King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 24

It’s game over for Kim Mi Sun…except we haven’t even started playing. Tsk.

episode 24 recap

A black car rolls up to the bakery, and Ma Jun gets out of the car. He’s dressed in a black suit, and he heads towards the house. There is a lantern on the door.

Things are quiet in the house. The guys are seated, and Mi Sun and her mother are in the kitchen preparing food for the guests. Mrs Head Baker is not very happy about the turnout at the funeral. Where did all the people who used to visit go?

The first person who sees Ma Jun walking in is Tak Gu, whose only reaction is to hide his bruised fist. Axe Eyes sees Ma Jun coming in, and rushes up to confront him. He demands to know why Ma Jun is even here since he’s the one who caused problems that led to Grandpa’s death. The other guys pull Axe Eyes aside, but they are unable to silence him. Finally, Head Baker interrupts Axe Eyes’ outburst, and tells Ma Jun to go in to pay his respects to Grandpa.

Ma Jun freezes for a moment when he sees Grandpa’s picture, but is jolted back to life when Il Jung tells him to pay his respects. Ma Jun takes his bows, and in the middle of the second bow, he thinks he hears Grandpa’s voice call his name, saying “come on in”.

The next morning, Head Baker and Il Jung chat. Head Baker expresses disappointment that few people turned up at the funeral. It makes him despair at humanity. Il Jung says that it might have been too sudden, and no one was able to make it at such short notice. I don’t know if it sounded convincing. Head Baker regrets that Grandpa had to lose his honor in his final days. Il Jung thinks that people who knew Grandpa would never believe those lies.

Windmill man enters the room, announcing that it’s time for the funeral procession. Ma Jun is actually one of the pallbearers, and it’s a small party with only the bakers. Mrs Head Baker and Mi Sun following behind. As they exit the house, Head Baker sees something and stops. Is it trouble…?

Marching towards the house on the road is a contingent of bakers wearing white shirts and hats. Leading them is the last judge from the evaluation panel (I think). He apologizes to Head Baker for being late. They have only just heard the news and have rushed all the way from all over Korea to pay their last respects. However, they are too late. They would like to pay their respects anyway.

The bakers all take off their hats, and bow. They part in the middle, opening the way for the funeral procession to proceed.

Il Jung returns to the office after the funeral. His secretary hands him a folder with his schedule. Just as he opens the folder, his arm started to cramp up badly and he drops it. The spasm goes away, and Il Jung dismisses it. As they approach the elevator, Manager Han comes by with a group of men in suits. They notice Il Jung, and greet him before moving on.

The secretary offers information on the situation. Manager Han has been meeting with the board of directors since Il Jung left for the funeral three days ago. This gets Il Jung worried. In case you needed confirmation, Manager Han is trying to get support to remove Il Jung, saying that he’s not as focused as he used to be.

Ma Jun doesn’t feel well after the funeral. He’s brooding a little, and he takes out the fermentation journal to look at it. After opening the book, he throws it to the ground in frustration, and a piece of paper falls out. Curious, he picks it up and reads it. It’s from Grandpa. If Ma Jun is reading the letter, he must have taken the book.

Head Baker calls Tak Gu to his room. He asks if Tak Gu is feeling better, and Tak Gu says that he is. Head Baker tells Tak Gu that Grandpa left something for him, and hands him a scroll. Tak Gu takes the scroll to the kitchen to open it. It’s the topic for the third round of the competition, and it’s to make “the happiest bread in the world”.

It turns out that Grandpa left the same message in his letter to Ma Jun. As Ma Jun reads the letter, he starts to cry.

The effect of the scroll on Tak Gu is similar. He tears up and lets out his grief. Tak Gu goes back to the kitchen, and stares at the place where Grandpa was last at, and grieves. Windmill man is standing in the corner, looking at him.

Windmill man shows up at Il Jung’s office, and asks if the offer still stands. Il Jung expresses surprise at he changed his mind. Windmill man explains that it is as Il Jung had said, that he should do it for Tak Gu. It is also as revenge for the people at the bakery. Il Jung warns him that things could get dangerous.

Manager Han tells In Sook that he’s unable to get the last 8% of shares that they need. She asks him what she can do to help. Manager Han says that she could work on ensuring that Ma Jun’s marriage happens soon. With the support of another big company, the directors will have more confidence in Ma Jun. In Sook promises to expedite the marriage.

In Sook arranges a lunch date with Ma Jun, and Na Jin and her mother. In Sook asks when Na Jin is returning to the US for her studies, and she says next week. In a straightforward manner, In Sook says that she was hoping to announce their engagement in the fall. Na Jin is looks happy at the news, and says that she can come back in the middle of the semester briefly for the event. Her mother doesn’t disagree.

Ma Jun says that he’s unwilling to go along with the marriage. He apologizes to Na Jin.

When they get home, In Sook has a go at Ma Jun for ruining what she has prepared for him. He tells her plainly that he is in love with Yu Kyung, and she is the only person he’ll marry. I didn’t count on Ma Jun being that deep in. Strangely, he says something about not having anyone left, and Yu Kyung is the last one. Did he have someone? Is he referring to the people at the bakery that he threw away?

In Sook doesn’t take well to his proclamation that he doesn’t have anyone else. Doesn’t Ma Jun have In Sook? And the company? She tells him that he’s betraying her. It doesn’t move Ma Jun who wants to be left alone with regards to the marriage. He doesn’t want to hurt her. Hmm… She threatens him with more harm to Yu Kyung.

When he gets back to his room, Ma Jun retrieves the book that contains the bracelet that In Sook lost the night Grandma fell in the rain, and stares at it.

Ma Jun takes a car out, and goes for a fast ride on the highway. Is he venting, or is he in a hurry? A passing police car notice that Ma Jun’s car is going too fast, and gives chase, signaling for him to pull over. Ma Jun just speeds on. When we see him again, Ma Jun is in the police station. Yu Kyung is there to pick him up.

After they get out of the police station, Ma Jun offers to take Yu Kyung home. She declines. He asks her how he can be happy. Will he be happy if he lives with her? Yu Kyung tells him that people like them cannot be happy. She reminds him that they are together for revenge. Ma Jun seems resigned, and doesn’t argue otherwise.

He takes out In Sook’s bracelet and puts it on Yu Kyung’s wrist.  He tells her to wear it when she goes over to his house that weekend. She asks him what the bracelet means. Ma Jun says it means that he’s going to marry her. If she’s committed to the end, he will be committed too. Ah…I see what you did there, Ma Jun.

Tak Gu goes to visit Grandpa’s room, and finds Mi Sun sitting in there. Seeing Tak Gu come in, she talks to him and starts crying, telling him that she misses her Grandpa. She didn’t realize before how great his presence was. Tak Gu consoles Mi Sun.

Tak Gu brings the scroll that Grandpa left him to the kitchen and hangs it. He puts on his lucky hat, and starts baking. He seems to be making the same kind of bread that Grandpa last made.

Over at the house, Curly notices the smell of bread from the bakery. But isn’t it closed? They hear Tak Gu shouting from downstairs, telling everyone to come down for breakfast. He’s made them bread.

Tak Gu explains that it’s the same bread that Grandpa made before he passed away. Head Baker takes a piece, and Mi Sun joins him, and everyone crowds around the dining table. They comment that the bread is tasty, and properly made. It’s almost as good as the bread that Grandpa made. Such a difference from the evaluation they had of Tak Gu’s first bread. However, Windmill man seems to be behaving strangely.

Surely enough, Mi Sun comes along to tell Tak Gu that Windmill man suddenly left the bakery. He didn’t say goodbye to anyone except for Head Baker, and didn’t give any reason for his departure. Tak Gu is puzzled.

We next see where Windmill man went: he is reporting to Manager Han. He’s become a mole.

In Sook heads to the office to look for Il Jung, but is told that he’s left for a dinner meeting. Her detector goes off, and she calls Il Jung’s driver to check where he’s at.

The In Sook detector was right. Il Jung is meeting with Kim Mi Sun. He takes a seat, and asks her why she called him out. She says that she doesn’t have a reason. She just wanted to see him and have dinner. Right.

Il Jung pours Mi Sun a glass of wine. She reaches out to get her drink, but misses. Il Jung notices it right away. What just happened?

She admits that she was injured during an accident 14 years ago. Il Jung apologizes for it. Kim Mi Sun bitterly says that she wishes that the apology would ease some of the pain she’s suffered the past 14 years. Il Jung asks what he could do to help her. Mi Sun asks if he’s willing to do her a favor. Il Jung says he can’t help her with what she wants.

Il Jung, as we know, is not dumb. He tells her frankly that he’s wondered about why she told him about Grandma’s death and all, and has come to his own conclusions. He tells her that seeking revenge is not the answer. She tells him that it’s too late. She’s spent the last 14 years dreaming of revenge. Her opponents are evil — why else would they sell a 12-year-old boy to a deep sea fishing vessel. Il Jung looks surprised. He did not know that.

Kim Mi Sun tells Il Jung that she can’t forgive the evil that has happened. She gets up to leave, but Il Jung grabs her. He asks her what he’s supposed to do if she leaves. This causes Mi Sun to hesitate a moment, but she shakes her arm free and leaves. On her way out, she notices that In Sook is outside the restaurant. She gets into her car and drives off, and In Sook tells her driver to follow.

Il Jung is left in the restaurant, and he remains seated for a while. He raises his glass of water to take a drink, but his hand cramps up and he drops the glass. His driver rushes in to check on him. Il Jung says that he’s fine, but the driver has other news. He tells Il Jung that In Sook was there, and she saw him meeting with Kim Mi Sun. She has taken off, following Mi Sun’s car. Il Jung looks worried.

Mi Sun’s secretary asks her what she wants to do about In Sook following her. Mi Sun says that they should go to that place. I think I know where she’s heading to.

In Sook gets a call in her car, and the driver answers. He reports that they are headed towards Cheongsan before In Sook yanks the phone out of his hand and hangs up.

Mi Sun’s car turns into a parking lot, and In Sook’s car follows suite. Getting out of her car, Mi Sun apologizes for the long drive. In Sook tells her that she wants to talk. Mi Sun says that she has something to say as well, and offers to show In Sook a place that they can talk. The two women leave on their own, In Sook stumbling behind Kim Mi Sun.

Il Jung reaches the same parking lot, and gets an update from the drivers — Kim Mi Sun has headed towards the cliff. Il Jung hurries after them.

In Sook asks Mi Sun where they are heading, and is informed that they are almost there. There refers to the cliff that Mi Sun fell off 14 years ago. In Sook is spooked by the place and Mi Sun’s tone, but she tries to appear confident. She asks Mi Sun if they came all the way so that she can complain.

Mi Sun asks what she can do to make In Sook’s life uncomfortable. In Sook says that she has succeeded and demands to know what she has in mind, since she seems intent on crossing the line with Il Jung. Mi Sun wants to end everything, and she’s figured the way to resolve the issues is for both of them to step off the cliff. With that, Mi Sun grabs In Sook and tries to pull her to the edge.

While they are struggling, Il Jung finally catches up and tells them to stop it. Kim Mi Sun keeps her grip on In Sook. Il Jung tries to get Mi Sun to release In Sook. The truth is, the falling off the cliff thing is his fault. He wanted to be the sole parent to Tak Gu, so he gave orders to separate them. Mi Sun is surprised by the truth. In Sook looks more angry than surprised.

Il Jung tells Mi Sun to let go, for a variety of reasons, but especially for Tak Gu. Upon hearing that Tak Gu is alive, Mi Sun finally releases In Sook. Il Jung tells her that Tak Gu has grown up to be a fine young man, which brings tears to Mi Sun’s eyes and she collapses crying. In Sook decides that it’s time to leave.

Il Jung goes over to help Mi Sun up from the ground. However, his arm starts hurting again, and he groans in agony. Alarmed, In Sook turns back and sees Il Jung collapsed on Mi Sun.

The phone at the Gu residence rings, and Ma Jun picks up the phone. It’s In Sook sounding frantic. The family rushes to the hospital where Il Jung is unconscious.

In Sook asks the doctor when he’ll wake up, and he tells her that he can’t promise anything. Even if Il Jung wakes up, he may be paralysed on one side. Devastated, In Sook demands that the doctor bring him to consciousness. The doctor can’t. Il Jung has a brain haemorrage, and they can only wait for him to wake up. In Sook’s outburst gets Manager Han looking grim.

Outside, Kim Mi Sun is repenting. Has she done the wrong thing?

Ma Jun is left at the hospital to look after Il Jung. Taking a break, he goes out of the room, and see Yu Kyung there.

He asks her how she knew, and she tells him that she was at the office to prepare to return to her job. Ma Jun asks if she really needs to work. Yu Kyung changes the topic and asks if Il Jung is doing well. Ma Jun gives her an update. She then asks if Ma Jun is doing well, which surprises him.

He asks if she’s asking out of politeness or genuine concern. Yu Kyung says she needs to leave, but Ma Jun tells her to stay another five minutes, and he leans on her and closes his eyes.

In the middle of the night, Manager Han goes to Il Jung’s office and opens the safe. He rummages through the papers, probably looking for the stock certificates. He’s surely a man with a one track mind. He doesn’t find what he’s looking for.

In Sook is resting at home when she hears some noise outside her room. She goes out and sees that the door to Il Jung’s study is open. Walking in, she sees Manager Han rummaging through Il Jung’s desk. In Sook closes the door, and demands to know what he’s up to. Manager Han says he is looking for the stock certificates. In Sook is shocked that he is thinking about the stocks at this point, but gets jolted into action when Manager Han reminds her that the eldest son in the family register is Tak Gu, not Ma Jun.

The next morning, Ja Kyung finds In Sook in Il Jung’s study. She is shocked by the state of the room, and asks what is going on. In Sook just keeps saying that it’s not here.

Tak Gu gets a visit from a man in a suit. He identifies himself as a lawyer working for Geo Seung. A month ago, Il Jung handed him some documents, saying that they should go to Tak Gu if anything happens. Tak Gu realizes that it means that something happened, and asks the lawyer what is going on. He gets the news about Il Jung being in the hospital.

Back in his room, Tak Gu opens the envelope. Il Jung writes that he’s asking Tak Gu to take over while he’s unable to because there is no one that he trusts. He’s transfering his shares to Tak Gu. Sure enough in the big packet, we find a stack of stock certificates.

It’s a few days later, and In Sook and the family have arrived at the hospital. The doctor reports that Il Jung’s condition is stable. In Sook requests that Il Jung be shifted back home, because he hates hospitals. Ma Jun looks strangely at In Sook, but doesn’t say a thing.

The bakers are gathered for a meal. Axe Eyes brings up the fact that he read in the papers that Il Jung is in critical condition. Mi Sun notices that Tak Gu looks distracted and is not eating. Tak Gu says that he ate some bread before, so he’s not hungry. He excuses himself from the table, and heads upstairs.

He recalls how Il Jung came to him, saying that there was no one that he could trust. He remembers Mi Sun saying that she never noticed how great Grandpa’s presence was until he was gone. He probably worries that he’ll feel the same way about Il Jung.

Dressed in his only black suit, Tak Gu heads to the Gu’s residence. He pauses outside the security gates and re-lives his first memory of going to the house. Finally, he steps up to the guards and tells them that he’s Kim Tak Gu, the eldest son of Gu Il Jung.

Back in the house, there seems to be a ton of people in suits. Ma Jun picks up the call and tells the guards to let Tak Gu in. And thus, Tak Gu marches in, and he and Ma Jun meet again.

Tagging on to the last comment I made about Grandpa being unfair to his family, we now see that he’s left both Tak Gu and Ma Jun something and nothing to Mi Sun, I think. I know we’ve rationalized how he’s taken care of Mi Sun for so long, and Tak Gu is more pressing, but I am disappointed that he didn’t seem to have left her anything.

Speaking about Mi Sun, I’m disappointed in Kim Mi Sun. I realize we can’t expect her to come up with a good revenge plan, since she’s supposed to be the good one. Still, that was lame.

It doesn’t surprise me that Grandpa predicted that Ma Jun would steal the fermentation journal. I wonder if this is when Ma Jun will start to change. He seems to have taken an interest in his own happiness. I just don’t like the kind of relationship he has with Yu Kyung. I know he loves her, but she doesn’t seem to feel quite exactly the same way.

I’m looking forward to the action in the next episode. Introducing Tak Gu as the eldest son of Gu Il Jung. What will he do now? It’ll be an action-packed ending at the rate we’re going.

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4 Responses to King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 24

  1. mikee casul says:

    kuya takgu alam mo gustong gusto ko ring maging katulad mo. Na maging BAKER KING kaya lang labag sa kalooban ng nanay ko kasi ayaw nya kong maging mahusay na panadiro. kaya sana balng araw maging mahusay rin akong panadiro. salamat

    [edit: removed cellphone number. Google translate doesn’t do a good job of translating this. Can anyone tell me what this means? – dramamia]

  2. that was Filipino language. . . The Baker King is currently airing here from Monday to Fri 9.40PM PH TIME.

    He says.

    Brother TakGu i want to be like yours a good baker but my mom wont me to allowed to be a good baker. And i hope someday i will be a good baker like you. Thank you.

    • dramamia says:

      @showbizsportsnews: thanks for the translation! Makes so much more sense!

      @mikee: it’s not hard to start baking on your own as long as you have access to an oven. You can learn from scratch, just like Tak Gu!

  3. curse says:

    i think grandpa knew that mi sun will succeed anyway, coz she has talent and innate sense of taste.. mi sun likes her cakes and mingling with tak gu rather than getting recognition.. other reasons were obviously prerequisite to the coming episodes…

    thumbs up to the writer of this drama.. it was creatively planned 😉

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