King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 25

As you can expect after the previous episode, this episode mainly happens in Geo Seung. The momentum is building.

episode 25 recaps

Ja Rim gets the task of calling In Sook out of the room. She doesn’t tell In Sook immediately what is going on, but In Sook realizes quickly that something is up.

In Sook is shocked to see Tak Gu. She demands to know how he got in and how dare he step foot into the house. Tak Gu says he’s there to see Il Jung, to see how sick he really is. This makes In Sook ask him what right he has to be there. Tak Gu announces that he has the right to be there because he’s Il Jung’s son. Because they are talking loudly, everyone can hear the conversation.

In Sook raises her hand to Tak Gu but before she can hit him, Tak Gu grabs her wrist. He doesn’t back down, and demands to see Il Jung.

Ja Kyung steps in and tells Tak Gu to let go, and In Sook to back off. In Sook refuses, and Ja Kyung reminds her that the directors are looking at them, so she shouldn’t make a fuss. In Sook has to take a step back, and give in.

Tak Gu goes into Il Jung’s room, and sees him lying in his bed unconscious. From a flashback, we see that the conversation with Lawyer Park went on for a bit longer. He told Tak Gu that Il Jung was in a car accident two weeks ago, and that he has felt unsafe since. This is why he approached and gave Lawyer Park the documents to give to Tak Gu.

Tak Gu asks Il Jung if he’s too late. He doesn’t know how to protect Il Jung, but he will do his best. It’s bad enough that he’s lost his teacher (Grandpa) recently. He doesn’t want to lose Il Jung as well, so he’ll stay and protect him. Tak Gu finally calls Il Jung “father”.

When Tak Gu emerges from the room, the family is gathered. Ja Kyung asks him to stay and talk a while. The directors seem to have left while Tak Gu was in the room.

As Tak Gu approaches, Ja Rim gets up to give him her seat. A sign of goodwill. Ja Kyung asks him why he came. Before he can say anything, In Sook laughs that he’s probably read from the newspapers that Il Jung is not well, and came to see if he gets any part of the inheritance. Ja Rim tries to stop In Sook from continuing.

Tak Gu coolly takes out a letter, and says that it’s a mandate. He has already gained possession of all of Il Jung’s shares in the company. In Sook grabs it to read. She can’t believe what she’s seeing. Tak Gu explains that Lawyer Park gave him the documents the day after Il Jung collapsed.

Ma Jun doesn’t want to believe Tak Gu’s story. So Il Jung thought he was in danger, and left Lawyer Park to hand the shares to Tak Gu to protect? Tak Gu doesn’t give a straight reply. He is also curious about why Il Jung would be so worried to have to protect himself in this way. Why did he leave everything to Tak Gu, and nothing to the family? He announces his intent to obey Il Jung’s orders.

Manager Han interrupts. What gives Tak gu the ability to manage the company? He’s got no skills. Tak Gu agrees that he’s not qualified, but he has been appointed Il Jung’s proxy. Clearly, Il Jung believed that Tak Gu is up to the job. In Sook dares him to take up his role, and Tak Gu challenges her to get rid of him again. He tells them that he’s going to move into the house to take care of Il Jung until he regains consciousness.

In Sook can’t believe that Tak Gu is thinking of moving in. Tak Gu tells her that Lawyer Park has confirmed that he has every right to do so.

With that, Tak Gu takes his leave. In Sook immediately tells Manager Han to call Lawyer Park for the full story. Ma Jun takes off after Tak Gu, and catches up with him outside. He warns Tak Gu not to interfere with family business. He should go back to the bakery. Tak Gu tells him that he would do that, but the bakery has been suspended for 3 months. He thinks he’ll make bread at Geo Seung in the meantime.

Ma Jun tells him that a bakery and an office are different. Tak Gu disagrees. Both companies make bread to feed people. Ma Jun warns Tak Gu that he’ll get hurt, and Tak Gu says he’ll try to watch out.

Ja Kyung enters Il Jung’s room, and looks disturbed.

In Sook and Manager Han meet to discuss the turn of events. In Sook estimates that Tak Gu has at least 38% of the shares. How could Il Jung not leave Ma Jun a single share? Manager Han asks if Il Jung suspects Ma Jun’s true parentage. In Sook says no. Ma Jun is Il Jung’s son. Manager Han looks grim.

The news travels quickly. Dr. Yun tells Kim Mi Sun that Il Jung has been discharged. Moreover, a young man claiming to be Il Jung’s eldest son showed up at the residence, witnessed by the directors. Mi Sun is excited by the news, and asks Dr. Yun to gather more information.

Despite his confidence at the Gu’s residence, it’s a heavyhearted Tak Gu that walks back slowly to the bakery. Mi Sun is outside the store. She perks up when he greets her, but grows hesitant. Tak Gu says that they should head in, but Mi Sun spaces out for a while. Head Baker had spoken to Mi Sun sometime earlier, and had revealed that Tak Gu is Il Jung’s eldest son. Given the circumstances, he expects that Tak Gu might need to leave the bakery.

Tak Gu asks Mi Sun if everything is okay. She says that she’s fine. She cautiously asks Tak Gu if he met his father. Tak Gu surprisingly doesn’t look surprised. Mi Sun tells him that Head Baker told her about everything, and said that he might leave. She expresses disappointment that he hid the truth from her. After all, she tells him everything.

Tak Gu says that he’s not leaving for good. Did Mi Sun think that he was going to do that? She admits that she did. Tak Gu tells her that she’s dumb for thinking that. Pal Bong bakery is his home now. Mi Sun cries tears of relief.

Tak Gu thanks her for being sad when she thought that he is leaving. Mi Sun says of course she’d be sad…she likes him a lot. Did he know that? That she likes him a lot?

Tak Gu greets her confession with a big smile. He likes her a lot too, and he ruffles her hair. But for now, they should get back into the house. It’s late. Mi Sun’s face falls at Tak Gu’s response. Affirmative: she meant it as a confession. With any other guy, I would have thought he was acting dense, but we know that Tak Gu is truly dense.

Mi Sun gets really annoyed and catches up after Tak Gu and hits him. She’s not a puppy so he shouldn’t pat her head like that. Mi Sun storms into the house, leaving Tak Gu to wonder why she’s so mad.

Tak Gu bids farewell to Grandpa before he leaves, and promises that he’ll be back soon.

Yu Kyung reports back for her first day of work. At the same time, a car rolls up to the Geo Seung building, and we see that Tak Gu is being driven in by Lawyer Park. They get out of the car, and Tak Gu admits that he’s not feeling so good. Lawyer Park tells Tak Gu that there is no turning back after he enters the building. It’ll be war.

Tak Gu tells the lawyer that he is not confident, but there are things that one must do even without confidence. And they march in.

The secretaries are at the lobby waiting to greet the acting president. Lawyer Park introduces Tak Gu to the secretaries, and then it’s Tak Gu’s turn to introduce himself. His voice suddenly gets a lot louder, and Tak Gu introduces himself as Kim Tak Gu, complete with an explanation of his name. His energetic introduction gets the secretaries giggling. Lawyer Park cringes a little, and tells Tak Gu not to be overly respectful. It will make his subordinates uncomfortable.

As Tak Gu prepares to enter the elevator, In Sook and Manager Han get out of the other one. In Sook exclaims that she can’t believe he actually dare show up. Lawyer Park states that there are no legal issues with Tak Gu being the legal proxy. In Sook doesn’t have the right to challenge it, although she may bring up the issue at the director’s meeting on Friday.

Up in the office, Yu Kyung is slightly surprised to see an empty office. The chief secretary enters, and welcomes her back. She says that the should catch up later because the president’s proxy is coming in.

Tak Gu walks in with Lawyer Park. Both Yu Kyung and Tak Gu are surprised to see each other, and they freeze for a moment. Naturally, someone asks if everything is okay, and Tak Gu proceeds on to his office.

Ma Jun enters Il Jung room, and talks to him. He is angry that Il Jung gave everything to Tak Gu, and he swears to show Il Jung how he’s going to crush Tak Gu, not once, but repeatedly. After Ma Jun leaves, Il Jung’s finger twitches.

In the meantime, In Sook and Manager Han are meeting with the board of directors. She tells them that they need to come together to set things right come the director’s meeting on Friday before the useless proxy messes things up further. A couple of directors agree with her. What’s with the sudden appointment of a random young man as the president pro tem? On the other side of the table, the directors think that Il Jung chose this young man for a reason. They are willing to see what he can do, and think that there is no point in staying at the meeting for longer.

As they get up to leave, Ma Jun walks in. Are the directors who are standing the ones who are against him? He coldly tells the directors that the young man they are backing dropped out of elementary school, and lived on the streets for years before learning to bake the last couple of years. Is this who they want to trust? The directors look like they are still going to leave, and Ma Jun warns them that whoever steps out will become his enemy. Given the uncertainty of Il Jung’s recovery, shouldn’t they stay on his good side?

In Sook can’t help smiling proudly at Ma Jun’s actions. The directors take their seats. Manager Han quietly betrays his pride at Ma Jun’s handling of the incident.

Lawyer Park orders for many huge binders to be delivered to Tak Gu. He needs to get up to speed with the company’s affairs so that he can attend the director’s meeting on Friday. I assume it’s Monday. They’ll start with something simple, like ordinary profit. Tak Gu stumbles at the English word and picks up a random file.

Lawyer Park hands him the right file and repeats ordinary profit in Korean. Tak Gu understands that a little better. Ordinary profit is the quickest way of seeing the health of the company. Isn’t this a bread company? Tak Gu says he doesn’t really understand the numbers. Lawyer Park tells him that they manage the company, not make bread directly. He reminds Tak Gu that he was told not to enter if he can’t deal with what’s coming. This shuts Tak Gu up, and he tries his best to read the documents.

Tak Gu pokes his head out of his office and ask the secretaries for some colored pens. Tak Gu then gets pulled into meetings all day, and he looks uncomfortable. Back in his office, he pokes his head out again and asks for dictionaries. A while later, he self consciously sticks his head out of the room, and asks for a glass of water. The secretaries are somewhat frustrated. Is he going to be thanking them all day?

Yu Kyung gets to deliver the glass of water to Tak Gu. In his hurry to respond, Tak Gu knocks over some files. Yu Kyung closes the door, sets the water down, and helps him pick up the files. Tak Gu apologizes and tells her that he can do it. Yu Kyung tells him to pick up the phone and dial 0. Tak Gu is surprised by the sudden change of topic, but complies.

Secretary Yoon’s voice greets him and asks if he needed something. Tak Gu confusedly greets her and asks how she’s doing and to keep up the good work before hanging up. Yu Kyung tells him to do that the next time he needs something.

She carries on with some advice. The secretaries are there to work for him. They don’t need to be thanked everytime. Instead, they would appreciate it more if they knew that their work is contributing in some way. Yu Kyung turns to leave.

Tak Gu calls out to Yu Kyung and apologizes for making her uncomfortable. He asks her if she’s doing well. Yu Kyung says that his job shouldn’t leave him time to enquire after little things like that. She tells him that since he’s taken up the job, he should do it well. If he slips up and makes a mistake, everyone will be ready to pounce on him.

Yu Kyung heads up to the rooftop to relax. Ma Jun finds her there a while later. He asks her if she regrets her decision now that Tak Gu has returned. Yu Kyung is annoyed but Ma Jun doesn’t allow her to get a word in. Even if she regrets it, it’s too bad. He’s never going to let her be. Ma Jun notes that she’s wearing the bracelet and tells her that they will have dinner together.

Mi Sun excitedly runs towards Tak Gu’s room, thinking that he’s back. Instead, it’s her mother and one of the assistants. Her mom explains that the assistant has come to pick up Tak Gu’s things. The assistant explains that Tak Gu will be staying at Geo Seung for a while. Mi Sun looks deeply disappointed, but she isn’t ready to go away.

Sure enough, Mi Sun goes along with the assistant back to Geo Seung. As she enters the cafe area where Tak Gu is waiting, she overhears some men talking about how Tak Gu didn’t even finish elementary school, and how he embarassed himself at a meeting earlier. In a loud voice, Mi Sun calls out to Tak Gu. Alarmed, the men quickly leave their seats.

Tak Gu seems really happy to see Mi Sun. She has brought him his belongings, and also a lunchbox. Somehow, they end up sitting on the stairs, while the secretary stands awkwardly above them.

Mi Sun unpacks the food, and tries to feed Tak Gu. He opens his mouth, but realizes that it is making the secretary uncomfortable. She tells him that he needs to eat, and insists on seeing him eat. She wins.

As he chews the food, Tak Gu relaxes for a while. Mi Sun invites the secretary to eat with them. He refuses, but she insists, and forces him to sit. He takes a bite. Because the food is delicious, he takes another bite, and they all relax, eating happily on the ground. Mi Sun takes the opportunity to ask the assistant to take care of Tak Gu and tells stories about how awesome Tak Gu is.

In Sook is bringing out the wine and clinking glasses with Manager Han and some directors, celebrating the successful meeting. Ja Kyung asks what happened to make her so happy. In Sook tells her that it’s a pity she didn’t see Ma Jun handle the situation earlier. Ja Kyung and Ja Rim look uncomfortable.

Ma Jun announces that he’s home, and In Sook heads out to greet him. The happiness fades from her face when she sees that Yu Kyung is there. She asks why Yu Kyung is in their house. Ma Jun tells her to be nicer. Yu Kyung is going to be her daughter-in-law.

Outside, the assistant is driving Tak Gu home. Mi Sun is also in the car. Tak Gu tells the assistant to drive Mi Sun home. Mi Sun asks when Tak Gu will go visit, and he promises to drop by after the director’s meeting. Before she leaves, Mi Sun tells Tak Gu to be confident, and to eat well so that he will have the strength to go on. Most of all, he has to remember to be himself, to be Kim Tak Gu. It really reminds me of what his mother said when she dropped him off many years ago.

As the car leaves, Tak Gu repeats the part about being himself, musing.

The women gather, and In Sook asks Yu Kyung if she’s really going to marry Ma Jun. Yu Kyung says yes. Ja Kyung and Ja Rim don’t seem happy about it. Yu Kyung reminds In Sook that she said that she will show her how far she can go. In Sook says she’s lost, so now will Yu Kyung break up with Ma Jun?

Yu Kyung says that they have come too far. Moreover, they have Il Jung’s blessings. In Sook starts to lose her temper, and Ma Jun emerges from behind a wall. He says that the discussion has gone far enough, and they will leave now. In Sook turns and scolds him for picking a bad time to dabble in unimportant things. Ma Jun tells her that he’s marrying Yu Kyung, so she’ll have to give in this time.

In Sook asks if he wants her to die, and Ma Jun says that he’s the one who will die instead if the marriage doesn’t happen. He walks over to Yu Kyng and pulls her hand up, as if to drag her out, but leaves her hand suspended, exposing the bracelet. In Sook is quiet from the shock, her face revealing her horror. Ma Jun tells her that he’s warned her that he didn’t want to hurt her. He begs her to let things end here.

I don’t know if Ja Kyung noticed the situation, but Yu Kyung realizes that there is something about the bracelet.

Ma Jun and Yu Kyung run into Tak Gu on the way out, and it’s awkward. Ma Jun walks out, holding on to Yu Kyung tightly. When they reach the garden, he finally relaxes. Yu Kyung asks if he’s okay, and Ma Jun draws her in and holds on to her, saying he’ll never let her go.

Tak Gu’s first stop is Il Jung’s room. He puts his things down, and massages Il Jung’s legs, telling him about his day. He didn’t realize that being president was so difficult, but he will persevere. Ja Kyung enters the room looking for Tak Gu. She asks him if he’s really moving in, and tells him that he’s making everyone uncomfortable.

Tak Gu says that he’s only staying until Il Jung wakes up. If they are uncomfortable, he’s happy to move into the smaller house. His only request is that he gets to visit Il Jung every morning and every night. Ja Kyung looks at Tak Gu with new eyes.

Tak Gu moves into the house where Il Jung has his kitchen. As he unpacks and gets things in order, he’s able to relax for a while. He gains confidence, and promises himself that he’ll remain Kim Tak Gu.

The next morning, a confident and fresh looking Tak Gu enters the office with a loud “good morning”. He opens the door to his office wide, and tells the secretaries to take all the accounting files out. He wants them to bring him every single Geo Seung product, and also make charts to show him which are the best selling breads, and which ones do not sell. He wants to know why the popular items are popular and where the unpopular items are lacking.

The secretaries get to work, looking happy at the change of direction.

They gather in Tak Gu’s office to taste the different breads and present him with charts. He decides to make his secretaries fresh bread, which they enjoy. In the meantime, Ma Jun is meeting with people in the company, and a business consultant. It’s like they are preparing for a battle, except they are not making bread this time.

Dr. Yun tells Kim Mi Sun that the young man has become president pro tem. This means he must truly be Kim Tak Gu. Mi Sun is delighted at the news.

Back at home, In Sook is talking to Il Jung. She tells him that today is the day where things will be decided between Ma Jun and Tak Gu, and she is certain that Ma Jun will prevail.

Tak Gu is sleeping in his office when Yu Kyung enters to bring him a change of clothes. She wakes him up, and for a moment he looks relaxed until she reminds him that it’s the day of the director’s meeting. He immediately sobers up and asks if he’s late. He has plenty of time. It’s rare that they have time alone. Tak Gu takes the opportunity to ask if she is doing well. Yu Kyung says that she doesn’t like to mix personal stuff with work, but replies that she’s doing just fine. She chose her path, and she’ll make it work.

In Sook’s party march into the building looking confident. As Tak Gu leaves his office, he tells everyone to work with a happy heart and says Hai! like how Head Baker always says it. The secretaries stay silent, confused. Tak Gu responds to himself, hai hai hai!, and marches out. He enters the meeting room right after In Sook. The directors were greeting In Sook as she arrived, but they ignore Tak Gu.

Tak Gu looks around the room, observing everyone, possiby making eye contact. Most of the directors look unwelcoming, although a couple look friendly. Finally Tak Gu declares the meeting starts.

Outside, Kim Mim Sun is arriving at Geo Seung to attend the director’s meeting.

Back in the Gu’s residence, Lawyer Park is reporting to Il Jung that things are going as planned. Il Jung doesn’t respond, but Lawyer Park goes over to wake him up. Il Jung’s eyes open.


Wait…how can Lawyer Park be in two places at the same time? Is the scene in Il Jung’s room before or after the meeting?

I was expecting quite a change of pace given the firestorm the last episode promised. Things are calmer than I expected, but still exciting. I wasn’t expecting another Ma Jun vs Tak Gu battle so soon, much less a corporate battle, but it flows well with the story.

The next episode will be eventful. There will be the results of the corporate battle, and also Kim Mi Sun will finally meet Tak Gu (unless something happens). Anyone notices that the shares are kinda even? Tak Gu 38%, Kim Mi Sun ~3%, compared to the 42% that In Sook has on her side. It’s a really close call.

We’ll probably find out the details next episode, but Il Jung has not been unconscious the entire time. I just can’t tell when the act started. I don’t think he was faking the muscle spasms, but everything else after is uncertain. Is this his way of speeding things up and forcing Tak Gu to join Geo Seung? It doesn’t sound like him. I mean, why force Tak Gu to work in Geo Seung, when you’re happy to let Ma Jun figure out what he wants to do? I know he’s trying to make things right, but his logic is really inconsistent.

I’m a little annoyed about how Ja Rim and Ja Kyung don’t have the opportunities to contribute to the story. It looks like Ja Kyung has some ideas of her own, and Ja Rim is not the doormat I thought she was. But what are they thinking? Can they do anything?

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8 Responses to King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 25

  1. curse says:

    thanks recaps..
    even though i watched and downloaded all eps of this drama, i still like the feel of reading others recaps.. hope you continue to the last..

    i noticed in your recaps that you’re favoring takgu&misun than yu kyung am i correct?? well count me in.. i too like them both were they quite cute together.. i like eugene also but young ah was more appropriate… i really like her “coconut husk hair” it’s cute 🙂

    • dramamia says:

      Thanks for all your comments! It’s nice to be able to discuss the show. 🙂

      Yes, I’m favoring Tak Gu and Mi Sun. It’s something that grew on me. Honestly, I didn’t like Mi Sun at all when we were first introduced to her…I don’t know…her eyes were too big. And initially I thought she wasn’t too bright because of how she was nervous around Ma Jun. I really only started liking her pretty recently when she started showing signs of a crush on Tak Gu. I think it really sucks that she’s stuck in ugly clothes. The first time I saw Young Ah in nice clothes was the picture from the KBS awards. She was really pretty.

      It’s hard to like Yu Kyung. She’s a very selfish character. It’s not that she’s not nice, but she doesn’t give to anyone.

  2. teniente says:

    your recaps are timely for us here in the philippines, because the last wave of this drama is on going , and estimated to wrap up before the end of april.

    there was something about majun that intrigued me from the very beginning, even from his childhood days particularly the time that he learned that he was not a true heir of the president.

    at initial impression, it will be like a rivalry between majun and takgu. but i think it is between majun and his family–who in the sense despised him and just used him for their vested interest. mr president, for one, did not make majun as an exception to his cold treatment to his children (however, he once saw the warmth towards takgu). meanwhile, he never considered his evil parents as parents anymore after learning about the death of his grandma. add to the list the aloofness of his older sisters. oh well, he later on admitted to himself in the latter part that it was a lost of not having tak gu as his hyung . (as you said before, it could have been a different life for him if tak gu stayed beside him).

    it just so happened, that during his plan to avenge and put himself into redemption, Tak gu came.

    same as you, am a lil disappointed about the OTP here. with majun and yu kyung and misun and takgu. maybe the writer did not intend to focus on the love angle in the wonder, BK is a certified makjang. ^^

  3. AHMIR says:

    eventhough kim eugene is not the leading lady.. she is still the girl i like and not ms. young ah because obviously, she is a lot prettier and she is nice in real life.. she already has come here in the phils and was very nice.. she is the MOST BEAUTIFUL KOREAN ACTRESS EVER!

  4. jademwong says:

    Well I’m obviously super late, but better late than never to catch up on these dramas, eh? 🙂 Just wanted to say thanks for the recaps! I was surprised when I couldn’t find recaps of Baker King on Dramabeans, but then I discovered your blog! So a big thank you for completing my drama viewing experience :D! Your recaps are very nicely written ^^.

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