King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 27

Sorry for the wait. I wrote up the recap a while ago, but never got around to formatting the article.

I was thankful that they resolved the situation with Yu Kyung’s dad in the simplest and cleanest possible way. The rest of the script is pretty predictable since there are many loose ends and the solutions are obvious. Endings are pretty predictable aren’t they? The one thing I can’t imagine right now is how Yang Mi Sun will finally get together with Tak Gu. There are many possible intermediaries. I hope it happens soon so that we can have some cute moments, but it’s likely they will just show them getting together and end the story that way.

episode 27 recaps

Tak Gu asks Dr. Yun who is he. Dr. Yun introduces himself, and says that he’s an old friend of Kim Mi Sun. Tak Gu asks where she is right now, and if she is well. Dr. Yun says that Mi Sun is slightly sick, and offers to take Tak Gu to her.

Back at the bridal dress store, the first person to say anything is Ma Jun. Ma Jun asks who the man that Manager Han brought is. Manager Han says that he’s Yu Kyung’s father. No one says anything. In Sook asks if it’s true. She says it’s disgusting how Yu Kyung lied about her foster home and being an orphan when she had a father all along. Yu Kyung’s father looks uncomfortable. Ma Jun asks if it’s real. Yu Kyung decides to take control of the situation.

She asks him who he is. Her father doesn’t reply. Yu Kyung declares that he is not her father. Her father is a man who is loud and who always swears at her and beats her. Her father is not the silent man who is standing before her. Manager Han should have picked a more suitable man if he wanted her to give up on the marriage. She excuses herself and heads to the dressing room to change.

Ma Jun asks what just happened. Manager Han insists that the man is Yu Kyung’s true father. In Sook tells Ma Jun to see what kind of person Yu Kyung is. She’s a liar who would forsake her father. Also, Ma Jun would be stuck with having to care for him after the wedding.

As soon as Yu Kyung is hidden behind the curtains of the dressing room, her confident composure cracks and she starts to hyperventilate and tear. Yu Kyung sways a little, but she holds herself up. She looks faint as the attendants are helping her with the dress, as she recalls the words of abuse her dad had said to her. Finally, she collapses. The attendants shriek in surprise and horror, and Ma Jun hurriedly opens the curtains, revealing Yu Kyung on the floor.

Tak Gu follows Dr. Yun to the hospital. As they approach Mi Sun’s room, Tak Gu slows down as he gets nervous. Hand trembling, he opens the door to her room. It is empty. Puzzled, he turns to Dr. Yun who is equally surprised. A nurse enters, and Dr. Yun asks where the patient is. She informs him that the patient was discharged and she left a note. She hands the note to Dr. Yun, but Tak Gu grabs it before the doctor could read it.

Mi Sun’s note says that she’s going on vacation. Tak Gu is unwilling to give up, and asks the nurse when Mi Sun left. The nurse reports that it was 5 or 10 minutes ago. Hearing that, Tak Gu rushes out. Of course, he narrowly misses catching Mi Sun, who is being driven away by Windmill man.

In Sook and Manager Han are talking in Il Jung’s room. She tells him that he did a good job with Yu Kyung’s dad. Manager Han asks if it is possible to get back the marriage alliance with the produce company. In Sook says it’s not a problem — they have actually asked if Ma Jun would change his mind about marrying their daughter.

As for the shares, they need another 5.8% to guarantee Ma Jun’s position in the company. Manager Han says that he’s found someone with 3.8% and is currently working on it.

Manager Han asks how Il Jung is doing, and In Sook says that he’s not regaining consciousness. Manager Han takes her hand, and tells her to remember that he’s there for her. In Sook yanks her hand away and changes the topic.

Yu Kyung is lying in her apartment, and Ma Jun is watching her. In her sleep, Yu Kyung begs her father for forgiveness, and begs him not to beat her.

Tak Gu returns to the Cheongsan factory. It’s dark, and he’s exhausted by the day’s events. He thinks back to what Dr. Yun said about his mother avoiding him so that she doesn’t get in his way, and realizes that his mother hasn’t changed at all.

A bunch of guys come out of the factory. It’s Yu Kyung’s father, and he’s getting beaten by a group of men. Tak Gu tries to stop them, and they tell him that Yu Kyung’s dad stole their money. Tak Gu offers to pay them back if they stop beating Yu Kyung’s dad.

With help from Assistant Cha, Tak Gu pays the men, and they go off. Tak Gu brings over a first aid box, and proceeds to clean his wounds up. Yu Kyung’s dad kicks up a fuss and tells Tak Gu to leave him alone. Tak Gu tells him that he’s doing this for Yu Kyung, not because he likes the guy. Yu Kyung’s dad quietens down.

Tak Gu asks if he saw Yu Kyung, and how he felt. Was he happy? Or was he dying to hit her again? Yu Kyung’s dad doesn’t take well to the questions. Tak Gu reminds him that he’s a father, and asks if his heart feels bad for treating his daughter in that manner. Doesn’t he feel ashamed?

Yu Kyung’s dad tells him that he’s not going to sit around and listen to Tak Gu preach. As he gets up to leave, Tak Gu hands Yu Kyung’s father a bunch of money. He tells him to stop stealing. If he needs money, he can come to Tak Gu. His friend’s dad is like his dad. Yu Kyung’s dad looks surprised, but accepts the money and goes off.

Once he’s alone, Yu Kyung’s dad recalls how his daughter denied knowing him earlier that day, and cries.

It’s night when Yu Kyung finally wakes up. She finds herself being cradled by a sleeping Ma Jun. Ma Jun asks if she’s okay. He tells her that she should forget what has happened today, and forget that she has such a terrible father. Yu Kyung replies that parent-child relationships are impossible to deny. Ma Jun tells her that they don’t need people who hurt them.

Ma Jun asks her to take time off on Sunday. Yu Kyung asks what is happening on that day. Ma Jun says he would like to marry her. It won’t be a fancy wedding, and they will probably have no guests. He asks if she’s willing. Yu Kyung asks if he’s for real. He says yes, and they finally kiss. Yu Kyung is finally able to bring herself to touch Ma Jun.

Mi Sun is walking to her bedroom when she notices that the door to Tak Gu’s room is open. She goes in and finds Tak Gu lying on the floor, sleeping. She says his name, and Tak Gu replies, eyes still closed. Mi Sun asks what he’s doing there, and Tak Gu says he’s very tired, and needs to sleep. He’ll be fine after he sleeps. Mi Sun doesn’t question him, and gets out his blanket and covers him. She tells him to sleep well and he thanks her.

Over at Dr. Yun’s, he’s really believing that Mi Sun has decided to hide somewhere with Mrs Gong. However, someone is struggling inside a janitor’s closet.

Ma Jun arrives home the next morning, and heads straight to Il Jung’s room. Ja Kyung and Ja Rim also enter. In Sook is already there. Ma Jun says that he has something to tell Il Jung, and announces that he will marry Yu Kyung on Sunday. He apologizes to Il Jung for not waiting, but it doesn’t seem to be working out.

In Sook is livid at the announcement, and asks him exactly what he’s doing. Ma Jun tells her that it’s better if she didn’t turn up at the wedding since she’ll make a fuss. Turning to his sisters, Ma Jun says that he would understand it if no one turned up at his wedding. He needed to at least inform everyone.

Dr. Yun receives a call from Tak Gu, who is calling from the factory. He asks if Mi Sun has called. Dr. Yun tells Tak Gu to be patient. He will call the moment he hears news of Mi Sun. Disappointed, Tak Gu puts down the phone and turns to his next task. He puts on his baking hat, and gets to work. Today, he will start work on making the new bread.

Despite Dr. Yun’s promise to call, Tak Gu takes every opportunity to check in with him for news.

The new bread doesn’t taste good. Head Baker, Axe Eyes and Curly are there for the tasting, and in the presence of the factory manager, they can only give each other looks. Talking privately, Head Baker thinks that the flour is the problem. But how are they going to deal with the problem of the suspicious inventory? Head Baker says that the only thing to do is to change the supplier. The factory manager is spying on Tak Gu and Head Baker, and reports what he overheard.

Surely enough, Manager Han confronts Tak Gu about changing suppliers. They’ve been doing business with the same supplier for over 10 years. How can Tak Gu suddenly decide to switch? Tak Gu counters that the supplier gives them low quality flour for exorbitant prices. There will be a penalty for breaking the contract? Since they broke their end of the contract, Geo Seung should be able to get out without having to pay penalties.

Tak Gu asks Manager Han if there is some reason that Manager Han is unwilling to change suppliers. Receiving poor quality goods for high prices means that someone is embezzling in the factory. Tak Gu asks if Manager Han has a hand in it, which would explain his insistence on the supplier. Manager Han tells Tak Gu to obey the authority in the company.

Tak Gu reminds Manager Han that as the President Pro Tem, he is ranks higher than Manager Han. He’s been studying what his rights as President pro tem are, and human resources fall within his scope of responsibilities. This means that he has the right to switch Manager Han out of his current position. Manager Han doesn’t take to Tak Gu’s words well, and storms out.

On the other side of the door, the assistants are listening in. They pretend to be working when Manager Han opens the door. Tak Gu goes out and asks his assistants how he did. He did everything as they had practiced the day before, but was he too harsh on Manager Han? Assistant Cha assures him that he did everything perfectly.

One of the assistants is not joining in on the congratulations. He reports to Manager Han that the Assistant’s Office has completely taken Tak Gu’s side. Ah yes, it would be too easy if everyone was on Tak Gu’s side.

Manager Han checks in on the progress with Kim Mi Sun. Windmill man reports that she is still refusing. Windmill man and Kim Mi Sun seem to be in a fancy house. She looks more energetic compared to when she was in the hospital. She remarks that she thought that Windmill man was working for Il Jung, but is wrong. Windmill man doesn’t reply, and tells her to rest. He goes outside, where we see several guards in the compound.

The janitor is getting her cleaning supplies when she hears some noises coming from the closet. She walks over, and notices that it’s been shut. She opens it and finds Mrs Gong inside, gagged and bound.

Dr. Yun and the secretary rush to the hospital. Mrs Gong tells them that she has no idea what happened, only that she was tied up and left in the closet.

Yu Kyung’s dad shows up at Geo Seong, neatly dressed for once. Yu Kyung happens to see him, but he doesn’t acknowledge her. Ma Jun is called down and he meets with Yu Kyung’s dad while she eavesdrop from behind a pillar. To Ma Jun’s surprise, Yu Kyung’s dad came to deny that he has any relationship with Yu Kyung. He admits that Manager Han paid him, but he’s now giving the money back. He apologizes for the furor he caused, and wishes Ma Jun and Yu Kyung a happy marriage.

Yu Kyung follows her dad as he makes his way out of the Geo Seong building. She calls out to him, and he turns around. She asks him why he just did what he did, and he said it’s because of Tak Gu. He tells her to hurry away, in case someone saw them talking.

Ma Jun goes to Manager Han’s office to return the money that Yu Kyung’s dad handed him. He tells Manager Han that he’s getting married on Sunday, and that he shouldn’t try to stop him. Manager Han tells him to reconsider, but Ma Jun tells him that he doesn’t want to live looking at a woman he can’t have. Even Yu Kyung’s dad had the decency to do the right thing in the end. He threatens to sever ties with the family if they try to stop the marriage.

Ma Jun leaves Manager Han’s office, but stops when he reaches the hallway.

Tak Gu is in his office. Someone knocks on the door, and Tak Gu says to enter. Yu Kyung comes in, and she notes that Tak Gu is eating bread. He says it’s to get ideas for new breads. He is happy that she’s speaking informally with him. Yu Kyung sets down a resignation letter in front of him. She tells him that she’s getting married. Despite earlier warning, Tak Gu is slightly surprised.

Yu Kyung thanks him for everything, and says that she’ll always remember and hold him dear in her heart. She approaches and gives Tak Gu a hug. We see the door to Tak Gu’s office was left open, which was unprofessional. The door leading to the assistant’s office was also left open, and just outside, Ma Jun is standing and looking in. He looks really angry.

It’s Sunday. Yu Kyung is in the church early, waiting for everyone else to arrive.

Tak Gu is getting dressed for the wedding when he gets a call. He rushes over to the hospital, where Dr. Yun is looking over CCTV footage. They find a video showing Windmill man pushing Mi Sun out on a wheelchair. Tak Gu can’t believe his eyes. He rushes off to Pal Bong bakery, and asks Head Baker where Windmill man went.

Tak Gu explains that he thinks that Windmill man is with his mother. He needs to get to them before the police find them. Reluctantly, Head Baker says that all he knows is that a man called Han Seung Jae paid for Windmill man’s sister’s surgery. It’s enough to send Tak Gu rushing off again.

Ma Jun arrives at the church. He still looks bothered by the hug, and is a little hesitant. Eventually, he makes his way into the church, and hands Yu Kyung her flowers.

A couple of cars arrive, bringing Ja Kyung, Ja Rim and Manager Han. A couple of the secretaries have also arrived. In Sook has stayed home. The guests enter just as Ma Jun and Yu Kyung walk down the aisle. Tak Gu is unable to attend the ceremony after all.

Ma Jun says his vows, but Yu Kyung is silent, thinking about Tak Gu. The priest prompts her again, and she finally replies. Ma Jun is not happy about it.

The vows over, Manager Han heads out.

Tak Gu is waiting at Pal Bong bakery. His assistant pulls up in the car and reports that Manager Han is leaving the wedding for Cheongpyong. Yang Mi Sun overhears their conversation.

Manager Han hands the papers to Mi Sun to sign, threatening her with harm. Mi Sun picks the papers up and tears them up. This is her reply. She wants to see what Manager Han will do.  He orders his men to take her out. Just as two men start to drag Mi Sun away, Windmill man intervenes. Let him finish the job he didn’t complete 14 years ago.

Tak Gu arrives at the Cheongpyong house. He takes off his jacket in anticipation of a fight. He goes to the men at the door and says that he’s looking for his mother. The men laugh at him, and try to chase him away. Tak Gu shouts for his mother, and surprisingly, she replies, calling his name.

Tak Gu pushes his way through the men, and runs towards the voice. He’s just in time to see Mi Sun being shoved into the backseat of a black Jeep, and runs desperately after the car. Oh, the deja vu.

A lot of little incidents in this episode. The seeds were sowed a few episodes before, and it’s just following through with the conclusions for now.

I like it that they wrapped up the problem with Yu Kyung’s father simply and quickly. I like it that Ma Jun is doing what he wants for once, although with a vengeful heart. My favorite part is when they re-created the scene of Tak Gu running after his mother. I like it when they round back to the start, especially when I wasn’t expecting it.

I’m looking forward to seeing more ends being tied next episode.

The one thing I really hated was how In Sook found Yu Kyung’s dad and said that she lied about being an orphan. Could she imagine other situations where parents can’t take care of their children, like poverty or abuse? Sympathy points for Yu Kyung there. Also, Yu Kyung looked great in the wedding scenes.

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