with Il Jung instead. In Sook is stuck with nowhere to run.

Tak Gu, Curly and Windmill man head back to the bakery. Curly says he’s felt bad the past two years, but Tak Gu says that he’s eaten Curly’s bread, and he wonders how a person with such a mind make such tasty bread. Tak Gu leaves in a huff.

Windmill man warns Curly not to reveal any of the things that have happened today to anyone else at the bakery. Otherwise, he’ll have lots of explaining to do about how things came about.

Tak Gu accuses Windmill man of having planned everything — he knew that nothing would happen to Curly if he gets taken to Tak Gu instead of Grandpa. Windmill man admits that he knows that Tak Gu is not capable of hating anyone. Tak Gu doesn’t like being exposed like that. He reminds Windmill man that he’s still under suspicion and is not allowed ot enter the bakery. Windmill man tells him that things have not yet ended.

After some reflection, Tak Gu realizes that Grandpa is right about how he needs to replace the flour for the other participants otherwise there is no moving on. He purchases three sacks of flour and hands them over.

Mi Sun and the other bakers are happy with Tak Gu’s decision. Curly is surprised that Tak Gu didn’t leave him out. However, Mi Sun points out that Tak Gu is now left with 17,000 won. Tak Gu says it’s better to have 17,000 won suspicion-free, than to have to deal with the suspicion that comes with holding onto his 50,000 won.

Mi Sun comes across Curly (who is sniffing extra hard) unpacking the flour, and asks him what he’s doing. He’s decided to split his sack to two, and save the half for Tak Gu for when he gets to re-enter the kitchen. He sounds like he’s been crying. Mi Sun notes that Tak Gu has won over yet another heart.

Ma Jun is not appeased by the gift of flour. He asks Tak Gu what schemes he has in mind, spiking flour, then giving flour. Tak Gu tells Ma Jun to lighten up. Ma Jun taunts Tak Gu: having 17,000 won is as good as giving up. Does he still want to see Yu Kyung? Or should he say does Yu Kyung want to see this failure of a Tak Gu? Tak Gu restrains himself.

In Sook is asleep when Il Jung gets home that night. He looks at the half empty glasses on the coffee table and realizes that she’s been drinking. He needs a drink too.

His mind is unsettled. He’s thinking about his recent encounters with Mi Sun and the glimpse of Windmill man. He thinks back about how he’d told Windmill man to protect Kim Mi Sun, and gave him the address of a safe house. Next thing he knew, Windmill man was calling him up and telling him that something went wrong. Yet it was Kim Mi Sun he saw the other day.

He notices that In Sook is not sleeping well. He approaches her, just as In Sook starts to sleep talk: No, Mother! Please don’t tell him. She awakes suddenly, and is shocked to see Il Jung. Il Jung tells her to worry less so that she won’t have nightmares. He’s looking nonchalent, but you know he’s just acting.

That same night, housekeeper Gong lets herself out of the house and heads to a cafe. Manager Han lies in wait in his car, and follows her.

Mrs Gong meets with a woman in a cafe, but we can’t see who the woman is. Mrs Gong talks briefly with the woman, and hands her a piece of paper and takes off. Manager Han quickly enters the cafe to try catch the face of the mystery woman, but he’s too late.

He does notice that she’s just left the cafe, and follows her. The woman has a head start, but Manager Han catches up quickly. He grabs her arm (or something, it’s not clear) and she turns around. Lightening strikes at this right moment (oh drama) and Manager Han is taken aback at the sight of Kim Mi Sun’s face. Actually scratch that — it’s not Kim Mi Sun. It was his imagination getting the better of him.

The woman demands to know what he wants, and Manager Han apologizes for mistaking her for someone else. She walks away, and Manager Han breathes a sigh of relief. The woman gets into a car and hands the paper over to Dr. Yun.

Not the type to sit back and let things happen, Tak Gu decides to ask Grandpa to let them re-enter the kitchen. He brings a glass of a cold black plum drink and Grandpa asks him what he wants. Tak Gu makes his request and Grandpa tells Tak Gu that he’s not going to be bribed. However after he hears from Head Baker, Mrs Head Baker and Mi Sun that the two guys are not getting along, Grandpa decides to let them re-enter the kitchen early, if they meet his conditions.

Tak Gu and Ma Jun get summoned to the living room, and Grandpa tells them both to tie one of their wrists to one end of a cloth band. The boys comply and Grandpa tells them that they can’t take it off. If they last three days tied together, Grandpa will let them into the kitchen. Their wrists must always be tied, regardless of whether they are using the bathroom, showering or changing clothes. Both Ma Jun and Tak Gu are opposed to the idea.

Before he leaves, Grandpa tells Tak Gu that the drink yesterday was delicious. This prompts Ma Jun to ask Tak Gu what exactly he did. Tak Gu explains that he tried to ask Grandpa to let them back into the kitchen, but he didn’t know that things were going to work out this way.

Wrists tied together, the boys don’t get along any better. If anything, it’s worse. Life has become a constant tug of war, whether it’s serving customers or cleaning up, using the bathroom, or sleeping at night. Everyone notes their lack of progress.

The next day, they follow Mi Sun to get supplies. They end up fighting over who gets to carry the lighter bag, and spill the walnuts inside. As they are picking the spilled walnuts up, Tak Gu sees Ma Jun’s nose bleeding and reacts quickly. He tilts Ma Jun’s head back, pinches his nose bridge and asks the store owner for tissue to clean up.

Ma Jun protests that he’s fine, but Tak Gu is firm. He tells Ma Jun to listen to his older brother (any older guy is an older brother, not that Tak Gu knows that he’s Ma Jun). Ma Jun is surprised by the brother reference, and remembers how Tak Gu also tried to take care of him when he was a kid. He no longer protests, and suddenly they start to get along well.

They’ve figured out how to work together, how to shower at the same time (that’s a huge bathroom!), and at night they even sleep on each other.

In Sook tells Manager Han that they will have to hold an emergency meeting within the month to vote on creating a position for Ma Jun. Manager Han doesn’t understand the reason for such haste; they can do it at the regularly scheduled meeting. She admits that she may not be able to hold on to her shares anymore if she can’t come up with money.

Manager Han asks her how much money she needs, but she doesn’t reply. How can she know if he’s on her side? He needs to give her proof. Manager Han is disurbed by her lack of trust. He realizes it’s probably related to the letter, and tries to explain it, but they are interrupted by Mrs Gong.

On the third day, they go out with Mi Sun to the market, and have lunch. Tak Gu and Mi Sun enjoy their meal, while Ma Jun can’t bear the sight of the exotic foods in front of him. Seeing that Ma Jun didn’t touch any of his share, Tak Gu takes his bowl.

A little boy stares at Tak Gu as he is eating his noodles, and Tak Gu notices him. He sees the little boy eyeing the steamed bread, and offers it to him. The boy happily accepts, but his mother comes over to slap it out of his hand. She tells the little boy (also directing it to Tak Gu of course) that they are not beggars, and drags him back to their makeshift vegetable store.

Before he can go back to eating his noodles, Tak Gu gets interrupted by a second person. Actually, make that a group of people: it’s the imitation windmill boss and friends, which explains the inexplicable suited man who ran away at the sight of Tak Gu and Ma Jun the other day. The boss wants to settle their issues from two years ago, seeing how he was badly hurt by men looking for Tak Gu.

Tak Gu tries to apologize anyway. The boss is spoiling for a fight, and throws Tak Gu on the ground, with Ma Jun along for the ride.

Mi Sun calls the bakery to look for her father or Windmill man for help.

Tak Gu lands on the makeshift stand of the woman he’d just offended. He doesn’t want to make things worse, and whispers to Ma Jun that they will run at the count of three. At three, the two guys run off in different directions, and their cloth sash pulls them back together. Exasperated, they try again and escape into the alleys of the market, stumbling and tangling at each obstacle. Boss and gang give chase, getting close but not catching up.

Ma Jun knocks into a pedestrian, falls and sprains his ankle, so they can’t go on for much longer. They try to hide, but the boss and his men are closing in. Tak Gu looks at the band around his wrist, contemplating. Finally, he tells Ma Jun that he will give himself up so that one of them is safe. Ma Jun tells him not to, but Tak Gu releases himself. At least one of them can make the competition this way.

He gives himself up to the boss, and they beat him up. Ma Jun looks at Tak Gu helplessly (which reminds me of how he witnessed Yu Kyung get beaten and couldn’t do anything). Tak Gu refuses to fight back, and the men take him away.

Now safe, Ma Jun stumbles out and into the market, where he runs into Head Baker, Windmill man and Mi Sun. They notice that the other side of the band is hanging loose.

The boss is fed up with beating up a Tak Gu who refuses to fight back. He demands to know what Tak Gu’s relationship with Gu Il Jung is, because he went through so much trouble to look for Tak Gu. Tak Gu can’t believe what he’s hearing.

In the meantime, Il Jung is still making phones calls, looking for news of Tak Gu. He tells his contact that on top of searching for Kim Tak Gu, he would like to also add another person to the list: the Windmill tattoo man from Cheongsan.

Tak Gu walks back to the market place, and sees the mother and son that he met earlier in the day. Thinking that it’s hopeless now that he’s taken off the band, he spends his last 17,000 won buying up the woman’s leftover corn for the day. She refuses, but he grabs it anyway. He invites them to visit him at Pal Bong Bakery fo bread. As he turns to leave, the little boy hands him a rice ball with barley and corn.

Tak Gu takes a bite of the grain ball, and is surprised by how tasty it is. Head Baker sees Tak Gu as he is finishing up the last bites of the ball, and asks him what he’s up to. Tak Gu says nothing. Ma Jun walks towards Tak Gu and puts his wrist back into the loop. Head Baker says that they need to go back now.

Tak Gu is surprised by the turn of events, but Ma Jun tells him that he needs help walking.

When they get back, Head Baker tells Grandpa that the band never fell off, so the 3-day requirement was fulfilled. He asks whether Tak Gu and Ma Jun can return to the kitchen immediately. Grandpa looks doubtful, but says they will do as Head Baker says.

When they gets back to their room, Tak Gu tells Ma Jun to ice his ankle. Ma Jun needs to listen to him because he is the older brother. Ma Jun looks on as Tak Gu unwraps his bandages and ices his ankle. Tak Gu tells Ma Jun that they are officially friends now.

Everyone stands around as Tak Gu unloads his supplies from the market. He tells them that he spent all his money 17,000 won on the corn and barley, and Axe Eyes exclaims that he’s been ripped off. How is he going to make bread without other ingrediants?

Curly brings his half a sack of flour for Tak Gu. Mi Sun produces some yeast and butter that she had leftover. They look expectantly at Ma Jun, who reluctantly pulls out eggs and some chocolate. Tak Gu is touched by their actions, although it looks like he teared up when Ma Jun took his offering out.

After work, Ma Jun heads out of the bakery, and is astonished to find In Sook outside. He has told her not to look for him, so why is she here? In Sook says that it’s time for him to go home and take up a position in the company.

Ma Jun tells her that no one in the bakery knows his real name. He’s barely finished the first round of the competition. In Sook says that this is all unnecessary. Ma Jun turns her down: he will finish the competition.

Mi Sun notices that Ma Jun has left his walkman in the kitchen. Tak Gu offers to take it down to him, and hears Ma Jun calling In Sook mother. In shock, Tak Gu asks him what is going on, repeatedly calling him Seo Tae Jo.


I never understood all that fangirling over “bromance”, but I think I finally understood. I really like the scenes where Ma Jun and Tak Gu bond, but it never happened when they were kids coz Tak Gu disappeared, and now it looks like it is once again disrupted.

I really think Ma Jun could have become a much happier person if he had Tak Gu with him. He gets along fine with his sisters, but Ja Rim is incompetent, and Ja Kyung is too engrossed with taking over the world. You can see him opening up to Tak Gu right there, and right when you see the crack, it closes up again.

Here’s to hoping that the brothers bond for real this time. They could both do with some love.

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6 Responses to King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 16

  1. erni says:

    Wildman = Ji Hoo
    Curly = Jae Bok…

    • dramamia says:

      Thanks for clarifying for other readers. Windmill man is Jin Gu, and Curly is Jae Bok. Axe Eyes’ real name is Gap Soo.

      • erni says:

        Why you make different name…??

      • dramamia says:

        For the secondary characters, we rarely ever hear their names, so I didn’t know how to call them initially. I figured that other people may have the same problem, so I tried to name them by their identifying physical characteristics.

        If you notice in the drama, Windmill man is more famously known as Windmill than by his real name. Axe Eyes was Tak Gu’s nickname for Gap Soo.

  2. g says:

    The osts is great too!

  3. wiggy says:

    Great summary and commentary! Thid episode is my all tine fave. I loved the way ma jun was starting to open up a bit and actually get on (and dare i say, care about) tak gu. It was so beautiful in this episode the “one big family” theme. I know the bromance is prob gonna be shortlived because the level of jealousy and anger in ma jun way exceeds his ability to forgive and love sincerely.
    But it was beautiful while it lasted

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