King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 30

Thanks for putting up with the recent slow uploads of recaps. Real life is taking over.

It’s actually really hard to recap 30 episodes of one drama. I wonder if it is easier to recap 30 episodes of two different dramas. I have no idea how dramabeans does it. It takes a lot of time to write recaps. At some point, you’re happy to ignore what happens next instead of plowing through writing the recap so that you can watch the next episode. I resisted the easy way out, which is to stop the recap and just watch the show. After 25 episodes, quitting at the last moment wasn’t an option.

Here you have it, my contribution to the internet archives of Korean drama.

Last Episode!

Il Jung calls the Cheongsan factory up to check on Tak Gu. Assistant Cha picks up the phone. Seeing Tak Gu’s jacket on the sofa, Assistant Cha assumes that Tak Gu is in the factory. Il Jung tells Manager Han that he doesn’t have a hold over him, so Manager Han should make his decision. The prosecuter’s office, or the airport? Manager Han gets packed into a car, and sent off.

After putting down the phone, Assistant Cha goes around the factory to actually find Tak Gu.

Il Jung asks Windmill man if he found the ledgers, and finds out that the safe was empty when Windmill man arrived. Oh well.

Ma Jun happens to be in his office that evening. He has some books on his desk, which I assume are the missing ledgers. I knew he was being weird about asking Manager Han for money, but I have no idea that he knew that Manager Han was embezzling. Ma Jun seems uneasy about possessing the books. He leaves the books in Il Jung’s office. Just as he is about to leave Il Jung’s office, the phone rings.

Manager Han asks if he can go back to Geo Seung to pick up something important. The men in the car initially deny his request, but turn around.

Ma Jun picks up the phone. It’s Assistant Cha calling from the Cheongsan factory. He is looking for Il Jung, and Ma Jun tells him that Il Jung is not in the office. Ma Jun asks what the issue is. Assistant Cha reports that he can’t find Tak Gu anywhere in the factory. A security guard (Yu Kyung’s dad) might have some leads, but we don’t hear what Assistant Cha says. Ma Jun realizes that something is wrong.

Tak Gu is asleep in the car when the shady assistant pulls in to their destination. The door opens, and some guys in black suits drag Tak Gu out. It looks like the Geo Seung building.

Windmill man is just walking out of the Geo Seung lobby area when the car with Manager Han heads back in. Curious, he turns around too.

The shady assistant enters the office and heads for his desk, looking worried about what he’d just did. He is startled by Ma Jun’s entrance. From a flashback (why do we need a flashback?), we see that Yu Kyung’s dad recognized the shady assistant who came to look for Tak Gu before Tak Gu’s disappearance.

The shady assistant asks why Ma Jun is there, and Ma Jun repeats the question in a more menacing manner. Cutting to the chase, Ma Jun asks directly where Tak Gu is. Receiving no reply, Ma Jun gets aggressive.

Manager Han is accompanied into the building by a bodyguard, but as they enter the elevator, men in black suits follow and they beat the guy up. Manager Han is escorted to the roof, where Tak Gu was left. Manager Han removes his jacket, tie and glasses, and says he’ll take care of things. I don’t know if Manager Han can really take on Tak Gu.

Tak Gu demands to know why they lied to him to bring him there. Manager Han says that he should have gotten rid of Tak Gu when he had the chance. He’ll finish the job today and accompany Tak Gu to hell. Manager Han grabs Tak Gu and tries to throw him off the building, and Tak Gu fights back. Surprisingly, Tak Gu can’t shake Manager Han off. Maybe he’s not trying hard enough…I mean he used to be a pretty strong fighter.

Windmill man finds some of Manager Han’s men entering the parking garage, and knocks out them out, rescuing the captured bodyguard. He asks where Manager Han is and is directed to the roof. Windmill man tells the injured bodyguard to call the cops. At the elevator landing of the roof, he is greeted by a strong fighter, and they have a go at it for a while before Windmill man finally prevails.

The cops arrive just as the injured guard is picking up the phone to dial. It turns out that Ma Jun has already called the police.

Tak Gu tells Manager Han that they don’t have to all suffer, but Manager Han says that the world that Tak Gu believes in doesn’t exist. Someone’s got to lose, and it’s either him or Ma Jun. Manager Han would give his life for Ma Jun’s future. With a final battle cry, Manager Han charges at Tak Gu, and we hear a cry like Tak Gu has fallen off the building.

When Windmill man finally gets to the roof,  he sees only Manager Han, and shouts for Tak Gu. He beats Manager Han up. There is a cry from the side of the building. Tak Gu is hanging on with one arm.

Windmill man offers his arm, and tells Tak Gu to hold on to him. He’s promised that he won’t let Tak Gu be harmed, and he’ll fulfill that promise. With much effort, Windmill man gets Tak Gu up to the roof, and they collapse exhausted. The cops rush onto the roof, and Windmill man points them to Manager Han.

On their way out of the building, they run into Ma Jun. Manager Han is surprised to see Ma Jun there and doesn’t know how to face him. Ma Jun walks towards them, then past Manager Han, and asks Tak Gu how he’s doing. Tak Gu says that he’s fine. Ma Jun walks off, but he slows and holds the rails for support, momentarily overwhelmed by emotions. The Yu Kyung parallel is now complete — he has turned in his biological father to the cops, and it’s not even to save his own life.

In Sook gets a phone call, informing her that Manager Han is in jail. She is shakened by the news. Il Jung comes home a moment later, and In Sook doesn’t mention Manager Han’s arrest. Il Jung tells In Sook that he’s moving into his mother’s room.

In Sook pleads with him to talk to her. He tells her that he doesn’t care if she chooses to continue to live in the Gu house, or to move out, but they won’t be talking again. In Sook insists that Ma Jun is his son, and Il Jung looks at her unbelieving. He pities her for continuing to lie to herself.

Yu Kyung witnesses the entire scene from the second floor, and she tells In Sook not to worry — she won’t be telling on her.

Il Jung heads to his mother’s room, and kneels in front of her picture. He tells her that he’s come as far as he wants to go, and it’s up to the next generation to pick things up and go forward.

Tak Gu and Windmill man head back to the bakery. Everyone is happy to see them. Windmill man finally has a chance to properly apologize to Kim Mi Sun, and she forgives him.

Tak Gu has more good news: the suspension on the bakery has been lifted. One of Manager Han’s men admitted spiking the bread with metal bits. They will be able to resume business by the next week.

Manager Han has a visitor. It’s Ma Jun. Ma Jun has come to say a final goodbye. Ma Jun tells him that he’s turned over the accounting books, and Manager Han says that he doesn’t blame Ma Jun. Ma Jun asks Manager Han why he didn’t try to live a better life, knowing that Ma Jun was watching him at every moment. If he had done even one good deed, Ma Jun would have found things easier to bear. Manager Han cries, knowing that he has lost everything and any possibility of being acknowledged as Ma Jun’s father.

In Sook is drinking in her room, and there are some really loud women laughing outside. Frustrated, she goes out to shut them up, saying that Il Jung is not well, so they shouldn’t be making so much noise.

Yu Kyung tells In Sook that she’s just in time. She was just going to show the women the bracelet. In Sook doesn’t reply, and Yu Kyung takes the oportunity to point out that In Sook seems to have been drinking. Feigning concern, Yu Kyung asks if anything is bothering In Sook, like Manager Han’s imprisonment. That earns her a slap from In Sook.

Ja Kyung and Ja Rim step in as the other two exchange words. In Sook demands to know how Yu Kyung dares to be insolent, and Yu Kyung tells her that it’s just the beginning. Ja Kyung takes charge of the situation and tell the women to leave. Ma Jun runs into the leaving women on his way into the house. He hears the women arguing upstairs.

Ja Rim asks Yu Kyung why she’s doing such things. Yu Kyung says that she had done nothing to provoke the family, yet she’s been mistreated the entire time. In Sook won’t let Yu Kyung use Ma Jun to get revenge. Yu Kyung sneers at her — Il Jung doesn’t acknowledge her, and Manager Han is in jail. In Sook has no more power.

In Sook raises her hand to strike Yu Kyung again, and Ja Rim and Ja Kyung step in to stop things before they escalate. Yu Kyung agrees to step back for the time being. We see that Ma Jun has witnessed the entire confrontation. He tries to talk to Yu Kyung but she leaves. In Sook collapses crying. Ma Jun doesn’t want to deal with In Sook, and goes to look for Yu Kyung instead.

Ma Jun heads downstairs to look for Yu Kyung. He sees Tak Gu and asks if he’s seen Yu Kyung. Tak Gu says no. He’s been with Il Jung the entire time. Also attracted by In Sook’s wailing, Tak Gu heads upstairs to find Ja Kyung and Ja Rim unsuccessfully telling In Sook to rest and stop crying.

Tak Gu drops to his knee and offers his back to In Sook. In Sook demands to know what he’s trying to do. Tak Gu says that she has no one to support her, but he is willing to help her out. In Sook refuses, but the girls helps In Sook onto Tak Gu’s back.

After they drop In Sook into her bed, Tak Gu takes his leave. Ja Rim asks if he wants to stay for dinner, but he says that he has dinner plans with his mother. In Sook pretends to sleep until Tak Gu leaves the room. She opens her eyes and starts crying.

Mi Sun brings cake up to Kim Mi Sun, and Axe Eyes sees her entering the room. He parks himself outside the door to eavesdrop. Yang Mi Sun is bringing homemade cake to Kim Mi Sun to try thinking that the latter might be bored. Y. Mi Sun offers K. Mi Sun a fork, but K. Mi Sun doesn’t receive it properly. Y. Mi Sun asks K. Mi Sun if she has problems with her eyes. K. Mi Sun lies and says that she’s just getting old, and asks Y. Mi Sun not to tell Tak Gu. Y. Mi Sun tells her to take care of herself, or else Tak Gu will worry.

K. Mi Sun thanks Y. Mi Sun for beng considerate of Tak Gu. Could it be that she likes Tak Gu? Y. Mi Sun quickly denies it loudly before pausing to ask if it’s that obvious. K. Mi Sun tells her that she’s always concerned about Tak Gu, so it would be hard to not notice it.

Y. Mi Sun wonders why Tak Gu isn’t able to see it. She’s even told Tak Gu directly to his face. Kim Mi Sun tells her that guys are a little dense. With the scoop of his life, Axe Eyes runs downstairs to report the news to the others.

Mr and Mrs Head Baker are surprised that their daughter likes Tak Gu. The Mrs can’t believe that her daughter actualy confessed to Tak Gu. Windmill man smiles knowingly. Head Baker asks what Tak Gu said in reply. Axe Eyes reports that Tak Gu totally didn’t get it. He think that they should intervene and help Y. Mi Sun. Tak Gu arrives home at this moment with Assistant Cha. Tak Gu has brought home meat and beer so they can have a barbecue to celebrate.

Over dinner, Axe Eyes tries to subtly introduce the issue of Yang Mi Sun as a potential partner for Tak Gu. Now that things are going well for Tak Gu, wouldn’t it be a good time to start thinking about marriage? Tak Gu looks a little uncomfortable, and shoots a quick look sideways at Mi Sun. Mi Sun stuffs her mouth with lettuce in surprise. Axe Eyes asks if Tak Gu’s had marriage offers. Tak Gu says no.

Axe Eyes notes that it’s a matter of staking claim on Tak Gu, and Mi Sun chokes on her food. Delighting in the awkwardness, Axe Eyes continues on, saying that very often, one’s mate is never too far away, and encourages Tak Gu to look around him. Assistant Cha jumps in and agrees. They can start by looking within the company. Tak Gu is apparently very popular at work.

The sudden turn of topic annoys everyone, and Axe Eyes tells Assistant Cha to eat more and stop talking. He says he’s full, so Mrs Head Baker tells him to keep grilling. Head Baker proposes a toast to Tak Gu and his mother. Y. Mi Sun excuses herself and runs out. Tak Gu follows.

Thinking that she’s alone, Mi Sun vents her frustrations. She can’t believe that after all her efforts, Tak Gu is going to pick some girl from the company, and calls him a jerk. Tak Gu overhears her rant, and asks if she just called him a jerk. He pretend-storms over and takes a seat beside her. Mi Sun denies it, and says she called him a busy man.

Changing the subject, Mi Sun asks Tak Gu why he’s out, and if he’s done eating. Tak Gu gives a non-reply, and asks her why she’s out. Tak Gu takes Mi Sun’s hand, surprising her. He wonders why her hand is so cold. Mi Sun tries to take her hand back, but Tak Gu holds on to it. He tells her that he’s aware of her feelings, but he’s an old fashioned kind of guy. He doesn’t want to approach her before forgetting the other girl in his heart. However, he knows that they will make many more memories in the future.

Mi Sun asks if this means that he likes her. I like a girl who cuts to the chase, and Tak Gu says he was trying to convey that sentiment. Tak Gu offers his shoulder to her, and Mi Sun leans on him.

Ma Jun finds Yu Kyung drinking in a pub. He tries to get her to stop, but she refuses. Ma Jun tells her that they should stop now. Yu Kyung is not happy with his request: she’s just getting started. Ma Jun tells her to stop anyway. Yu Kyung demands to know what she’ll do now that she’s come so far. They shouldn’t have even started. Ma Jun apologizes to Yu Kyung for making her into the monster that she is. He draws her into a hug, and she resists. He says that he did all that because he does love her.

Kim Mi Sun takes Tak Gu aside and tells him that she’s giving him her 3.8% of the Geo Seung shares. He should do what he wants with it. She has also gotten pledges of support from 2 other board members so he should be able to retain his position at Geo Seung easily.

Tak Gu tells his mother that he doesn’t need her to help him in this way. If he’s not good enough, he should be removed. Kim Mi Sun should focus on taking care of her eyes. He’s heard the truth from Dr. Yoon, and persuades Mi Sun to get treatment. She’s more important to him than being President of Geo Seung.

Ma Jun takes care of matters with In Sook. He tells her that he’s sent Yu Kyung to a friend’s place, and he’s going down to stay there with her after the Board of Directors’ meeting. In Sook tells him to break up with Yu Kyung or something will happen. Ma Jun tells In Sook to let it go. As long as she stays as she is, she will never be happy. He’s lived for Il Jung, and for In Sook. Now, he wants to live for himself. He returns her bracelet, and takes off.

In Sook doesn’t attend the shareholder’s meeting. Tak Gu and Ma Jun smile to each other from across the room. Tak Gu starts the meeting. The lawyer tells him that there is only one issue on the agenda, that is the vote for the president. The shareholders are very pleased with Tak Gu’s results at the Cheongsan factory, and are ready to keep him on as president. However, Tak Gu has other plans.

He would like to recommend someone else for the position. Tak Gu thinks that he’s better suited as a baker. Management and baking are very different. In the past month, he’s received a lot of help from Ja Kyung the last month in terms of managing the company. Since the president is a management position, he thinks that Ja Kyung should be the next president. The shareholders do not like the sound of it, and start to protest.

The lawyer reminds everyone that this is a vote. Tak Gu controls 38% of shares from Il Jung, and another 3.8% from Kim Mi Sun. He only needs another 9% to pass the vote. Ma Jun raises his hand. He agrees that Ja Kyung deserves to be president. Tak Gu asks him how much voting power he holds, and Ma Jun reveals that he has control over 15.6%. With that, the vote is over. They have the necessary shares to choose Ja Kyung as the next president.

The shareholders start to protest again but Tak Gu quietens them. He knows that the biggest problem is that Ja Kyung is a woman. But she also has the skills and experience to be president. He tells the shareholders to give her a year, and to decide again after they see Ja Kyung’s abilities for themselves. With that, Tak Gu declares the meeting over, and walks out. Ma Jun walks out as well, leaving Ja Kyung awkwardly in her seat as the directors shift their focus to her.

Tak Gu and Ma Jun wait at the Assistant’s office for Ja Kyung. When she arrives, she calls them into the president’s office. The doors safely closed, she asks Ma Jun and Tak Gu what they think they are doing. They tell her that they are giving her what she deserves. She doesn’t want their help, but Ma Jun points out that she needs their help. Between them, they control 57% of the company. She has always wanted to be president, and they know that she can do the job. In fact, the assistants have already prepared her name plate for her.

Ja Kyung asks what the guys are planning, leaving everything with her. Tak Gu says that he’s going back to Pal Bong bakery. Ma Jun tells Ja Kyung that he’ll be traveling, but he’ll leave her a contact number. He promises to come back to help if she has issues with the bread. Unable to refuse, Ja Kyung embraces them both, thanking them for the opportunity.

On the way out of Geo Seung, Tak Gu asks Ma Jun about his plans. Ma Jun tells him that while traveling, he wants to seriously think about what he wants to do with his life.

Ma Jun tells Tak Gu that he has one last confession to make: they are not really brothers. Tak Gu says that they are brothers. Ma Jun doesn’t press the issue and thanks him for everything. Tak Gu sends his best wishes to Yu Kyung.

Ma Jun drives out to meet Yu Kyung, and they have a picnic. Ma Jun unveils his newest bread, and asks Yu Kyung to taste it. He wanted her to be the first. She says it’s delicious. He presents her with the air tickets, and asks her to go to Europe with him. She agrees. They seem to have finally settled down.

Everyone else has their happy endings. Dr. Yoon goes back to being a doctor, the people at the Cheongsan factory do well, Ja Kyung does well as president. Even Ja Rim is inspired to find something for herself to do. Tak Gu goes back to Pal Bong bakery where the two Mi Sun’s in his life are waiting. The only person without a happy ending is In Sook. She wanders around the empty house, proclaiming herself Seo In Sook of Geo Seung.

On the first day of the bakery’s re-opening, everyone stands in the morning line up. There is an addition to the line-up: Assistant Cha has decided to quit his job and join Tak Gu as a baker. They are all fulfilling their destinies, like their teacher, Pal Bong, had hoped.

I like how there are parallels and second chances in the show. In this episode, Ma Jun completes his parallel with Yu Kyung by turning Manager Han over to the cops. I like how Windmill man gets a second chance to save Tak Gu/Kim Mi Sun from falling from a tall place.

I love the scenes dealing with Yang Mi Sun and Tak Gu’s relationship. How Mi Sun looks so clueless…how Head Baker keeps looking to the floor while Axe Eyes goes on and on…how Mi Sun is choking on her food…

However, I thought the conclusion of the romance was awkward. I found it completely believeable that Tak Gu was oblivious to Yang Mi Sun’s feelings. The fact that he would choose to hide it for so long doesn’t seem quite his character. The fact that they were acting kinda close to each other (like feeding each other) in recent episodes was cute enough for me. The sudden confession from Tak Gu seemed a little off.

So this is my version of their happy ending: a playful scene, and then an accidental fall and thus a kiss. Except instead of acting awkward, Mi Sun would look secretly pleased, and Tak Gu would look surprised, like he’s realized something. Something cute and light is more inline with their relationship with each other. Instead of confessing to Kim Mi Sun, and having Axe Eyes broadcast it to everyone else, we’ll have Axe Eyes stumble upon Tak Gu and Mi Sun in that kiss. I mean, the show is cliched enough that this is not out of character.

That said, I did like seeing the reaction of the rest of the cast.

The one other weird thing was the roof scene. Why was Tak Gu only hanging on with one arm? If he can hang off with one arm, he can probably pull himself up with two. Just saying.

Anyway, thanks for putting up with my slow recaps. It’s been a fun ride. I’ll finish up the High Kick summaries like I promised, and then take a break. Do continue to leave me comments though. 🙂

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23 Responses to King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu Episode 30

  1. Haryo Korean says:

    What a movie ending. Can’t hardly wait watching this film with eng sub. 😀

  2. sunshine says:

    I enjoyed reading through all of your recaps. Thank you so much for doing them. I know they are time consuming to write, and you are giving of your time to us kdrama fans. 🙂

  3. Tofucat says:

    Thank u very much for the detailed epi synopsis! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. L. says:

    I enjoyed reading your recaps, thanks a lot!!! 🙂

  5. Jina says:

    I love how there’s some bad guys that turn good.
    This show is definitely worth watching!

  6. SUJULOVES13 says:

    Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for your recaps! For every episode i watch, i will read your recaps and your comments on the dramas and i will go like, “OMG I AGREEE!” hahaha xD Thanks again for making these recaps! Love ya! <33

  7. okiejune says:

    Thank you for all your hard work doing these recaps – I’m circling back on this while watching Civil Servant 7 and Flower Boys Next Door to see Yoon Si Yoon and Ju Won together. It’s really nice to see someone else’s take on this. I also followed your recaps for Ojakgyo Brothers, and will try Listen to My Heart now that I see you recapped it… 🙂

  8. I had just finished watching the finale, LITERALLY, just 30 minutes ago it ended in my tv screen(Thanks KBS World for re-airing it)…thank you so much for the recap and for your insights for each ep, I enjoyed reading them, I always read them right after I watch the episodes and it was really hard reading this last one before watching the finale because I didn’t want to get spoiled and honestly I wished I just read your recap without watching because I was pissed with the finale from beginning to end…I was really disappointed with how everyone turned out and a lot of things didn’t even make any sense but I didn’t really want to tackle on all of those things, overall, I give this drama a 6/10, just because of the finale…Though, I admit i’m gonna miss watching this drama and i’m gonna miss reading your recaps!!:)

  9. Mary says:

    All the episodes are so exciting to watch! Love Yoon Shi Yoon and Joo Won.

  10. Did Il Jung die? The last time we saw him, he was sitting in a chair in his bread kitchen (Much like Pal Bong) It was strange because I couldn’t tell because he was saying he was going to stay in the grandmother’s room, living separate from his wife.

  11. Candace says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication recapping this show!! And for resisting the lure of just watching more episodes instead of stopping to write summaries ^-^ So many kdrama fans out here thank you from the bottom of their fangirling hearts!! I love reading the recaps for shows, since often other people have different opinions or takes on certain scenes or characters than I do. Your recaps were funny, witty, and intelligent and I truly enjoyed them. The only thing I have to add is that your subtitles might have been faulty if you used subtitles because some words/phrases you put down incorrectly. E.g. you said Yu Kyung wanted Tak Gu to meet her at the clock tower by Nam Soon or something, and it was Namsan Tower I think. Or it looked like it from the times I visited there lol.

    I’m so happy you have jumped on the bromance bandwagon as well!! \^o^/ It truly is the bread and butter of many of the romcoms out there (especially more recent ones- the writers know what us girls like ^.~). There’s something so sweet about two ridiculously good-looking guys being close and caring for each other to the extent that it gets called bromancey. Even though the bromance was minimal in this drama, it stood out all the more because of it. School 2013 was an epic bromance drama in particular. Yoon Si Yoon continues to shine today, so its fun getting to go back and see him in his breakout role. Thanks so much again for taking the time to recap the whole drama!! You’re the best 🙂

  12. Patty Craig says:

    Thank you for all your time and hard work. Twice the fun of just watching. Your recaps were entertaining and insightful, they also gave me a place to compare my feelings and ideas about characters and plots. I only wish our OTP had more together time, other than that a great show that I will recommend to anyone.

  13. Sun says:

    Thank you so much for your blog! I had to watch the series from youtube which a lot of parts and episodes are missing or unavailable in my country. Reading the rest from your blog was just like watching it with my eyes lol Really well written and organized! Love this drama by the way! ❤

  14. sweetfiretomi says:

    really loved ur recaps even though im reading it years later. K drama are really craze now in Nigeria.

  15. Peejay says:

    I really enjoyed your recap and I have to say a big thank you to you for taking time out for this recap. I have to agree with tomi on the fact that k-dramas are now the trend in Nigeria

  16. Peejay says:

    I really enjoyed your recap and I have to say a big thank you to you for taking time out for this recap. I have to agree with tomi on the fact that k-dramas are now the trend in Nigeria.

  17. L J says:

    Thank you so much, I found this too painful to watch after episode 8. I preferred reading your detailed recap. Now I won’t have to suffer through all of the tragic and unjust moments. I fee as though I have watched it all.

  18. anonim says:

    tak gu was supposed to be with yu kyung not mi sun !!!!!! i am verry upset about that… i mean really their love last for 14 years but then they found other partners?!! da fuq??!!

  19. afeez balogun says:

    send us the complict season 3 to nigeria

  20. heywhy says:

    fenks 4 d recaps,uve rili helped…………yoon si yoon is duin real well in his movies but i expected more in king of baking……no romance scene wif min sun datz nafin lyk yoon si yoon.The film is ud nd interestin bt i expected more.fenks once again 4 d recap

  21. sandra says:

    i did nt like the ending scen of y. Min sin and tak gu but it was actuall a great movie keep it up

  22. Thanks so much for persisting and recapping the entire series! I watched it when it was on air in 2010, and despite the melodrama and one-dimensional characters, it really was addictive. Recently I was thinking of re-watching the series again, but at 30 episodes, it’s too damn long and I didn’t want to devote so much time to it. (You have sacrificed so we don’t to! 🙂 ) Your recaps were such fun to read – you provided enough detail, and unlike most recappers, your writing and grammar were good. I was disappointed that Dramabeans didn’t carry recaps for this show, but yours were excellent. Thank you! 🙂

  23. Dee says:

    I wonder what really happen to In Suk? Did she end up in an asylum?

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