King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 28

I find the recent more evil Yu Kyung much more attractive than the innocent one from before. Not sure when it happened. What do you think? It’s like she finally became comfortable in her own skin, more honest.

episode 28

It turns out that it wasn’t just Windmill man and Kim Mi Sun in the car. One of Manager Han’s men is in the front seat. Thus even if he was tempted to, Windmill man couldn’t do anything to help Tak Gu.

Tak Gu gives up chasing on foot, and runs towards his car. He jumps into the front seat and takes the steering wheel and drives off, leaving his assistant behind. Wait…since when did Tak Gu learn to drive? The other Manager Han thugs give chase as well.

Initially they are driving on the roads, but Windmill man decides to take a mud track to try shake his pursuers off. Surely enough, Tak Gu’s car gets stuck in the mud. He abandons his car and continues his chase on foot, running. Windmill man doesn’t get that far either — he meets a farmer driving a tractor. It’s really deja vu isn’t it?

Manager Han’s thug gets out and shouts for the farmer to back off. Windmill man takes the opportunity to unlock the door for Mi Sun. He looks back at her to make sure she understands, and Mi Sun seizes the chance to run off. She gets a bit of a headstart, but the thug notices her running away and gives chase. Windmill man catches up with him and knocks him out.

With her bad eyesight, Mi Sun can’t run confidently. She encounters the second group of thugs (who were after Tak Gu) who grab her. Tak Gu finally catches up with them, and tells them to move aside so that he can see his mother. The head thug beats Tak Gu up while Mi Sun keeps pleading for him to stop. Tak Gu doesn’t retaliate. After he throws Tak Gu aside, Tak Gu gets back up and demands that the head thug allow him to see his mother again. And again, the head thug beats him up and tries to toss him aside.

The rest of the thugs start to look uncomfortable at the situation. Finally, head thug himself hesitates, giving Tak Gu a chance to ask how much more he needs to be beatened before the thug will let him see his mother. Tak Gu explains that he’s been separated from his mother for 14 years. He’s willing to endure anything so that he can see his mother again. He tells head thug to beat him up till he’s satisfied. Head thug gives up and lets Tak Gu through.

Mi Sun and Tak Gu are finally reunited. Of course, there are tears. The thugs hang around for a while, and decide to leave, saving Windmill man from throwing a few more punches. Finally, Tak Gu tells Mi Sun that they should head home. There is plenty of time to talk.

In Sook is sitting at home when Ja Kyung and Ja Rim get back from the wedding.  In Sook sort of implies that they are late, and Ja Kyung explains that they took the newly weds out to dinner. Ja Rim asks if she was waiting for them. In Sook denies it angrily.

Ja Kyung tells In Sook that the wedding ceremony was simple and serious. In Sook says that she doesn’t care. Indeed, she seems to be more upset about being betrayed.

Ma Jun and Yu Kyung are spending their first night in what looks like a hotel. Ma Jun asks how she feels about finally being the daughter-in-law of Geo Seung.  Yu Kyung tries to avoid Ma Jun’s unpleasant tone, and says that she is tired. Ma Jun asks why Yu Kyung likes Tak Gu so much. He has deduced that she was thinking of Tak Gu when she hesitated during the ceremony. Yu Kyung doesn’t answer.

Ma Jun tells her that she’s gotten what she wanted, now it’s his turn. Yu Kyung looks perturbed.

Ma Jun says that he will tell her a secret, and it has to do with the bracelet. He’s carried the secret alone since he was twelve. He leans over and whispers into her ear. We can’t hear what he is saying, but we know the story. Ma Jun’s face is one of detached amusement. Did a switch flip in him? Yu Kyung looks stunned at the story. Ma Jun tells her to rest well, and heads down to a party.

The party consists of a group of young partiers, who congratulate him on his marriage. He has his arms around a couple of girls. One of them ask where his wife is, and he says she’s resting. Ma Jun proceeds to kiss the girl.

It’s the next morning and Yang Mi Sun is outside the house, sweeping up the leaves, when Tak Gu and Mi Sun arrive, driven by Assistant Cha. She looks curiously at the woman cradling a sleeping Tak Gu. Tak Gu wakes up, and smiles at her, and Yang Mi Sun smiles back, knowing that this is the mother he’s been desperately seeking.

They proceed into the house, and Tak Gu introduces his mother to the family. He promises Kim Mi Sun that he’ll be back as soon as Il Jung regains consciousness. He will visit her often, and they can get their own place someday.

When Yang Mi Sun goes to call Tak Gu and his mother for breakfast, she finds them asleep together.

Manager Han can’t believe that his men let Mi Sun and Tak Gu get away. Head thug explains that they may be thugs, but they have the ability to sympathize. Representing his men, he tells Manager Han that they will no longer work for him. I find this a little hard to swallow, but I get the point: Manager Han is losing support, and the tide is turning.

Windmill man tells Manager Han to give him independent assignments from now on, seeing that he can’t trust the other men. Manager Han looks doubtful. The other man who was in the car with Windmill man reports that it was Windmill man who knocked him out.

Il Jung is out of his bed, getting a phone report from Windmill man. They talk about some document that Il Jung is trying to locate. He warns Windmill man to be cautious because Manager Han is naturally suspicious. Indeed, Windmill man is being watched as he makes the call from a public phone.

While he looked normal talking on the phone, we see that Il Jung is not all well. The arm that was giving him troubles is permanently cramping, and he’s hobbling with a walking stick. Despite his best efforts, Il Jung falls as he tries to get back into bed, and his inadvertent cry draws Ja Kyung into the room.

Ja Kyung is completely taken aback at the sight of her father on the floor. She checks if he’s okay, but Il Jung tells her to shut the door. Ja Kyung obeys, and then helps Il Jung up. Il Jung tells her to keep the secret from everyone. Ja Kyung looked perplexed, and agrees on the condition that he explains why he’s faking his coma. Il Jung tells her that he’s looking for the truth.

Yu Kyung is woken up by a phone call the next morning. The first thing she notices is that Ma Jun didn’t go back to the room last night. It’s In Sook on the phone, and she wants to meet to talk. They meet in the hotel lobby.

Seeing Yu Kyung alone, In Sook asks whether Ma Jun is still sleeping. Yu Kyung lies and says yes. In Sook tells Yu Kyung that they should move back into the Gu house. It looks bad if their only son moved out of the family home after marriage. In Sook has remodeled Ma Jun’s room so that they can stay there. She reminds Yu Kyung that she needs to bear a son before she will be acknowledged.

In Sook gets up to leave and suddenly freezes in displeasure. Yu Kyung looks, and sees Ma Jun with his arms around a girl, who gives him a kiss before she leaves. Ma Jun notices the women looking at him, and he heads over casually. He asks why In Sook is visiting. She is more interested in the girl he was with. Yu Kyung looks upset, and Ma Jun notes it with delight.

Ma Jun excuses himself, saying that he’s late for work.

Yu Kyung follows In Sook home, suitcase in tow. In Sook barely acknowledges her, and leaves it to Ja Rim to show Yu Kyung to Ma Jun’s room. In the privacy of the room, Ja Rim finally addresses Yu Kyung. She knows that Yu Kyung didn’t marry Ma Jun because she loves him, and asks what Yu Kyung’s aim is. Ja Rim hopes that Yu Kyung can find happiness although she doubts it.

Tak Gu arrives at Geo Seung in a good mood. At the lobby he runs into Manager Han, and Tak Gu thanks him for the reunion with his mother. Manager Han denies any knowledge of what Tak Gu is talking about. Tak Gu tells him to drop the act and to act like an adult. Manager Han tells Tak Gu that it’s not right to rely on his father’s backing to get to where he is. I like how Tak Gu is directly confronting Manager Han these days.

The other assistant meets Tak Gu in the lobby to give him bad news. The Cheongsan factory has failed to ship goods.

A group of customers are complaining that they have not received their orders, and they are demanding compensation. Tak Gu tries to plead with them since it’s the first time they have failed to ship. First time? The customers get upset. It’s been many times. Tak Gu looks to the factory manager, who doesn’t acknowledge responsibility and only says “I told you so”.

Back at the office, Tak Gu gets a visit from Ja Kyung who is furious about the situation since her job is to handle the press. Tak Gu promises to try resolve the issue, and Ja Kyung doesn’t accept it. Does he have a plan? He needs to do better than try. A whole company’s worth of employees and their families are relying on him to keep them fed.

Tak Gu tells Ja Kyung that he’s willing to learn if she teaches him. She is taken aback by his humble approach, but asks him why she should. Ja Kyung had to work from bottom up to reach where she is in the company, while Ma Jun and Tak Gu were given high positions from the get-go because they are sons. Tak Gu acknowledges that her situation was difficult, but he also can tell that she’s worried about Geo Seung. He’s her little brother, and she should teach him what is right. He can tell that she cares about the company, so she wouldn’t let it go like this.

Yu Kyung asks Ma Jun out in the middle of the day to have a talk. She is willing to tell him why she likes Tak Gu. She likes him because he makes her feel like a good person. However, she’s afraid to stay around for too long because he will find out that she is not who he thought she was. On the other hand, she and Ma Jun are the same. They are people who can’t forgive and seek the painful route. Ma Jun asks if she married him out of pity.

Yu Kyung tells Ma Jun that a tiny part of her hoped that Ma Jun had true feelings for her, and that they will be happy. Yu Kyung says that she realizes that she was being naive. I like how without referring to the girl from that morning, Yu Kyung manages to convey her disappointment.

Yu Kyung dresses up that night. She hangs around the house like she’s waiting and runs into In Sook. Ma Jun is partying away with some girls like the night before. I think she’s waiting for Ma Jun. Unlike the previous night, Ma Jun is feeling guilty being in another girl’s arms.

Kim Mi Sun is walking in the hallway, squinting. I think she might be worried about her eyes, but she’s not letting on. Yang Mi Sun comes along and asks her if she’s waiting for Tak Gu. Kim Mi Sun says she can’t sleep and Yang Mi Sun says she can’t sleep either. Yang Mi Sun introduces the flowers in the garden to Kim Mi Sun, and as they are talking, Tak Gu appears.

They head downstairs and Yang Mi Sun brings out her newest cake. It’s a cheesecake, and she’s made it with Tak Gu in mind. Tak Gu takes a forkful, and declares the cake delicious. However, he doesn’t have the appetite for much. Yang Mi Sun asks if his work has been hard, and Tak Gu changes the topic so that Kim Mi Sun doesn’t worry. He notes that Yang Mi Sun has improved, and calls her by her nickname.

Yang Mi Sun protests the use of her nickname. She tells Kim Mi Sun that because they have the same name, Tak Gu refuses to call her by name, preferring to call her Fallen Soybeans. Given how terrible it has been trying to describe these two scenes, I’m tempted to call her Fallen Soybeans as well.

K. Mi Sun tells Tak Gu to stop it, since it’s not nice. Tak Gu defends himself, saying that he can call Y. Mi Sun Fallen Soybeans because she is pretty. He would only be cruel if she wasn’t pretty, and he called her that. Tak Gu offers Y. Mi Sun some cake, and she directs the fork into his mouth. They play a little, and end up feeding each other with the same fork while K. Mi Sun watches on. They look very natural and comfortable with each other, but it feels awkward (to me) to have his mom looking at them. Kim Mi Sun seems a little surprised herself.

Breakfast time at the Gu house is a women only affair. In Sook asks if Ma Jun stayed out again. She remarks that Ma Jun is acting very differently from when he was dying to get married. Yu Kyung changes the topic and raises her wrist, showing the bracelet. She tells In Sook that she didn’t realize that the bracelet was hers. She heard from Ma Jun that he picked it up at the lower garden a rainy night 14 years ago.

In Sook pales and Ja Kyung tells Yu Kyung to speak clearly instead of speaking in code. Yu Kyung says that In Sook understands her perfectly well. In Sook gets very worried.

Ja Kyung looks like she might have started to piece things together. She thinks back to the time when Ma Jun raised Yu Kyung’s arm to show the bracelet and told In Sook that he didn’t want to hurt her. She remembers the night when she found a cold and frightened Ma Jun holding onto a piece of jewelry, and how In Sook was rubbing her right wrist. Finally, we see the flashback when Il Jung said that he’s seeking the truth. He didn’t say much after that revelation, only saying that he can’t say anymore. His other words were to ask Ja Kyung to take care of Tak Gu.

Ja Kyung makes a decision. She picks up the phone and calls someone to ask where Tak Gu is.

Tak Gu is at the office of one of the angry customers to try talk to him. Tak Gu acknowledges his mistake, but pleads for leniency. The customer tells Tak Gu that the missing shipment is not the real problem. The real problem is that the quality of the bread has gone down. He laments the fact that Il Jung no longer takes care of the Cheongsan factory.

Tak Gu eventually heads back to the factory, despondent, and Ja Kyung finds him there.

Manager Han looks up In Sook in Il Jung’s room. She tells him that they need to talk, and that they should head to the study. A car arrives at the Gu’s house. Ma Jun has finally decided to come home.

In Sook tells Manager Han that the bracelet has resurfaced, and that Yu Kyung was able to furnish details about the rainy night. She thinks that Ma Jun saw something that night, and he’s told Yu Kyung. He’s had the bracelet the entire 14 years and has managed to hide everything. Manager Han doesn’t want to believe it, and says he will go upstairs to talk to Yu Kyung to check. As he turns to the door, Manager Han sees Il Jung standing outside with his walking stick. Did I mention that there was lightning that night?

Il Jung takes a step into the study with aid from his walking stick, in a way that completely reminds me of how Grandma was walking. He starts to speak, demanding to know where they were the night his mother died. He tells Manager Han and In Sook that he will never forgive them. Deja vu again.

Outside the study, Ma Jun witnesses the entire encounter.

I love this deja vu thing that the drama writer has set up not once, but twice. It makes for really good story telling. And we know this time, things will end differently. I like how we didn’t have to repeat cycles before getting to the solution.

I like this episode for the increased screentime and importance of Ja Kyung and Ja Rim. Finally we get to hear what else they have to say besides publicly agreeing with their mother. Ja Kyung will probably have a larger role to play in the next 2 episodes, but I can’t see where Ja Rim can fit in. However at least now, we can see that adult Ja Rim does have her own opinions, even though she’s not as mature as Ja Kyung. They made adult Ja Rim such a ditz, I don’t know if it’s possible to redeem her fully. I thought she was cynical and wise when she was a kid.

The part where the gangsters quit working for Manager Han was just unbelievable. I wasn’t expecting Tak Gu to stand and get beatened, although he’s been good about it for a long time. I don’t think it would have spoiled the story for me if he fought for one last time to save his mother. Maybe he can show mercy or something. The non-retaliation strategy really wasn’t that convincing.

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  1. theblackpatita says:

    that scene where majun whispered to eula gave me goosebumps. if only there’s an award for best supporting actor, Joo Won deserves it.

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