King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 19

I’ve been addicted to High Kick Through the Roof recently, but I managed to get this recap done on schedule. I’ll try to be more disciplined about this. (‘_’)

episode 19 recap

Il Jung asks Tak Gu how he has been living, and why he didn’t reveal himself earlier. Tak Gu can only say sorry.

In Sook is there to greet Il Jung when he gets home. She notes that he’s late. Il Jung tells In Sook that he has a reply to her ultimatum, and it’s a no. He will not give Tak Gu up for the shares.

In the privacy of his own room, Il Jung thinks back to his reunion with Tak Gu. Il Jung had told Tak Gu to go back with him, but Tak Gu refused. He has so much more to learn about baking at the bakery. Moreover, he needs to be Kim Tak Gu so that his mother can find him. Despite his refusal, Il Jung is determined to hand Geo Seung to Tak Gu.

When Tak Gu gets back to his room, Ma Jun is there waiting for him. Somehow he manages to ask about the teary reunion in the meanest possible way. Was Father happy that Tak Gu was learning from Pal Bong seungseng? Was he proud? Tak Gu tells Ma Jun to leave it. Ma Jun takes offense to being called Ma Jun.

Tak Gu says that he doesn’t want to fight. Ma Jun asks what’s with suddenly acting like he’s the older brother. Tak Gu is the older brother but Ma Jun refuses to acknowledge him. Tak Gu asks what it will take for him to get acknowledged.

The guys make up a new agreement: if Tak Gu finishes the competition, or beats Ma Jun, Ma Jun will acknowledge him. If Ma Jun beats Tak Gu instead, Tak Gu will have to get out of Ma Jun’s sight and leave the bakery. Tak Gu says that he won’t lose. He’s not ready to leave the bakery yet, and he wants to be acknowledged.

Tak Gu tells Mi Sun about the new agreement and she gets really upset. Why are they making all sorts of crazy deals with each other? Tak Gu says that there are stories that she doesn’t know about and if she doesn’t want to see him leave, she needs to help him with his topic. He sweetens the deal by offering to do her cleaning duties for the next weeks. Mi Sun agrees, and she gives a clue, “fermentation”.

That’s it? Yes, that’s it. Tak Gu can figure things out on his own. Ma Jun happens to enter at that moment and overhears the clue. He doesn’t seem to be able to make sense of the clue either.

Tak Gu hits the market and buys all sorts of fermented foods. Ma Jun hits the library and looks up all sorts of references. We are shown a page on the fermentation of poisonous plants. A particular plant is able to numb the senses of taste and smell. It might become important later.

Tak Gu works diligently on his experiments, but they all fail. Ma Jun doesn’t play fair: he heads to Geo Seung’s labs and asks the scientists in there to help him ferment without yeast. Even then, the scientists fail as well.

Grandpa checks in with Mi Sun to ask about the guys’ progress. She says that Tak Gu keeps failing and Ma Jun os never around. Grandpa confirms that she has given the correct hints to Tak Gu and Ma Jun. She says that she told them “fermentation”. Mi Sun asks Grandpa why he’s being unfair, since he only gave the guys a clue but not her. Grandpa says that she already knows the answer.

He knows that her sense of taste is superior, and she never forgets the taste of something that she’s eaten. She last ate the Bong Bread when she was 12. Surely she was old enough to remember it?

On his third visit to the lab, Ma Jun runs into Il Jung. Il Jung sees him ordering the scientist around and realizes immediately what is happening. He tells Ma Jun to never step into the lab again. He is not approaching the competition in the right way. He should win on his own merits, or lose with his own strength as well.

In Sook is heading into the Geo Seung building to find Manager Han when she sees Yu Kyung with a mop and bucket. Yu Kyung heads into her office where she finds Ma Jun waiting for her. She ignores him, and cleans an empty metal cabinet. Ma Jun asks pointedly if she’s going to ignore him.

Yu Kyung says he should be busy with the competition. She tells him that she’s not going to hear him whine about it, and gets back to cleaning. Seeing files hoovering dangerously above her, Ma Jun reaches over her to catch the files.

Ma Jun looks at Yu Kyung, and tells her that he wants to kiss her. He leans in and she turns her head. Ma Jun smiles to himself, expecting her refusal. He tells her not to make him wait too long. She asks why her, and he tells her it’s because he can’t get her.

Outside, In Sook overhears everything. Well, she should now be very sure that it’s not Yu Kyung but Ma Jun that’s the problem.

Mi Sun checks in on Tak Gu’s progress and also asks him why he hasn’t mentioned Yu Kyung in a while. Did something happen? Tak Gu says nothing happened and walks away. The truth is (as we all expected) that he’s bothered by what Ma Jun said about having met with Yu Kyung regularly for the past 2 years. He also remembers that Ma Jun said that he can confirm the facts with Yu Kyung.

He turns up at the Geo Seung building as everyone is leaving work, and sees Yu Kyung. She’s surprised to see him and looks sheepish. He doesn’t look too happy either, but he forces himself smile and asks if she wants to go get dinner. She agrees.

When he gets home, Ma Jun notices that no one is around and that Grandpa’s door is left ajar. He approaches, calling Grandpa’s name, and finds no one in the room. He lets himself in, and is immediately drawn to the fermentation diary. He flips the book open and finds a chapter on alcohols. Thinking back on what he knows about the Bong Bread being extracted from Grandpa’s favorite thing, Ma Jun finally understands.

Grandpa gets back from his walk at this moment and clears his throat. Ma Jun springs up. Grandpa asks Ma Jun what business he has. Ma Jun says that he was looking for Grandpa. Grandpa walks in and tells Ma Jun to take a seat. So what exactly is Ma Jun’s business? He never got a reply about the Bong bread recipe.

Grandpa asks if he’s seen the inside of the book. Before Ma Jun can reply, Grandpa says it’s true that the Bong Bread is made from alcohol. Ma Jun is uncomfortable with Grandpa’s casual attitude, and tries to apologize. But it doesn’t matter to Grandpa. Even with the additional clue, Ma Jun won’t be able to figure out in the remaining 12 days what took Grandpa seven years of experiments. Unless, of course, he has a genius nose like Tak Gu.

Over dinner, Tak Gu continues to put on a cheerful front, while Yu Kyung sits silently. Finally she tells him that it’s fine to ask her the obvious question. Tak Gu says that if there is a need for him to know, he’s sure that Yu Kyung will tell him. This makes Yu Kyung feel even worse, and she tears up. She admits that she’s an idiot but she can’t help it…she just gets so angry. Really? Is that it? I thought she was supposed to be smart. It’s worth nothing if she can’t control herself.

Tak Gu tells her that they can leave and go have a nice date. They go shopping and he does his best to cheer her up. After a wihle, Yu Kyung starts to look cheerier. They take pictures in a photobooth. At the end of the night, Tak Gu walks her home.

Before he leaves her, Tak Gu apologizes for being lacking, and promises he will work hard and be someone she can rely on. Yu Kyung tells him to be sure to pass the second round and hugs him.

At home, Yu Kyung decides that she will turn in her resignation letter. There is a knock on the door, and she opens it. A bunch of men push their way in, and grab her. The leader takes out a resignation letter and tells her to put her thumbprint on it. Yu Kyung refuses so the men grab her hand and force her to print.

As the leader holds the paper up to check the print, Yu Kyung bites the hand over her mouth and breaks free. She makes a desperate lunge and grabs it. Immediately, she tears it up. Angered, the men hold her and the leader delivers a blow to her face. He gives her a blank piece of paper and tells her to write a resignation letter. Crying, Yu Kyung complies. Mission accomplished, the men leave.

Yu Kyung is left with Ma Jun’s words ringing in her ears. “Don’t forgive them.”

In Sook receives Yu Kyung’s resignation letter the next day and is pleased. However, Manager Han now has to deal with the disappearing Dr. Yun. Since they seem to have gone into hiding, Manager Han will have to lure them out.

Actually, Kim Mi Sun is already planning to escalate things on her own. She’s got something up her sleeve. Dr. Yun informs her that Il Jung seems to be pursuing some decision about his heir.

Manager Han is getting news from Il Jung that he will try to settle the issue of his heir soon. He intends for both Ma Jun and Tak Gu to inherit. He takes the opportunity to confront Manager Han about why he’s hiding Tak Gu and gives him a last warning.

In Sook is shopping with Ja Rim and Ja Kyung when they are interrupted by an uninvited guest. Yu Kyung shows up, demanding an apology from In Sook. In Sook asks whether Yu Kyung thinks that people are equal. Well, they are not, which is why there are people who feel wronged and angry. It’s reality.

Yu Kyung takes the news in a controled manner, but tells In Sook to prepare to have her convictions overturned.

Head Baker is concerned that Tak Gu is not making any progress with the second round. Grandpa asks him if he felt anything after eating Tak Gu’s bread. Head Baker expresses surprise at how soft and tasty it was. Grandpa says that none of that was calculated. Tak Gu makes bread from intuition, learning through smell.

Does this mean that Grandpa thinks that Tak Gu will beat Ma Jun? Grandpa doesn’t disagree, and outside, Ma Jun overhears the conversation with great displeasure. He thinks back to what Grandpa told him, that Tak Gu’s thoughts are full of bread, but Ma Jun’s thoughts are full of Tak Gu. Put in that way, it’s clear that Ma Jun can never win.

Ma Jun and Tak Gu both try various starter doughs with no success. In frustration, Ma Jun smashes his fermentation jars, and stares at the book on the fermentation of poisonous plants. He seems to have come to some sort of a decision. He looks for a medicine man and hands him the book, asking for the herb.

Next, Ma Jun purchases a lot of rice wine, and heads to the kitchen to find Tak Gu. He tells Tak Gu that they should work together so that they can both pass round two. They’ll go their separate ways for round three. Ma Jun will give him the conditions, and Tak Gu’s job is to figure out when the dough ferments. Tak Gu agrees.

The guys work together, trying different ratios, and Tak Gu is left to check on the fermentation. Since fermentation is time sensitive, he works till late, checking the different starters. Mi Sun finds him sleeping in the backroom, and sits down beside him. She lifts his head off the sack that he’s leaning on, and lets it land on her shoulder. For a while, she enjoys having him close to her.

In the meantime, Ma Jun collects his poisonous herb. The man warns him that using the entire vial will cause permanent damage to the tongue and nose.

In Sook heads to Manager Han’s office to discuss how to bring Ma Jun into the company. She is planning to make the bakery close for three months so that Ma Jun will be willing to go back for the company meeting. Manager Han tells her to leave it be. Il Jung already has plans to bring Ma Jun into the company. However, it won’t be Ma Jun alone. He’s also bringing Tak Gu in. In Sook doesn’t take the news well, and demands to know how Manager Han is doing his job.

Manager Han says he’s done everything possible to stop Tak Gu, but Tak Gu won’t give up. She tells him to do whatever it takes to make Tak Gu disappear and stop him from inheriting. Anything? Anything.

Il Jung gets a phone number from his secretary. He asks who it’s from, and she doesn’t know. However, if he wants to find out about the person who lives in Cheongsan, he should call that number. Glancing outside, we see that it’s Kim Mi Sun’s assistant who has delivered the number.

Tak Gu finally finds a suitable fermentation condition, and proceeds with trying out the new dough.

Ma Jun gets a call at the bakery from Yu Kyung, asking to meet. She asks him to find her outside the bakery. When they see each other, Yu Kyung asks if his offer is still valid. Ma Jun senses that something is not right, and asks her what is wrong. Not replying, Yu Kyung asks him how she should start being his woman. They will have revenge.

Yang Mi Sun happened to walk by and saw Yu Kyung meeting with Ma Jun. Thinking it’s strange, she hangs around for a while and catches them hugging.

After a lot of hesitation, Il Jung finally calls the number, and Kim Mi Sun picks up the phone.


I still don’t like Yu Kyung’s character. Now that we finally have an explanation for her weird actions, we find out that it’s because she was angry. I guess it makes a good moral tale: being smart is not enough. One should also not be crazy to succeed in life.

And maybe I take back what I said about Yang Mi Sun being cute about Tak Gu. This last act of leaning his sleeping head on her shoulder was a little too stalkerish for my taste, even though I did go aww…. inside.

I have a bad feeling that Tak Gu is going to get the poison, whether deliberately or by accident.

I can’t wait for Kim Mi Sun and Il Jung to get in touch with each other. I wonder how things will go differently from here.

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2 Responses to King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 19

  1. i love this show i can’t last a day without watching this show. i know it’s really impossible that i can see the casts of this show. but i still wish i could see them in person. pls. god. thanx

    • dramamia says:

      Wow…is this one of your first dramas? I’ve watched quite a few and very few (maybe 2) ever made me feel crazy about the show. But when the show concludes, it’s over and I move on. I do enjoy seeing the cast in different roles in other dramas.

      I recommend an earlier show, High Kick Through the Roof, if you like Yoon Shi Yoon (he shows up more later in the show). He also is filming a movie right now. I don’t have any news about the rest of the cast.

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