King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 29

Sorry for the long wait. Here’s another picture of wannabe-evil Yu Kyung.

Black is really good for setting the mood.

episode 29 recaps

As usual, the ending of the previous episode was a truncated version of what happened. In Sook’s first reaction was to ask when Il Jung woke up. Il Jung is more interested in the details of what happened 14 years ago. He confronts Manager Han and In Sook, and asks how they could have done such terrible things to his mother. Manager Han denies doing anything. It was an accident.

Il Jung reminds Manager Han that he was treated like a son. Manager Han disputes it: he was given material benefits, but he was never treated as an equal. Il Jung tells him that he would have kicked Manager Han out a long time ago if he didn’t treat him as a friend. He knows that he is not Ma Jun’s real dad, but he had to pretend that he didn’t know. However, he cannot do that with regards to his mother’s death.

Manager Han and In Sook are only slightly stunned. Manager Han challenges Il Jung and asks what he’s going to do about it. Call the cops? Manager Han tells Il Jung that he’s in no shape to deal with him and shoves Il Jung to the floor. In Sook stays behind, and tearfully approaches Il Jung. Il Jung tells In Sook that he didn’t want to believe it, and she tells him that everything is not as he thinks. Il Jung is the only one for her. She tries to help him up, but he refuses her.

Ma Jun steps into the room, and asks Il Jung if he’s able to grab his shoulder. Il Jung takes Ma Jun’s shoulder, and stands up. The men exit the room, leaving In Sook on the floor. Yu Kyung approaches the room slowly, and In Sook notices her presence. Yu Kyung gives In Sook a look, and walks away. Somehow it feels like In Sook has lost.

Ma Jun delivers Il Jung back to his room, and Il Jung tells him that he can leave. Ma Jun tells Il Jung that he’s sorry. He wasn’t strong enough or smart enough to help Grandma 14 years ago. Il Jung looks disturbed, and asks Ma Jun what he’s refering to. Ma Jun said that all he could do was to knock on Il Jung’s door that night. Il Jung finally understands. Ma Jun apologizes for not telling Il Jung sooner, and apologizes for being born. He is in tears at this point.

Leaving Il Jung’s room, Ma Jun pauses a while to shed his tears. He realizes that Yu Kyung is around, and immediately his tears dry up. She asks him if he’s satisfied. If he is, it’s all good. Ma Jun looks as though he’s seeing the monster he’s created for the first time.

In the meantime, Ja Kyung finds Tak Gu at the Cheongsan factory. She hands him a stack of papers, and tell him that it’s research material. Il Jung had once indicated interest in creating a bread with rice. Ja Kyung is now handing the project to Tak Gu. She tells him that the factory has a special place in Il Jung’s heart — it was his first factory. Tak Gu is delighted by Ja Kyung’s olive branch. Ja Kyung reminds him that she will not hesitate to remove him if he doesn’t do his work well.

However, when he announces the latest project to the bakers to ask for help, Tak Gu meets with pessimism. Rice flour won’t behave like wheat flour. Axe Eyes says that it’s clear that the Gu family and the people in Geo Seung are out to get him. Tak Gu looks for support, and Yang Mi Sun says that it’s not impossible. She begins to list a few things to try, and the others are persuaded that they can at least try and help Tak Gu out.

Head Baker, Axe Eyes, and Yang Mi Sun help Tak Gu in the kitchen. In the meantime, Tak Gu keeps trying to talk to the buyers, asking for time to develop a new product that they will definitely like. However, all their efforts are met with failure.

Eventually in the middle of one meeting, Tak Gu hits upon an idea about fermentation. He exclaims aloud, and Ja Kyung and everyone else looks surprised at his outburst. Ja Kyung reminds him that he’s at a meeting, and Tak Gu says he’s just had an idea. He asks Ja Kyung to take over chairing the meeting, and runs off. Ja Kyung looks surprised, but happy to indulge.

She reports Tak Gu’s actions to Il Jung , and says that she understands why Il Jung was so drawn to Tak Gu. They are completely alike in the way they live with bread as their foremost passion.

Tak Gu’s newest bread looks strangely pale. Axe Eyes asks if that’s how it’s supposed to be. However, they all take a bite and pronounce it a delicious success. The next step is to try sell the bread.

Tak Gu calls for a meeting with the bread buyers, and introduces the new bread. He tells them to try the bread. If they like it, he will distribute the first batch exclusively through them. He hopes that in return they will forget about the previous incident and the damages. He will honor the payment of the damages if the bread doesn’t sell.

The buyers try the bread. They look at each other meaningfully, and taking his cue from the factory manager, one of the buyers declares that the bread is not worth eating. Following his example, the other buyers discard their bread. However, on their way out, the leader of the group looks like he’s tempted by Tak Gu’s bread.

Tak Gu heads back to his office, defeated. Yang Mi Sun and her mother hear the news about the bread being rejected from the men, and are incredulous. Axe Eyes deduces that it’s all a conspiracy. From behind a pillar, Kim Mi Sun hears everything.

The factory manager reports to Manager Han that he was successful in preventing the buyers from striking a deal with Tak Gu. Manager Han says he will meet with the presidents of the other companies (I call them buyers). The factory manager tries to say something about Tak Gu’s bread, but changes his mind. After he puts down the phone, he looks at the remaining bread in the bread basket, and takes one to taste. He makes a thoughtful face as he chews, and smiles. What amazing bread.

As expected, Kim Mi Sun tries to help Tak Gu in her own way. She calls Dr. Yoon and her assistant, and meets them in a cafe. They are happy to see that she is safe, but Mi Sun’s first priority is to gain more shares or support to ensure that Tak Gu will not get kicked out at the next board meeting. Dr. Yoon looks disapprovingly at her. Her first priority should be her eyes. Kim Mi Sun refuses to be persuaded. She will show Tak Gu that good and innocent people will prevail over evil plotters.

In Sook and Yu Kyung have a talk. In Sook wants to know what Yu Kyung’s plans are. Yu Kyung asks if In Sook is blaming her for what happened the night that Il Jung found out the truth. She points out that In Sook was the one who created the problem in the first place.

Yu Kyung reminds In Sook that she knows a lot of other dirty little secrets. She can’t prove them, but she doesn’t have to. It’s enough to have people talking. In Sook asks what Yu Kyung wants, and Yu Kyung says she will be the first lady of Geo Seung.

Manager Han is checking in with the product development lab, and finds out that Ma Jun has not been there since he assumed the position as Head of Product Development. He heads to Ma Jun’s office to ask him what is going on. He can try his best for Ma Jun, but Ma Jun needs to take some responsibility to inherit the company. Ma Jun asks why Manager Han is working so hard to make him the president of Geo Seung. Manager Han tries to give some logical reasons, but Ma Jun tells him that he just wants Geo Seung for himself.

Manager Han insists that he just wants Ma Jun to do well. Ma Jun demands to know why Manager Han cares. But he doesn’t want to hear what Manager Han has to say. Who is Manager Han to him anyway? Ma Jun declares that he’s Gu Ma Jun, and his dad is Gu Il Jung. Since Manager Han betrayed his father, he has also betrayed Ma Jun. He storms out of the office, leaving Manager Han looking stunned.

Tak Gu bumps into Ma Jun in the building lobby, and Ma Jun walks by angrily. Tak Gu stops him to ask if the wedding went well. Seeing the tears in Ma Jun’s eyes, Tak Gu asks if everything is well. Ma Jun walks away. Assistant Cha tells Tak Gu that there have been rumors about Ma Jun, that he’s been going out to party all night and how he smells of alcohol the next morning at work. Tak Gu looks concerned.

Later that evening, Tak Gu talks to Ja Rim to find out what is going on. Ja Rim says she doesn’t know.

In the meantime in her room, Yu Kyung is listening to Edith Piaf, and fiddling with the bracelet. She’s not taking things too well. In Sook is brooding over her loss of power over Yu Kyung. Il Jung is on the phone, and plotting. He reveals to the other party that In Sook has discovered that he’s conscious and says something about seizing the opportunity. I can’t tell what is happening. This is a dysfunctional family.

Tak Gu decides to take matters into his own hands. Ma Jun is on the verge of getting beatened up for bumping into another guy at the club. Tak Gu appears just in time to apologize and extract him from the situation. He takes Ma Jun back to Pal Bong bakery.

Ma Jun asks why they are there. Tak Gu asks why he’s living so pathetically. Ma Jun says he can’t bear it otherwise; he doesn’t have anything. Tak Gu points out that he has a family, the company and even Yu Kyung. Ma Jun says it’s all a lie. Tak Gu points to the scroll that Grandpa had left behind. They are not done with their final task yet. Tak Gu tells Ma Jun that Grandpa’s last words were for him to take care of Tae Jo. Surprised, Ma Jun breaks down completely.

The shift of power in the Gu household is obvious the next morning at breakfast. Yu Kyung notices that In Sook has a few appointments with the other first ladies of the big companies, and proposes that she takes over In Sook’s place. After all with Il Jung sick, In Sook probably needs to spend more time with him. In Sook doesn’t reply. Ja Kyung and Ja Rim look curiously on.

Yu Kyung mentions that a new maid will arrive in the afternoon. She’s noticed that In Sook has no interest in housework, so she’s figured that she can step up. She will eventually be taking on the responsibilities anyway. Ja Kyung tells Yu Kyung not to be rude. Yu Kyung looks to In Sook and asks if she thought that it was rude of her. In Sook tells her to go ahead with what she wants to do. Saying that she doesn’t have much of an appetite, In Sook excuses herself.

The next morning, Ma Jun wakes up in his old room, and Tak Gu is sleeping next to him. Ma Jun thinks back to their conversation from the night before. He asked Tak Gu how he manages to be so happy when he has nothing. Can he not feel? Or is he really okay with everything? Tak Gu tells him that happiness and sadness are both transient. Ma Jun doesn’t think he can understand that.

The Windmill man looks for Manager Han in his office. Manager Han puts some books into a safe, and Windmill man looks on with interest. Manager Han has asked Windmill man over to find out about his progress with finding Kim Mi Sun. Windmill man reports that he’s had no success. Manager Han tells him that Dr. Yoon and President Na have been approaching the shareholders. He wants to locate Kim Mi Sun soon.

Ma Jun comes looking for Manager Han, and is surprised to see Windmill man. However, he refrains from acting too surprised. He asks Manager Han why Windmill man was there, and Manager Han says that they have some work together.

Ma Jun tells Manager Han that he wants to start developing new products. He would like an advance from Manager Han since it would take weeks for funds to come in from the proper channels. Manager Han is delighted by Ma Jun’s change of heart, and agrees to help. There is something strange about this scene, like Ma Jun is asking for money but he may have other plans for Manager Han.

When he gets to the office, Tak Gu sees one of the buyers lurking in the lobby. It’s not hard to see what he’s after. Tak Gu calls out to the buyer, and asks what brings him to the office. The buyer has come to ask when the new bread will be made. He says he’d like to try selling it for a week, and see how the response is. If it fails, he wants the promised compensation. Tak Gu happily thanks him.

Upstairs in the office, Tak Gu is informed that other distribution companies have called to ask about the new bread.

Tak Gu has one last task, which is to persuade the factory manager to cooperate. He tells the factory manager to prepare the factory to make the new bread. In addition, he’s promoted Head Baker and Axe Eyes to higher positions in the factory to help out, which really means to ensure that things go well.

He notes that the manager has been in charge for the last 20 years. Yes, the factory is falling apart, but they can rebuild it. Surely he wants to the factory to do well? The factory manager doesn’t quite reply immediately. However, he is eventually won over. Furthermore, Tak Gu promises better pay and benefits to the employees, and raises morale. The first breads go into production successfully.

Time passes, and Tak Gu’s bread sells well. The Cheongsan factory’s situation is improving rapidly. Manager Han gets nervous and checks in with Ma Jun on his progress. Ma Jun reports that he hasn’t been successful and tells Manager Han that he needs to be paitent. However, Ma Jun is lying.

Manager Han meets up with In Sook to discuss measures since Tak Gu is doing well. In Sook looks pale and listless. Manager Han asks if everything is fine. She replies that she hasn’t seen Il Jung since that day. Manager Han doesn’t like the sound of it. Il Jung is not the most important thing right now. In Sook suggests that they stop their plan. Manager Han says that they are almost at their goal. Ma Jun will get the company and then she can finally leave Il Jung and come to him.

In Sook looks at Manager Han in horror, asking if he did everything just for this. He tells her that this is all that he is living for. She finally realizes that he’s serious. She apologizes but she can’t keep her promise. Manager Han gets really upset but tells her that they will talk again. He’ll pick her up for the director’s meeting.

Now that Windmill Man knows the location of Manager Han’s safe, he’s trying to break into it. However, just when he cracks it open, Manager Han’s men walk in and capture him. Manager Han asks if this is how he should be repaid for paying his sister’s surgery bills. Windmill man reveals that he has another boss. Manager Han tells his men to take Windmill man away.

Manager Han checks his safe to make sure that the contents are intact, but it is empty. In a panic, he searches his office. The phone rings, and it’s Il Jung, who wants him to go over to his office. Manager Han goes out and sees that his men have been held captive. Windmill man is free, and he tells Manager Han that Il Jung is waiting.

In the meantime, the shady assistant is telling Tak Gu that Il Jung is conscious, and offers to drive him to see the president. Happily, Tak Gu gets into the car. He realizes that the car doesn’t seem to be going to Seoul, but the assistant admits to having a bad sense of direction. Appeased, Tak Gu looks forward to seeing Il Jung.

Manager Han asks Il Jung if this is all part of his plan. Did he fake being unconscious? Il Jung says he was unconscious, but he woke up immediately. He needed to find out the truth and investigate how much of Geo Seung Manager Han had touched.

Il Jung tells him that his game is up. Manager Han has two options: to get sent to the police, or to leave the country forever. Manager Han seems more angry than flustered. Il Jung says that he needs to protect his two sons. Confidently, Manager Han tells Il Jung that he will give him the options instead: one, the company, or two, Kim Tak Gu.


And Tak Gu saves the day again and again! He sorts out the issue with Ja Kyung and the factory, and then Ma Jun. In a sense, he has fulfilled what the audience expects of him, and he will get his happy ending (not that happy ending). I really like how Tak Gu is the first person to pay Ja Kyung any attention and shares his position, and she’s playing fair and acknowledging his efforts. Ja Kyung is a good character, even though she’s not openly warm and fuzzy.

I don’t really get why Yu Kyung is descending into the abyss that she seems to have created out of nowhere. I swear her character is suffering without reason, maybe just to make it dramatic. I find her hotter, and kinda scary, but still not sympathetic. I see that she’s got a job to torment In Sook, and she’s going with the flow. Unfortunately, she’s letting things get to her. She’s not really doing anything bad (IMO), just keeping In Sook in check so that she doesn’t go around terrorizing other people. I don’t know why it’s so hard on her emotionally.

Onward to the last episode!

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