King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 20

I still can’t help but marvel at how consistent Ma Jun has been as a character. It’s almost like it’s the same person playing him as a kid and as an adult even though it’s not. Perhaps it’s the way the dialogue was written. I think the actors are somehow well synchronized in their portrayal of Ma Jun.

Things happen in this episode, but they don’t seem particularly compelling to me. I think the drama has lost a bit of steam, but it’s not unusual in a series. I usually get bored at around episode 8 of a 16 episode drama anyways.

episode 20 recap

Kim Mi Sun picks up the phone and Il Jung asks if she is the one who gave him the number. If so, who she is. She tells him that she’s Kim Mi Sun.

Il Jung calls for his car, and Manager Han tries to dissuade him from going off on his own. Il Jung ignores Manager Han, and drives off. Manager Han asks the driver if he did what he was told, and the driver said yes. A second car turns on its headlights, and follows Il Jung’s car. It’s Dr. Yun.

Yu Kyung tells Ma Jun that she’s willing to work with him to get revenge on his mother. Ma Jun is pleased to hear that and tells her to trust him and things will be fine. He draws her into a kiss, and Yu Kyung doesn’t refuse although her fists are clenched. Mi Sun can’t believe what she’s seeing.

Mi Sun doesn’t know how to deal with the situation. Tak Gu emerges from the kitchen to the store, looking for someone to taste his latest creation. Seeing Mi Sun, he offers her a piece, and asks her for feedback. Mi Sun hurriedly accepts the bread. She tells him that it’s hard to describe, and grabs another piece. Tak Gu says that he wants to let Ma Jun try the new bread. Mi Sun runs over to the door and barricades it.

Mi Sun pushes Tak Gu back up into the kitchen. She tries to lead into the conversation by talking about how things happen in life, and how relationships don’t always work out, and it’s better to let go at times. Tak Gu is confused by the talk, and concludes that Mi Sun has been dumped by “Seo Tae Jo”. He feels bad for her, but it’s better this way since it never could have worked out.

Mi Sun says that is not it, but Tak Gu insists on his version of what he understands. Exasperated, Mi Sun tells Tak Gu that he needs to work on his bread because it reeks of burned flour.

Ma Jun tells Yu Kyung that he’ll send her home, and Yu Kyung looks longingly at the bakery for a while. Ma Jun’s good mood turns bad. He follows through with seeing her home anyway.

They both get out of the cab, and the cab leaves. I was wondering if they were going to spend the night together to seal the deal.

Instead, Ma Jun asks Yu Kyung if she’s sure that she wants to go ahead with this. He doesn’t want her to regret it. Yu Kyung asks if he’s the one who’s scared. If he is, he should tell her to quit it.

Ma Jun hands her a credit card and tells her that she should head to a certain department store and looks for a Manager Jung who will help her select clothes that In Sook will approve of. She should also learn to play golf. Lastly, she should never meet with Tak Gu again, not because he’s jealous, but because it makes her look bad. From now on, she should never say that she regrets anything because she’s had the chance to back out.

Yu Kyung taunts him. He’s really just scared of Kim Tak Gu and everything. Can she trust him to see things through? Ma Jun keeps his cool. He tells her that he will pick her up and bring her to a family gathering on Sunday.

When he gets back to his room, Ma Jun reveals how annoyed he is about Yu Kyung saying that he is scared. He takes the vial of poison from his pocket and contemplates it.

Il Jung drives out of the city, and Dr. Yun follows him closely. Suddenly, the car behind Dr. Yun accelerates and passes him. It’s Manager Han’s  boys, the ones who were recently forcing Yu Kyung to sign the resignation letter. They chase Il Jung’s car. Feeling uncomfortable, Il Jung speeds up.

The guys ram into Il Jung’s car from the side, hoping to run him off the road. Il Jung struggles to remain in control as he ends up on the wrong side of the road. He tries to slow his car down and realizes that his brakes are not working. He looks up and sees that a truck is coming towards him. He swerves and his car rolls down the slope, and crashes.

Il Jung is bleeding and unconscious. The bad guys pull over to check on him. Satisfied that he’s properly injured, they leave.

In Sook checks Il Jung’s home office bright and early the next morning and finds that it’s empty. She asks the housekeeper whether Il Jung left early. The housekeeper admits that it is possible that he didn’t go home at all. In Sook is not pleased with the news.

Ja Kyung and Ja Rim head downstairs for breakfast and are surprised to see their mother up so early. They notice that she’s in a bad mood, and the housekeeper whispers that it’s because Il Jung wasn’t home last night.

The phone rings and Ja Kyung picks it up. It’s Manager Han, calling from the car phone. It seems that Il Jung was involved in an accident, and Manager Han is on his way to the scene. He tells Ja Kyung not to tell her mother to keep her from being alarmed. Ja Kyung agrees, and tells Manager Han to reach her at the office. She tells Ja Rim to not leave In Sook alone today, and heads to work.

Manager Han arrives at the accident site, and talk to the cops. They have the car, but the driver was missing. They have checked the nearby hospitals, but there have been no records of a car accident victim. Manager Han is highly perplexed.

Ma Jun is in the kitchen looking for his walkman. Tak Gu says that he hasn’t seen it, and starts to discuss the fermentation results. He has two candidates that seem almost similar. Ma Jun tries to smell, then taste the liquid starters. Tak Gu shows his notebook to Ma Jun, and the picture that he took with Yu Kyung falls out.

Tak Gu picks the picture up and keeps it in his pocket, and continues with the report. Ma Jun’s mood seems to have suddenly changed. He marvels at how Tak Gu can work as though nothing happened. Is Tak Gu really that nice, or is he harboring a deepset grudge inside? Tak Gu doesn’t get the mood change. He reminds Ma Jun that Ma Jun was the one who wanted to cooperate. Ma Jun asks if it’s ever crossed his mind that he was just out to screw Tak Gu over.

Tak Gu says no. He admits that he didn’t always like Ma Jun, and has thought of hitting him. However he remembers how Ma Jun tied to rope back on his wrist, and thinks that he and Ma Jun could actually be friends. Ma Jun disagrees.

Taj Gu says that he likes working in the bakery with Ma Jun. He asks if they can set aside the differences that their parents were unable to set aside. Ma Jun gets very annoyed, snaps at Tak Gu and leaves.

Downstairs, Ma Jun stares at the vial of poison, once again contemplating it. Windmill man catches him staring at the vial, and he looks concerned.

After Ma Jun is gone, Tak Gu realizes that he’s set a fermentation jar on the walkman, and it’s now damaged. He heads to the repair shop with the broken walkman. The repair guy tells him that it’s cheaper to buy a replacement than to fix it.

Tak Gu heads home and gets his savings book out. Mi Sun tells him that it’s not worth replacing. Spending a month’s salary on replacing the walkman is not worth it, especially since the owner is filthy rich anyway. It’s money he will use to find his mother. He should just tell Ma Jun that it’s broken and apologize. Tak Gu says that it’s the wrong way to live.

Mi Sun loses her temper and tells Tak Gu that Ma Jun has already taken something away from him. Yu Kyung and Ma Jun have been seeing each other. Tak Gu is stunned for a second, but refuses to believe it. Ma Jun may like Yu Kyung, but he can trust Yu Kyung to not betray him. He takes his bank book and goes shopping for a replacement. Truthfully though, he is slightly bothered by Mi Sun’s news.

Yu Kyung follows Ma Jun’s orders, and heads to the department store to look for Manager Jung. The moment she mentions that Gu Ma Jun of Geo Seung sent her, Ms Jung’s attitude completely changes (she wasn’t mean to begin with, just not too smiley). They rope off an area of the store, and sit Yu Kyung down and serve her tea. They bring out clothes for her to try.

Yu Kyung recalls the words of the cop who told her that it’s easier to change oneself than to change the world. She’s witnessing it for herself.

Manager Han is calling his men to find out what exactly happened. Ja Kyung looks for Manager Han at the office to get more news. He tells her that he hasn’t made any progress. Ja Kyung says that In Sook has been calling the office every half hour, trying to get in touch with Il Jung. She has told the secretaries to say that Il Jung is away on a business trip to buy them time. Manager Han says that he’ll explain things to In Sook.

He heads over to the Gu residence, and tells In Sook that Il Jung is away on a sudden business trip. In Sook looks skeptical, and tells him that she’ll buy it for now. Il Jung had better not be late for the family gathering later that day.

In case there is any doubt, we see an unconscious Il Jung lying in Kim Mi Sun’s house. I don’t think they needed to show us that. I assumed it was that way.

Ma Jun is in the room, holding Tak Gu’s water bottle in one hand, and the vial of poison in the other. After staring at the items in his hands for a long time, he starts to open the vial, but gets interrupted by Windmill man. Windmill asks Ma Jun whether there is a problem between him and Tak Gu. Ma Jun says that there is no problem, but Windmill man says that he’s noticed a change. Ma Jun tries to leave, but Windmill man grabs hold of him.

He tells Ma Jun to not let the competition get the better of him. Tak Gu is in a different league. This naturally gets Ma Jun upset. So he can’t beat Tak Gu ever? Well, that’s what they think. He’ll let the results of the competition speak for themselves. Ma Jun leaves in a huff, and Windmill man looks worriedly at the bottle of water.

He takes it to the kitchen and sniffs at it. He can’t detect anything, but he decides not to take a risk and pours the water away.

Tak Gu reluctantly parts with his money, purchases the new walkman and heads back. Outside the bakery, he notices a man acting strangely and asks if he wants to buy something from the bakery. The man walks off.

Ma Jun is headed out to meet Yu Kyung. He runs into Tak Gu on the way out and hands him a slip of paper, telling him to be there by 2pm. He would like to have lunch with Tak Gu. Surprised, Tak Gu is pleased to be invited to lunch. He heads up stairs and leaves the walkman on Ma Jun’s desk.

Ma Jun goes to pick Yu Kyung up, and he’s astonished by her transformation (me too…does anyone think she looks about 40 now?). He hides it and they take off to the restaurant.

In Sook, Ja Rim and Ja Kyung arrive at the restaurant first. Ja Rim wonders if Il Jung is going to be late. In Sook changes the topic and asks about Ma Jun instead.  Ja Kyung confirms that she has spoken to him, but he might be busy.

The waiter announces the arrival of some guests. Ma Jun enters the room, and In Sook is happy to see him. Ma Jun asks where Il Jung is. In Sook says he might not make it.

Ma Jun announces that he’s brought someone with him. Yu Kyung steps in, and the mood in the room changes. Ma Jun says that she’s his girlfriend. In Sook demands to know what is going on. Ma Jun says again that he’s brought Yu Kyung to introduce her to the family.

In Sook demands that Yu Kyung leaves before she gets further humiliated. Yu Kyung replies that she’s no longer an employee and will not be ordered around.

Ja Kyung tells Ma Jun to take Yu Kyung and leave. Ma Jun looks like he’s enjoying himself, and asks if they should at least eat since they are here. In Sook swallows her anger, and says that they should serve the food.

Ma Jun says they need to wait for one more person. The waiter knocks again and announces another visitor. Tak Gu walks in, and everyone is shocked.

In Sook demands to know what Ma Jun is up to. Ma Jun says that since it’s a family gathering, he’s invited their other brother, Kim Tak Gu. It’s no problem since Tak Gu has already met Il Jung. He makes a point to introduce Yu Kyung as well.

Furious, In Sook gets up to leave. She will talk to Ma Jun at home. Ja Kyung and Ja Rim leave with their mother. On her way out, Ja Rim greets Tak Gu.

Tak Gu is in shock seeing Yu Kyung at the family gathering. Silently, he stands, trying to make sense of things.

In Sook is still upset on her way out, and wants to go back to give Ma Jun a scolding. Ja Kyung and Ja Rim stop her. In Sook says it’s a good thing that Il Jung wasn’t there to witness the fiasco. How could Il Jung even think of bringing Tak Gu into the company? Ja Kyung looks surprised at the news.

In Sook finally explodes: she can’t believe that Il Jung stayed out all night. Ja Kyung looks at her mother and starts to say something about Il Jung. In Sook realizes that something is wrong.

She heads to Manager Han’s office and demands to know what exactly happened. She heard that Il Jung was in an accident, and has disappeared. Manager Han confirms that it’s all true. It dawns upon In Sook that Manager Han might be responsible…but it couldn’t be. Manager Han tells her that he did as she told him to, and did his best.

In Sook flies into a rage and slaps him. She never gave such orders. How dare he harm Il Jung? He’d better find Il Jung and hope that he’s okay, or else she’ll never forgive him.

In the comfort of her own room, In Sook breaks down, calling for Il Jung. Manager Han looks grim in his office. He might have expected In Sook’s reaction.

Il Jung is finally waking up from his sleep. He recalls Dr. Yun helping him out of the car, and being sent to a hospital. He opens his eyes and finds himself in an unfamiliar room. He’s still hurting but he walks out to explore the compound. There is a warm cup of tea in the room next door, so someone else is around.

He gets outside of the building, and notices a woman under a tree. He approaches, and Kim Mi Sun turns around. Il Jung is overwhelmed to see Kim Mi Sun well and alive. He draws her into a hug. Kim Mi Sun looks somewhat less happy to see him, although there is a tear in her eye.

Tired of waiting in a silent room, Ma Jun tells Yu Kyung that they should leave. Yu Kyung gets up. Tak Gu finally finds his tongue, and asks her if this is all a lie. Yu Kyung can only manage a “sorry” and she leaves.

Ma Jun takes the opportunity to tell Tak Gu that he’s tried to warn him, but Tak Gu wouldn’t listen. Since Tak Gu is the older brother, it’s okay if he lets his little brother have the girl right? He also walks off, leaving behind a stunned Tak Gu. Tak Gu starts to cry uncontrollably, telling himself that it’s all a lie.

Ma Jun catches up with Yu Kyung and tells her that she can still back out. Yu Kyung turns to Ma Jun and asks him if he finally feels better now that he’s beaten Tak Gu. She hopes he’s happy now.

Ma Jun heads back to the bakery. The others are gathered around the table and Mi Sun’s mom presents them with random things she found in their pockets while doing laundry. They look curiously at the vial that Ma Jun has, and wonder if it’s a tonic. Ma Jun hurriedly snatches the vial away, and tells them that it’s cold medicine. He excuses himself and heads up.

He finds the walkman on his table, and Mi Sun comes by. She tells him that it’s from Tak Gu, and that Ma Jun should know very well what the money means to someone poor like Tak Gu. She lets on that she knows that he doesn’t deserve it. Ma Jun thinks back to how he’s treated Tak Gu, despite the latter’s willingness to start anew with him. He stares at the vial of poison and the walkman, and puts them away into the drawer.

Tak Gu gets back and heads to the backroom where the fermentation jars are, but he is not in the mood to work.

The next morning, Tak Gu is missing from the baker’s line. Head Baker asks if Tak Gu was back last night, and Ma Jun says no. He tells Curly to look in the side room, in case Tak Gu got there early. Mi Sun notices a hand on the floor and they discover an unconscious Tak Gu on the ground, burning up with a fever. Head Baker tells Windmill man to take Tak Gu back to the house.

Mi Sun and her mother place a wet towel on Tak Gu and wait for Windmill man to get back from the pharmacy. Mi Sun wonders if they should have sent Tak Gu to a hospital, and her mother remembers the cold medicine that Ma Jun had. They could use that in the meantime.

Back at the bakery, the guys are worrying about Tak Gu. It’s probably too early for the shops to be open. Head Baker remembers Ma Jun’s cold medicine and Axe Eyes asks if they can use it. Curly thinks that Mrs Head Baker has probably already given it to Tak Gu. Ma Jun hears the speculations in horror, and runs over to the house.

As he opens the door, Mi Sun is feeding a spoonful of the medicine/poison to Tak Gu. Ma Jun is horrified but unable to do anything.


I don’t get this standing still, and not shouting “stop” thing that Ma Jun did. There was clearly time to stop Mi Sun from feeding Tak Gu the poison, but no, Ma Jun had to be petrified. Well, at least it’s only a spoonful, and we know that a spoonful won’t completely ruin Tak Gu’s sense of taste.

No offense to Eugene’s fans, but I’ve been thinking from day one that she looks a little older than the other 3 people in her supposed age group (and she is, by the way). Her makeover is one of the worst ones ever. Yes, she looks more elegant now, but she also looks 40.

I wonder if Ja Kyung and Ja Rim will have bigger roles to play this late in the story. Ja Kyung’s look of dismay at the news that Tak Gu is going to work at the company is intriguing. What if she finally got entangled in everything? Honestly the way they are just following In Sook around right now is somewhat annoying and pointless. That said, both actresses have been giving a noticeably weaker performance than the rest of the main cast, so it may be a bad idea.

Il Jung has to confess his crime to Kim Mi Sun. I don’t know what to make of her lack of emotions at seeing him again. Did she know? Are they going to be allies now? Still so much mystery on Kim Mi Sun’s end.

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  1. theblackpatita says:

    i have the same sentiments about eugene here. Yu Kyung is a dark character she is portraying and the over all appearance doesnt help at all.

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