King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 26

Apologies, but I’m really busy these days. I’ll finish recapping the series, but I won’t be posting as regularly.

episode 26 recaps

Tak Gu tries to start the meeting, but ends up dropping his files on the floor. He loses his cool and desperately tries to gather his papers. In Sook and Ma Jun smirk from their seats. Ja Kyung betrays no emotion.

Ma Jun takes the opportunity to make his presentation. He directs everyone’s attention to the folders that he has placed in front of them. It’s his business plan for the next 10 years. He talks about how Geo Seung’s product line is dated, and he plans to focus on small batch production of high quality bread. The directors nod approvingly at the business proposal.

Finally, it’s Tak Gu’s turn. In Sook leads the attack, asking why he should be allowed to remain as acting president. Tak Gu is nervous after his first false start. He stands up, and takes a deep breath, and remembers Mi Sun’s words: Be yourself, be Kim Tak Gu.

Tak Gu starts off with admitting that he’s not qualified to be there. He doesn’t even know how to conduct a meeting. However, he has prepared in the way that he only knows. The assistants roll in trays of bread and distribute them. Tak Gu encourages the directors to try the bread. The directors taste the bread, and recognize it as Geo Seung’s bread.

Tak Gu says that the bread is not from the factory. He made them himself this morning. He continues on, explaining that he’s a baker, and he has no idea what ordinary profits are. He can only make bread. Tak Gu says that he believes that this is Il Jung’s reason to appoint him as acting president — he is a baker. Tak Gu gets approving nods from both sides of the table. The directors appreciate Tak Gu’s interpretation of Il Jung’s vision.

Ma Jun interrupts to ask if all Tak Gu is planning is to sell the bread that Il Jung created. Tak Gu explains that they can make their own signature flavor. Before they are a company, they are really just people who make bread.

In the background, Lawyer Park looks approvingly. He recalls what Il Jung said to him about Tak Gu, that Tak Gu will be able to convince anyone because he has truth in him. He has now seen it for himself.

Yu Kyung nervously gets the results of the meeting from the other assistants who got to attend the meeting. Ma Jun gets to head the Product Development group. Tak Gu’s fate will be decided again in a month.

Tak Gu meets Lawyer Park on the roof after the meeting has ended. He’s being sent to the Cheongsan factory.

Manager Han reports the decision to In Sook. Manager Han knows that the situation in the Cheongsan factory is bad. He thinks it’s a death sentence, a way to push Tak Gu out.

Tak Gu doesn’t like the decision. He asks if Manager Han is responsible for it. Lawyer Park admits that it’s his doing. Tak Gu asks if he’s being tested. The lawyer admits that Tak Gu needs to earn his position.

Yu Kyung gets to serve Tak Gu water again. Curious, she asks him if he’s going to Cheongsan. Tak Gu says it’s the directors’ orders, so he’ll have to. He seems somewhat happy about it, and says that he will do his best. Wistfully, he adds that it would be nice if they could both go back to their hometown. This spoils the mood. Tak Gu calls for his assistant so that they can head over to Cheongsan immediately.

Kim Mi Sun is in the Geo Seung lobby. It seems that her plan to meet Tak Gu had nothing to do with showing up at the director’s meeting. Indeed, she is having troubles even getting into the elevator. She wonders if they should head back, seeing how Tak Gu survived without her. The elevator arrives and Mi Sun slowly approaches. She takes a step, but suddenly feels dizzy.

In the meantime, Tak Gu is getting ready to head out. He takes the elevator down, which means that the mother and son could miss each other if Mi Sun had decided to head up. When Tak Gu reaches the ground level, Mi Sun is still outside the elevator trying to get over her dizziness. Tak Gu and his assistant walk past them, but he notices that Mi Sun is not feeling well and stops and asks if everything is okay. Mi Sun keeps her face turned away from Tak Gu, and her secretary rejects his offer of help.

“Kim Tak Gu!” Someone calls out to Tak Gu, and Tak Gu turns. It’s the directors, and Tak Gu turns to talk to them. They tell him that they enjoyed his bread and his vision, and look forward to good things from him. Mi Sun hears the directors and realize that she had just spoken to her son. She turns and looks at him for the first time.

Mi Sun watches Tak Gu from a distance, marveling at the young man that he’s become. Her vision starts to blur, and she blinks but the blurry vision doesn’t go away. Her assistant notices that something is wrong, and tries to ask if Mi Sun is okay. Mi Sun collapses, and her assistant catches her. As she falls, Mi Sun mentally calls out Tak Gu’s name.

Tak Gu thanks the last director, and lets out a whoop of joy at his relative success. He stops and asks his assistant if he hears someone calling his name. But there is no one in the lobby, so he must have misheard. They head off to Cheongsan.

Lawyer Park is reporting on the board meeting to Il Jung. Il Jung doesn’t repond, and Lawyer Park calls him again. Finally, Il Jung opens his eyes. Lawyer Park asks if the decision to send Tak Gu to the Cheongsan factory is right. The factory is in bad shape. It’ll be hard to reform it, especially in a month.

Ma Jun is in his new office when In Sook drops by to talk. She asks if he likes his office. He says it’s fine. She tells him to stay there for 6 months, and promises to make him an executive director early next year. She tells him not to make any mistakes in the meantime, and prepares to leave.

Before In Sook can leave, Ma Jun tells her that he would like to proceed with his wedding as soon as possible. In Sook tells him not to spoil the mood, but Ma Jun tells her that it’s time he got to do what he wants.

In Sook tries to fight back. Why should she listen to him? Ma Jun tells her it’s because of the place he picked up the bracelet. In Sook demands to know what he knows about the bracelet. He says that it was found at the place where Grandma died. In Sook looks slightly shocked, but asks what he heard or saw. Ma Jun refuses to divulge anything.

Yu Kyung shows up at the Gu’s house. Apparently, In Sook called her. To her surprise, In Sook tells Yu Kyung to kneel. Yu Kyung is unwilling but she complies. In Sook tells her that she can guess the feeling of humiliation and shame, and says that this is how Yu Kyung will live for the rest of her life in the house.

There won’t be a glorious wedding showered with blessings. Moreover, she will not be added to the family register until she bears a son. She warns Yu Kyung that it’s not certain that she can hold on to Ma Jun for long. A man loses at least half of his feelings after marriage. That’s harsh. Was Grandma even this harsh on In Sook?

It is dark by the time they reach Cheongsan. Tak Gu gets out of the car, and is reminded of all the things that happened in the past. He smiles, and his assistant asks why he’s smiling. Tak Gu recounts how he first met Il Jung at the factory 14 years ago when he was stealing bread.

Tak Gu’s expression suddenly changes as he picks up a smell and gets curious about it. He follows the smell to the source, and heads into the factory. His assistant tries to stop him since the factory manager hasn’t shown up to meet them yet. Failing, he follows Tak Gu in. Someone has noticed their presence.

It is dark in the factory. Tak Gu notices that the temperature and humidity in the factory are wrong for making bread. He notices a moving figure and calls out to see if that person will respond. There is no reply. He wanders around looking for a light switch, and finds a flashlight instead. He finally sees the shadowy figure running and gives chase.

Tak Gu follows the figure down a hallway where there is a door. Thinking he’s gotten the guy for good, Tak Gu opens the door, and the guy hits Tak Gu and they struggle. The lights suddenly turn on, and Tak Gu finally sees the face of the man, and it’s Yu Kyung’s dad.

The factory manager comes over to check what is happening. Assistant Cha explains that they came from the main office. He introduces Tak Gu, and Yu Kyung’s father looks like he recognizes the name.

Yu Kyung looks for Ma Jun in his office, and tells him that she has met with In Sook, and she has given her permission for the wedding. Ma Jun is pleased with the development. Yu Kyung asks Ma Jun what the story behind the bracelet is, and his mood darkens. He tells her that there is no story, and tells her never to ask again.

Tak Gu and Assistant Cha head to the manager’s office to have a talk. Tak Gu asks who the man he encountered earlier was and the manager tells him that his name is Shin Shin Ho, and he was homeless and jobless. They took him in as a security guard 5-6 years ago out of pity. The manager asks if Tak Gu know the man, and Tak Gu denies it.

The manager asks why Tak Gu is suddenly visiting. Tak Gu explains that he’s heard that the situation in the factory is not good, and came to check it out. The manager reports that the workers are quitting because they think the factory will shut down soon, and orders are down by a third. He doesn’t think that Tak Gu should bother with the Cheongsan factory. Tak Gu looks slightly discouraged, but he tells the manager that he has to stay there for a month, under the orders of the board. Honestly, I can’t describe why, but the manager is acting suspiciously.

Tak Gu takes a quick look around the factory. Yu Kyung’s dad is watching him as he checks the flour. Tak Gu catches sight of Yu Kyung’s dad, who reacts by trying to leave nonchalently. Tak Gu follows him out.

Tak Gu approaches him, and asks if he’s Yu Kyung’s father. Yu Kyung’s dad doesn’t reply. He doesn’t look happy about being recognized and approached. Tak Gu asks if he has news of Yu Kyung, and her dad says that he’d kill her if he saw her.  He is bitter about how she got him thrown into jail many years ago. Tak Gu realizes that Yu Kyung’s dad has not changed despite all the years. Yu Kyung’s dad tells him to go back to Seoul, and threatens to kill him if he does anything wrong.

The manager sees Tak Gu’s exchange with Yu Kyung’s dad, and he calls someone to report the discovery.

Manager Han finally has an assignment for Windmill man. He hands him as sheet, and tells him that he needs to bring the mysterious holder of 3.8% of company shares. Windmill man doesn’t seem to want the assignment. He asks Manager Han if he was hired to deal with Tak Gu. Manager Han tells him that it is related, and he’ll find out how.

Kim Mi Sun is lying in bed in a hospital. Dr. Yun tells her that she needs a cornea transplant soon. If nothing comes up in the next month, they will leave the country to seek other sources. Mrs Gong says that Mi Sun needs to get better before the surgery. She chides Mi Sun for not following through with her mission to see Tak Gu.

Mi Sun says that she was too ashamed to meet Tak Gu. She can’t believe that her son has grown up to be a handsome and decent young man. Dr. Yun offers to bring Tak Gu to her. Mi Sun refuses. Having finally seen him with her own eyes, she feels like she could die without regrets.

In Sook is having tea with Manager Han at his office. He asks her if she’s really going to let the marriage happen. In Sook hands him a slip of paper and tells him to track down Yu Kyung’s biological parents. She’s gotten information about the orphanage. Yu Kyung only entered at age 12. Moreover, she was badly injured when she was admitted. If Ma Jun refuses to give up on the wedding, they’ll have to make Yu Kyung give it up. Finally understanding In Sook’s plan, Manager Han relaxes.

There is a knock on the door, and it’s Yu Kyung. In Sook wants her to go out. They end up going to a jewelry store.

Tak Gu drops by the office in the morning to look for Yu Kyung, but she’s not there. Ma Jun happens to come by and overhears Tak Gu asking for Yu Kyung. He is unhappy about it, and asks Tak Gu what he has to say to Yu Kyung. He informs Tak Gu that Yu Kyung will soon be a married woman. Tak Gu is upset by the news, but he tries to hide it. He makes Ma Jun promise that he’ll make Yu Kyung happy.

With the news of her marriage, Tak Gu decides that he doesn’t need to tell Yu Kyung about her father. Tak Gu meets Assistant Cha in front of the building. Are they headed to Cheongsan now? Tak Gu tells him to head to Incheon instead. He promised to visit the Pal Bong bakery.

Everyone comes out to greet Tak Gu as he gets out of the car. Tak Gu asks the bakers for a favor, and brings out a box of packaged bread. Axe Eyes takes a bite, and makes a face. This prompts everyone else to try some, and Mi Sun asks what is wrong with the taste. Tak Gu tells them that these are bread made at the Cheongsan factory. Axe Eyes thinks the factory should be closed down. Tak Gu says that he would like to get their help to diagnose the problem.

Tak Gu tells them that to remain as president pro tem, he was given the task of developing a new bread at the factory. Mi Sun thinks it’s a way of forcing him out. Nonetheless, Tak Gu needs to put up a fight, and he asks the bakers for their help. He wants them to infiltrate the factory, and gather information about it.

Head Baker, Axe Eyes, and Curly turn up in the manager’s office. The manager asks if they have experience. Head Baker says he’s always worked with dough, and Axe Eyes says he’s knows a little about shaping. Curly says he’ll do whatever odd jobs are available. The manager asks them why they are looking for work in such a badly run factory, and they say something about needing to get whatever work they can get.

They get hired, and the plan goes into action. Head Baker’s task is to report on the bread making process. Axe Eyes needs to check on employees’ morale, and Curly gets to check the inventory. The four men work in the factory, pretending not to know each other.

They gather in Tak Gu’s office to deliver their report. Curly says that the inventory doesn’t agree with the sheets that Tak Gu gave him. Moreover, any bags of flour are older than a year. Head Baker says that the fermentation room is in such a mess that it’s amazing that they are even making bread. Axe Eyes reports that employee morale is low — they have more work because of the number of people who quit, and they are not getting more pay.

Tak Gu realizes that this could mean billions of won of mismanaged money. Such a sum probably wasn’t embezzled by the factory manager alone. It’s a tricky situation. Tak Gu asks for their continued help in monitering the situation.

Yu Kyung joins the family for dinner that evening. It’s quiet and awkward at the dinner table. Ma Jun breaks the silence, asking when they can hold the wedding. Everyone looks a little upset. Deliberately oblivious, Ma Jun says he would like to have the wedding soon. Ja Kyung reminds him that Il Jung is still ill. Ma Jun says he is being filial by marrying soon so that Il Jung can see it before he passes on.

In Sook interrupts to say that it’s a crucial time for Il Jung. She tells Ma Jun that they can start preparing for the wedding. Disgusted by Ma Jun and In Sook, Ja Kyung and Ja Rim walk away from the table.

Ma Jun and Yu Kyung leave the house after dinner, probably to send her home. Yu Kyung tells Ma Jun to stop making things difficult for her. How could he be so insensitive given his father’s condition? Ma Jun tells her that he’s worried that the wedding can’t proceed if they don’t hurry. He draws her into an embrace, but Yu Kyung finds herself reluctant to hold him

Tak Gu is just arriving home as Ma Jun and Yu Kyung are making up. He sees them but walks on.

Tak Gu heads straight to Il Jung’s room. Ja Kyung is there. Tak Gu sets down his box, and greets her. He proceeds to sit next to Il Jung on his bed, and talk to him. He tells Il Jung that he’s back from work, and asks if he’s been bored. Tak Gu massages his legs as well. Ja Kyung looks surprised to see how comfortable Tak Gu is with her father.

Kim Mi Sun is not getting better. Mrs Gong asks Dr. Yun to try get Tak Gu over. He agrees to pay Tak Gu a visit. As he leaves, Dr. Yun walks by the Windmill man.

Manager Han shows up at the factory to see Yu Kyung’s dad. Yu Kyung’s dad recognizes him, and doesn’t look happy to see him.

Tak Gu shows up at the factory in time to see Yu Kyung’s father leaving with Manager Han. Realizing what is going to happen, he runs over to Yu Kyung’s dad to confirm his suspicions, and begs him to behave like a real father for once. Yu Kyung’s dad is unrepentent. He is going to see his daughter. Tak Gu gets into his car and heads back to Seoul as well.

Tak Gu ends up rushing back to the office to look for Yu Kyung. Yu Kyung has gone out with In Sook again, but they have no idea where. The head secretary offers to call and find out.

In the meantime, Yu Kyung is looking at wedding dresses with In Sook and Ma Jun. She picks one to try out. Ma Jun is enthralled by how lovely Yu Kyung looks, and In Sook notes it, annoyed. She looks at her watch, and glances outside.

Dr. Yun had actually arrived a step after Tak Gu. As the timing works out, Dr. Yun’s elevator takes him up to Tak Gu’s office just as Tak Gu is rushing out. He exits the elevator while Tak Gu rushes in. As the door closes, Dr. Yun turns back and stops the door. He asks if Tak Gu is Kim Tak Gu. Tak Gu doesn’t reply. Dr. Yun asks if he knows Kim Mi Sun who lives in Cheongsan. Tak Gu is surprised beyond words.

Windmill man is at the hospital. He’s taken the opportunity while Mrs Gong is out to enter the room. He has a wheelchair. Kim Mi Sun realizes that someone is in the room, and calls out to ask who it it.

Seeing Manager Han finally approach the store, In Sook looks delighted. Manager Han heads in, and Yu Kyung’s father follows. He doesn’t notice her immediately, until Manager Han tells him to go greet his daughter.


I can’t believe they did the almost-meeting scene between Tak Gu and Kim Mi Sun. I thought it might happen, but figured it was too cheap a trick. I guess not. And now, we have to deal with Kim Mi Sun lying around being pitiful. Vengeful Mi Sun is so much more interesting than lying down Mi Sun. I’m glad that Dr. Yun is doing something about it.

Tak Gu’s performance at the director’s meeting was disappointing. It’s hard to believe that the directors were won over by his little spiel about being a baker, and the tiny offering of a piece of bread. It’s unrealistic. However, the fact that the directors gave him a chance to develop a new bread (even under Il Jung’s suggestion) seems reasonable. What else can a baker do?

Il Jung is being such a puppet master. First, he guilt-trips Tak Gu into working in the company. Now, he’s trying to make his sons work and show their worth before handing them the company. To avoid showing favoritism, he’s decided to act unconscious and let the directors do the dirty work for him. I think it’s fair, but I also think it’s cowardly of him. I feel like he could arrange for tasks for his sons, and get the directors to judge independently of him.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t see more of Yang Mi Sun in this episode. However, I did like it that it was her words that gave Tak Gu the courage to proceed with the director’s meeting when he floundered.

I also thought it was hilarious how the Pal Bong bakers were roped back into the story as industrial spies. It actually makes sense, and makes for a few laughs, which is rare in this serious episode. I like how Tak Gu is able to fall back on trusted friends to help him out. So different from Il Jung and Ma Jun.

I had almost forgotten about Yu Kyung’s father. Initially when we transitioned to adulthood, I wondered if he was coming back into the show. After so many episodes, I happily forgot about him. Actually, I didn’t want him to show up. Something about his character makes me really uncomfortable. The fact that he’s hopeless and unrepentent..I don’t really want to deal with him. I hope they resolve the issue and he goes away soon.

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  1. Arianna says:

    Just thinking..
    Episode 26 and still we can’t see Tak Gu and Mi Sun together. Maybe it would be asking too much to see them get together, since she’s not even considered in the plot.. ^^’
    How the hell could they won as ‘best couple’???

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